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Top Solar Power Company in India. Solar Plants Installed - CleanMax. Solar Plants Installed - CleanMax. Solar EPC Company - EPC Solutions Provider (CAPEX Solutions) #1 Solar Companies in India. Solar EPC. Solar net metering. The net metering policy makes solar energy more attractive and affordable for users.

Solar net metering

It not only brings down the energy cost drastically, but also helps create small power generation units in almost every nook and corner of the country. Here are some of the benefits of net metering policy: What Net Metering does is that it gives customers an opportunity to generate clean and efficient electricity. During sunlight hours, most solar customers produce more than they can consume – this surplus is exported to the grid reducing electricity bills. 1. 2. In Net Metering, the grid acts as a huge ‘bank’ and ‘stores’ your extra solar power for times when you don’t have enough. The major components you need for a grid-tied net metering system are solar modules, that produce power and an inverter that converts the DC power from the solar panels to the standard AC power produced by the utility.

Major challenge with net metering policy in India is that: Solar rooftop India. Before you commission CleanMax to design and install a rooftop solar plant installation, you must first evaluate the feasibility for setting up a rooftop solar plant on your existing roof.

Solar rooftop India

We offer you turnkey solar solutions, right from designing and installation to maintenance, leaving you free to focus on your core business. All that is required is access to your unused roofs, and we’ll do the rest. However, before you commission a rooftop solar power plant, there are a few feasibility checks that you need to carry out. You can conduct these yourself or we can send our expert to check. Solar energy companies. Solar energy projects. Rooftop solar systems. Solar Plant. Customer Data Management Platform. Machine learning marketing. Resulticks applies its deduplication algorithms to batch and streaming data alike to ensure its quality before ingestion.

Machine learning marketing

It applies custom-built identity resolution and profile completeness models to identify unknown, known, and identified audiences— all while augmenting individual profiles received with the help of various data sources, communications, and campaigns. Leverage segment-of-one, B2B/B2C lead scoring ML models to enhance your targeting efforts. Smart Link marketing. Experience real-time Marketing Cloud solutions. Marketing Automation. Omnichannel Marketing Automation. Solar EPC Company - EPC Solutions Provider (CAPEX Solutions) RESCO Solar Model - RESCO Solar Power System Solutions. Solar Rooftop Developer in India - Onsite Rooftop Plant Installation. Solar Plants Installed - CleanMax. Multi channel marketing. Omnichannel Marketing. Email Marketing Software.

Marketing Automation Service. Email Marketing Platform. B2B Marketing Automation Solutions- Resulticks. Resulticks enables integration, storage, transformation, and activation of lead data through its robust audience data platform.

B2B Marketing Automation Solutions- Resulticks

Consolidate all existing and potential buyer data from brand websites, emails, forms, webinar systems, lead management systems, CRMs, and more through out-of-the-box and custom integrations. Connect to social media touch points like LinkedIn to enrich individual profiles with social activities, job titles, and other relevant insights. Enrich lead profiles with data captured from interactions and AI-derived insights as well as batch ingestion, scheduled updates, and real-time, bi-directional data synchronization with integrated sources.

Resulticks’ robust identity resolution and data deduplication also eliminate redundant and duplicate records, delivering a singular profile of each lead. Build precise target segments from diverse attributes like specific asset downloads, page visits, and content consumption patterns. Marketing Rules Engine touch point interaction. Marketing Automation Solutions. Email Marketing Automation Platform. B2B Marketing. Omnichannel Decision Engine touch point interaction. Omnichannel Marketing. Mobile Messaging Marketing - Marketing Automation. Email Marketing Automation Platform. Experience real-time Marketing Cloud solutions. Marketing Campaign Analytics. B2B Marketing Solutions. Extended Channels - Omnichannel Marketing Automation.

Paid Media Marketing Automation. Intelligent Digital Assistant Marketing. Audience Data Management Platform. Smartlink marketing solutions by Smart Duo. Omnichannel Rules Engine touch point interaction. Omnichannel Marketing Automation. What is Nutrigenomics. Health Total is one of the industry leaders in Nutrition and Health Management services.

What is Nutrigenomics

Carrying forward the legacy of two decades of exploring newer frontiers in nutritional science, Health Total presents Nutrigenomics, another feather in its cap. Nutrigenomics is a multidisciplinary science, which studies how: Our food interacts with our genesOur genes determine our response to our food or certain chemicals found in our food Nutrigenomics helps us design the right diet and daily routine to bring about long-lasting health and wellness. It is a science, which possesses the potential to prevent, alleviate or even treat certain chronic diseases by making simple and slight changes to what we eat. The Human Genome The complete mapping of the human genome, first announced in 2003, has been one of the greatest technological accomplishments of the past 100 years. The ‘Gene’ and ‘Diet’ Connect In the recent years, The Genome Project has revealed that individuals show variable responses to a diet.

Diet to Increase Immunity. “The best and the most efficient pharmacy is within your own system” – Robert C.

Diet to Increase Immunity

Peale It is said that you are as strong as your immune system. Did you know that a good immune system has the power to fight anything from common cold to cancer, from stomach disorders to chronic fatigue? But what does it take to have a super – efficient immune system? Recently, scientists have unraveled the complex mechanism of the immune system and its dependence on diet. A healthy immune system can defeat invading pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Your immunity, is the best line of defense today. Blood Pressure Management plan. Feeling more thirsty than usual?

