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10 boring PR tasks you can automate. Could a robot do a PR pro’s job?

10 boring PR tasks you can automate

For now and the foreseeable future, the answer is no, PR will remain a human-powered industry. Robots won’t automate PR pros out of a job, but they can help us automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time to focus on the fun parts of PR: creativity and strategy. Here are 10 boring PR tasks we’re more than happy to hand over to robots, and the tools you’ll need to automate them: 1. Tracking who responds to your emails. 11 alternatives for a news release. I recently heard the media relations director for a major university speaking about her strategies.

11 alternatives for a news release

When asked how many news releases her office issues, she said about 300 annually—that's nearly one a day! She then added that most of the releases aren't actually issued to the news media, but simply posted on the Web for "internal purposes. " That's not an oxymoron, but an indicator that the news release has outlived its usefulness in a social media/Web 2.0 world. It's also an indication that this university is investing a lot of time, labor and cost in an outdated and ineffective communications tool purely to satisfy internal clients.

Many people ask for announcements, news conferences or news releases when they really need or want something else. 11 alternatives for a news release. 15 enduring keys to PR success. Without question, technology has significantly changed the practice of public relations.

15 enduring keys to PR success

Stakeholder targeting has become more specific, new channels have emerged, and conversations have replaced simple news delivery. It has been transformative—though maybe not entirely. The keys to being an effective communicator remain the same. 20 ideas for your next corporate video. The words “corporate video” rarely spur excitement.

20 ideas for your next corporate video

When you ask someone to watch your corporate video, they usually think, “Do I have to?” Corporate videos have a bad rap, and rightfully so. 4 types of competitors that brands must battle. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve talked to executives who say they don’t have any competition.

4 types of competitors that brands must battle

They talk about their unique selling proposition, their software innovation, or the new industry their business has created. When I hear this, the first thing I think comes from the public relations person in me: “There is no way I can put this person in front of a reporter to talk about the business, the industry, or anything.” The second thing is from the consumer in me: “This person is clearly not listening.” All companies have competitors. Recognizing this should be the second step in any marketing, PR, or social media strategy.

5 boxes to check in a PR job interview. College seniors are navigating the crucial—and nerve-racking—job interview season.

5 boxes to check in a PR job interview

Underclassmen, too, are fighting for meaningful summer (and fall) internships in public relations and other areas of communications. All have read about—and even discussed in multiple classes—the concept of developing and marketing their own “personal brand.” They have absorbed an overwhelming number of interview preparation tips and know how to dress, walk into the room, sit, talk, present themselves, and more. They are ready to move forward. Some will do so, recruiters and senior public relations and communications professionals say, because they can also successfully “check the boxes” on the following five key issues:

5 signs your speech will bore your audience. I finally finished "Atlas Shrugged," Ayn Rand's legendary book about capitalism, communism and objectivism.

5 signs your speech will bore your audience

Her editor asked her to cut 200 pages from the book, but Rand renegotiated her royalties so she could print her manuscript as she originally intended. Personally, I think Rand could have cut 200 pages quite easily. The speech at the end of the book alone would take three hours to read aloud, according to an Atlas Shrugged FAQ. I can barely sit through the three-hour version of "The Lord of the Rings," much less read or listen to a three-hour speech. 5 Steps to Content Marketing Awesome – You Can Do This! Successful content marketing programs are ongoing communications efforts that empathize with customers and deliver useful experiences.

5 Steps to Content Marketing Awesome – You Can Do This!

Each content object published is a promise to the community that something relevant, useful and info-raining is in store. Consistently producing content experiences that inform and inspire creates one of the most powerful customer states: anticipation. Few things are more powerful for attracting a loyal following of customers and advocates than the anticipation to see what’s coming next. 5 Steps to Content Marketing Awesome – You Can Do This! 5 things I learned when I became my own PR client. About two years ago, I started an accidental transition from a PR agency owner to a PR software company owner.

5 things I learned when I became my own PR client

True to those at most startups, I wear many hats and find myself venturing into uncharted waters every day. Of course, one hat I’ve worn is the one I’m most familiar with—PR. For obvious reasons, I was sure this would be the easiest of all of my “jobs.” 5 ways to increase engagement on Google+ Don't write off Google+ just yet.

5 ways to increase engagement on Google+

There are many ways to spark engagement on your page. This infographic describes five of them. By Kristin Piombino | Posted: June 25, 2014. 7 social media tricks you might not know. As social media community manager, I'm on social media daily. Over the years, I've built up a wealth of little tricks. They're not complicated, and they can help you enhance your business's social media presence, improve your engagement rate, and reach new customers.

Here are seven tricks to try: 1. 7 ways to enchant your audience. How can you go beyond the usual efforts to create a successful presentation and enchant your audience? What are the secrets to creating magic with a speech? Here are seven ways to take your speech beyond the ordinary. Some of them will be familiar, but hopefully at least one will be new to you, and help you connect with your audience better: 1. 8 questions to ask before you design your website. When clients or friends tell me they plan to design a new website, I get curious and excited. What colors are they going to go with? What are their SEO goals? 8 successful headlines—and the psychology behind them. I recently dug into research about headlines to prepare for a webinar on the science of writing must-click headlines on social media. I found plenty of data about which words are in the most-shared headlines, how long headlines should be, and more. What was especially interesting were the psychology behind some well-known headline formulas and what makes them so clickable.

Here’s an overview of eight winning headline formulas and the psychology behind them: 9 sources to help you find that perfect word. I once worked with someone who used the word “secure” continually. He’d write: • “We need to secure donations.” • “Have you secured a printer for the newsletter yet?” • “I’m not feeling secure about our chances of securing this contract.” I often found myself correcting his writing and replacing “secure” with alternatives such as “obtain,” “get,” “acquire,” “find.” 9 sources to help you find that perfect word. 9 tips from comedians to rock your next presentation. A cheat sheet: Measuring your Google+ page. Add flavor to your writing with colorful turns of phrase.

Dr. Vince Covello, video on Message Mapping. Every Marketing and PR Campaign Needs a Risk Assessment. How to turn a bad review into a blessing. How to write an internal communication strategy. Ketchum_white_paper_principles-pr-measurement.pdf. The psychology behind colors in marketing. Timeless Storytelling Tips from Former PR Newswire Features Editor Fred Ferguson.