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Macrame madness

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How to Macrame: 10 steps (with video) Basic Macrame Knots: A Free Tutorial by Dottie Hoeschen. Copyright 2014 Dottie Hoeschen all rights reserved People have been tying knots since the beginning of time and they serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes.

Basic Macrame Knots: A Free Tutorial by Dottie Hoeschen

It is a fascinating combination of art and science. I hope that these step by step photos will take some of the mystery out and encourage you to try it on your own. By the way, a knot can have several different names, so don't be surprised if you find these same knots under different names. This is the one we all know. This kind of knot is used to connect the cord to an object. The square knot is the basis of many designs. A single tightened Square Knot. Three completed Square Knots. If you only use Steps 1 and 2 of the Square Knot, you have tied a Half Knot.

The Alternating Half Hitch switches back and forth between the two cords. Horizontal Double Half Hitch: Diagonal Double Half Hitch: Make Your Own Mini Macrame Succulent Egg Decorations for Easter. I've been thinking about a simple and contemporary way to add a little Easter decoration to my home as I don't really want bunnies and eggs everywhere!

Make Your Own Mini Macrame Succulent Egg Decorations for Easter

These mini succulent egg decorations fit the bill nicely for me with a bit of macrame, some dip-dying, cute succulents, and of course eggs. Eggs.Acrylic craft paint.Paint brush.Clipboard.Jute twine.Scissors.Mini succulents. Crack open the uncooked eggs by tapping a few times to crack the shell, then cut through with a serrated knife. Position the cut so you remove the top quarter of the egg shell. It's a good idea to cut a couple of extra shells just in case they break. Tip the eggs into a bowl and wash inside and outside of the shell in soapy water. When the shells are completely dry, paint the bottom section in a solid colour.

Cut three lengths of jute measuring 130cm (51 inches) and one piece measuring 160cm (63 inches). Crafts.tutsplus. Macrame Essentials. Edward and lilly: notes on macramé. Macramé!

edward and lilly: notes on macramé

It's so hot right now and after many requests from the Brisbane brown owls members I pulled out the rope and string and all sorts of yarn-y bits and went through the motions again for our meet up. Macramé owl from last year - make your own here Last year it was all guns blazing with the macramé meet up and we tackled the owl! Appropriate?

Yes! "Yay! They are so easy and fun to make. Kevin After Kevin was feeling light and airy and fabulous I moved on to jars because we obviously eat too many olives and have a ridiculous amount of jars. Made with basic twine and 4mm crochet cotton In my macramé research travels I also came across this fab tutorial which really shines a light on how knotting twine around jars or bottles gives a beautiful nautical effect. Then it was time to move on to the square knot. Here are the instructions I used at our meet up, I hope they'll be helpful for you too! How to tie a square knot 1. 2. 3. That's it, you have a square knot! Happy knotting! Rebecca x. How to make a macrame plant hanger.

Dangle potted succulents in 70s neon macrame plant hangers.

How to make a macrame plant hanger

Ideal for brightening up indoor spaces or prettifying the front porch. Learn how to make your own with our easy step-by-step tutorial. You will need: • Wooden pole ring (28mm) • Neon pink yarn • Tape measure • Scissors • Plant potBuy here Step 1 Cut four pieces of neon pink yarn measuring 2m each. Fold them in half and take the folded end through the pole ring. Step 2 Separate the strands into four sections, with two strands per section. Step 3 Now pair off the left strand from one section with the right strand from the next section. Step 4 Repeat step 3 one more time, leaving 8cm (3⅛”) distance between the knots. Step 5 Tie all the strands together at the base of where the plant pot will be. Basic Plant Hanger. Macrame Supplies, Cords, Books & More ⋆ Simply Macrame.