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Increase Conversion by Decreasing Engagement, Even with Video. Engagement is a magnetic “measure” of online effectiveness.

Increase Conversion by Decreasing Engagement, Even with Video

You might call it an “engaging” metric. This is because it is a nice stand-in when real measures of sales, leads or subscriptions are too difficult to track or deliver disappointing results. “No, we didn’t increase sales, but look at the engagement!” Is the mantra. The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page - The Infographic. Landing Pages: What are the best viral landing pages. How Moving Fast Doubled Our Feature Engagement - SaaS Tips. As a SaaS business, we regularly make improvements in our software product because we care about our customers.

How Moving Fast Doubled Our Feature Engagement - SaaS Tips

We also want to give our customers a competitive advantage with our customer data so they can make better business decisions. When we started working on our new version of Live two weeks ago, we had a lot of discussion about whether we should rewrite the whole thing or just improve the visual designs. SaaS products aren’t viral. I recently gave a short talk to the portfolio companies of a SaaS investor, and prepped some notes around the topic of SaaS products and virality.

SaaS products aren’t viral

It’s hard enough in consumer, much less SaaS For consumer internet entrepreneurs that are working on big markets, getting to virality is hard enough. There are plenty of sectors, like commerce or moms, where it’s almost impossible to achieve sustained viral growth, just because of the dynamics and narrow nature of the audience. When you turn your attention to SaaS products that are narrow in industry and profession, it’s even harder. The product is what matters1 The main point I make in this talk is that virality has a lot to do with product category. You can stack the odds in your favor by choosing a product that has many of the following characteristics: What Spending $252,000 On Conversion Rate Optimization Taught Me. Speaker Deck - Share Presentations without the Mess.

A/b testing etc

Why The Most Important Part of Your Brand is Invisible. By Mars Dorian, Contributing {grow} Columinst We talk all the time about writing cornerstone content, building effective web design, and connecting with your community in the social media world.

Why The Most Important Part of Your Brand is Invisible

Yessss, it’s all essential, that’s why it’s getting poured again and again into our membranes. But what about the invisible world behind engagement creation? Big Picture CRO. Twitter Open-Sources Clutch.IO, The Mobile A/B Testing Service It Recently Acquired. In August, Twitter acquired the small A/B testing service and development framework and announced that it would shut the service down on November 1st.

Twitter Open-Sources Clutch.IO, The Mobile A/B Testing Service It Recently Acquired

Clutch, which Twitter describes as “an easy-to-integrate library for native iOS applications designed to help you develop faster, deploy instantly and run A/B tests,” will live on, however. The company today announced that it is open-sourcing the code on GitHub. The code is available under the relatively permissive Apache License 2.0., it is worth noting, consists of two projects: the native A/B testing service for iOS and Android, as well as a toolkit for developing hybrid native/HTML apps for iOS. Why “saving money” and “ROI” are probably the wrong way to sell your product by. I can’t remember how many times at Smart Bear I tried to sell Code Collaborator with the argument that it “saves you money.”

Why “saving money” and “ROI” are probably the wrong way to sell your product by

And customers demanded it — some even required that we produce an ROI spreadsheet. And we did. The argument makes sense (though it’s wrong). Code Collaborator is tool which helps software developers review each other’s work, just like an editor of a book. It cuts the time of a code review in half — maybe better — because it eliminates busywork. Marissa Mayer's Data-Driven Sales Revamp At Yahoo. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has always made her decisions based on as much data as possible.

Marissa Mayer's Data-Driven Sales Revamp At Yahoo

She famously relied on data to pick colors for Gmail and the Google homepage Right now, Mayer, and Yahoo's chief revenue officer Michael Barrett, have some huge decisions to make about Yahoo and one of its most important groups: its sales force. It's no surprise, then, that Yahoo just sent out a survey to its advertising clients: Mayer needs data! Removing This Design Element Improved CTR by 27% Search filters are a critical UX feature to ecommerce sites.

Removing This Design Element Improved CTR by 27%

The larger your product assortment, the more necessary they are. But how you display the features may be helping or hurting your conversion rates. How to Use a Single Metric to Run Your Startup. Collecting data is easy.

How to Use a Single Metric to Run Your Startup

There are lots of tools out there and ways to gather data about everything that’s happening with your business, from lead generation through to customer satisfaction. But what are we supposed to do with all that data? How does it help us focus on the key challenges at hand, provide us insights into our next steps, and drive success? The Shocking Truth About How Web Graphics Affect Conversions. Does this situation feel familiar?

The Shocking Truth About How Web Graphics Affect Conversions

— Your web designer reckons your site is outdated. It makes you look amateurish. If we’re being honest, we might even say it’s downright ugly and you should be ashamed of attaching it to your brand. The solution? 4.1.7 Dave McClure - Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR! - I. Understanding new AWS I/O options and costs. One of the most common issues we hear is that I/O on AWS is hard to predict, and often a bottleneck for applications.

So today’s news that AWS have introduced two new ways to improve your I/O performance is an exciting development. Aside from the performance benefits, these new options also introduce a number of additional cost variables. I’m excited to announce that, on the same day of introduction (as we did we programmatic billing!) CloudVertical now fully supports, analyses and provides reporting for these new EBS and EC2 options! We thought you might find it useful to get more information on the cost implications, so continue reading to learn about the options, costs and how they differ from existing standard EC2 and EBS resources. Startup Metrics 4 Pirates (Seoul) Does Conversion Rate Tell The Whole Story? Editor’s Note: Everyone wants to improve their conversion rates right?

But are “conversion rates” the right indicators for steering you towards your most important goal: increasing revenues? The case study presented here is about how (a document translation service), found that focusing on conversion rates alone can be misleading. Read this article to discover what they learned. Building For The Enterprise — The Zero Overhead Principle. Editor’s note: DJ Patil is a data scientist in residence at Greylock Partners. You can follow him on Twitter. The enterprise is back. We’re seeing a resurgence of companies to help support everyday work tasks. Workday is replacing stodgy-feeling HR systems with intuitive software that users can easily navigate.  Learn how to do Customer Development, an essential part of the Lean Startup® framework. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development  7 Ways to Make Customers Love You. Know Your Customers First Before Building A New Technology Company. By Martin at September 19, 2012 | 8:33 am | Print Even though I love technology, I always cringe when an entrepreneur starts his pitch by touting his new technology. He has forgotten that new technologies are perceived by most customers as causing more pain than the problems they hope to eliminate. I chastise these startups to highlight the solution created by the technology, rather than highlight the technology itself. I usually get pushback about the success of all the great technology companies, like Intel and Apple. Interview with Steve Blank. Steve Blank is a Silicon Valley-based retired serial entrepreneur, founding and/or part of 8 startup companies in California’s Silicon Valley.

A prolific educator, thought leader and writer on Customer Development for Startups, Blank teaches, refines, writes and blogs on “Customer Development,” a rigorous methodology he developed to bring the “scientific method” to the typically chaotic, seemingly disorganized startup process. 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them [Infographic] Mobile and Web Analytics.

5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read. Actionable Metrics - Say Hello to Cohort Analysis. 5 Reasons Recurring Revenue Models Work. Why Companies Need to Iterate Based on User Feedback. The 2 Things About Your Start-up Idea That Actually Matter.

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