Blood Pressure Management plan

Having a fast or irregular heartbeat? Feeling dizzy, lightheaded or faint? Have you checked your blood pressure lately?? 1 in 3 Indian adults have high blood pressure. Body Detox Kit. (You will receive your order within 10 to 15 days, due to govt. imposed new covid-19 lockdown restrictions imposed in various regions across the country.)

Body Detox Kit

India’s no. 1 WEIGHT LOSS secret! Regular detoxification or inner cleansing is necessary for one’s health, as it flushes out toxins, enhances basic functions and enables weight loss. The 1- MONTH DETOX KIT contains specially curated foods that help you achieve a deep level detoxification. It is easy to follow, convenient to use and comes with a 1-month detox kit diet plan to help you: Weight Loss: Wheatgrass, Amla, Coriander, Drumstick leaves, green tea, fiber (Drink Your Greens) PCOS Diet Plan to Lose Weight. Irregular Menstrual Periods One of the most obvious symptoms of PCOS or PCOD are irregular menstrual periods. Women with PCOS may miss periods or even have fewer periods (less than 8 periods in a year). Their periods may also come every 21 days or more often. Some women with PCOS/PCOD stop having menstrual periods completely. Immunity Booster Plan. PCOS Treatment Diet Plan. Diet Chart for Menopause - Health Total. Diet Chart for Acidity - Health Total.

Blood Pressure Management plan. Detox kit for weight loss. Detox diet for glowing skin. Diabetes Management. Life with diabetes is a series of choices.

Diabetes Management

What are the healthiest foods? How much, what and when questions fill your days, but they need not dictate your life! Even if you are genetically prone to getting diabetes, you can postpone the problem or not precipitate it at all if you choose to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. The secret to managing diabetes or diabetes treatment does not lie in a pill. If you want to control your sugar levels without depending on conventional medicines, follow a good Indian diet plan for diabetes, eat timely meals and incorporate mild exercise into your daily routine. Nutrigenomics diet. PCOS & PCOD Diet Plan. Weight Loss for Women – Health Total.

Weight loss diet for women has gained much importance in the present world primarily because of the lifestyle we lead – all work, no exercise. It starts with an unhealthy lifestyle, breeding unhealthy dietary habits, building up toxins in the body and eventually leading to excess weight gain. In such scenarios, women have become conscious about their weight and appearance and of course, health is at the forefront of it all.

So, they have begun to look for ways lose weight, naturally. And while gym is an option, it works better for men than for women, because it’s harder for women to shed those kilos and maintain the newly achieved weight. Health Total experts employ a unique approach to create a diet plan for weight loss suited to the specific individual. Weight Loss Diet Chart for Male – Health Total. Spice mix Instead of loading up your food with salt how about sprinkling some warming spices.

Weight Loss Diet Chart for Male – Health Total

Spices like ginger, black pepper and cinnamon boast of amazing fat-burning properties. They have a great ability to control blood sugar. Meaning they can help prevent any spike in your glucose levels post a sugar or carb-rich meal. Know more about the effects of these spices – Black pepper: It raises the body temperature and increases metabolism. Chilli powder: Chilli powder contains capsaicin, a powerful stimulant that raises the body temperature and increases fat-burning ability by up to 25%. Health Total. Nutrigenomics- PCOS Diet Plan. Immunity Booster Plan. Diet Plan for Weight Loss. Are you giving up on weight loss because nothing seems to work? You’ve tried crash diets, pills, exercise, cosmetic procedures and super fast diets? These are designed to sell, but not give you the good health that is so important.

Crash dieting and starving can create a very sever impact on your health. You feel low on energy, depressed and sometimes even dizzy as your blood sugar drops due to lack of nutritious food. Stop putting your body through this. Top Solar Power Companies in India. Net Metering in India - Solar Net Metering Concept. Top Solar Companies in India.

Solar Plants - CleanMax. Solar Installation Company. Rooftop Solar Power Plant. Industrial Solar. Solar Energy solutions have gained increasing popularity in the last few years – primarily due to increasing awareness, advancing technology, government assistance and various other factors. The biggest impact of this growth is being felt in the corporate or industrial solar sector. Now, CleanMax has proven expertise in industrial solar and has completed over 200 projects across 20 industries. In the industrial solar category, the most popular is the BOO Model. In this Build-Own-Operate Model, the buyer avoids CAPEX and the performance risk and pays only for the energy generated – which is normally 20% to 40% lower than the grid tariffs.

Operations and maintenance are handled by CleanMax under an agreement. The world’s energy needs are rising exponentially every year and the natural resources that generate this energy are being consumed at an alarming rate. Forms of energy. The world’s electricity needs can be met by alternate energy solutions as they are practical and affordable. Group Captive. Exercise for pcod.

Body Detox Kit. What is nutrigenomics - Health Total. PCOS treatment diet. PCOS Symptoms, Cure, Diet, Management Plan by Anjali Mukerjee. Blood pressure management at Health Total. Detox kit for weight loss. PCOS treatment diet. Menopause diet chart - Health Total. Diet chart for acidity. Diet chart for high bp at Health Total. Skin Improvement at Health Total.

Weight Loss for Female. Weight Loss Diet for Men – Health Total. Detox Kit - Health Total. Nutrigenomics - Health Total. PCOS diet plan. Diet plan for weight loss. Omnichannel Marketing Automation. Omnichannel Rules Engine to Maximize Customer Experience. Marketing Automation Solutions. Omnichannel Marketing Automation. Email Marketing Automation Platform. B2B Marketing Automation Solutions.