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Concrete Dye and Stain - Architectural Concrete Coloring. Scofield Concrete Stain Vivid Tintura Stain Waterbased 1 Gallon *Size: 1 Gallon *Type: Water based(Low Voc) *Coverage: 300 to 800 Sq ft.

Concrete Dye and Stain - Architectural Concrete Coloring

LITHOCHROME Tintura is a high-performance, self-priming, low-odor reactive polymer stain for coloring concrete surfaces. It is designed for use as a primer/basecoat beneath clear solvent or waterborne acrylic, urethane or epoxy sealers. Wood Cutting Carbide Blades, Circular Crosscut Saw Blade. 12" 60 Tooth Circular / Miter Saw Blades Wood Cutting Fast Ripping Crosscut These 12″ Diameter / 60 Tooth Renegade III C3 Carbide blades are manufactured for high performance.

Wood Cutting Carbide Blades, Circular Crosscut Saw Blade

The blades teeth are tipped with extra strong grade C3 carbide providing many more cuts per board foot. Cuts all types of wood, plywood, particle board, chipboard, wallboard and plastics. 12″ Diameter60 Tooth.110 Kerf1″ ArborC3 Grade of Carbide – For Long Blade Life7,000 Maximum RPMPrecision Expansion Slots For Cooling15x More DurableProfessional Series All Blades Skin Packed – Great For Re-Sale!

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Angle Grinder Backing Pads, Aluminium and Rubber Grinder Backer. Buy Industrial Quality Aluminum Cutting Saw Blades Online. Great Variety of Tooling at Wholesale Pricing.