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Biometric Tracking Solutions using AR/VR. Biometrics is the science and technology of analyzing biological data.

Biometric Tracking Solutions using AR/VR

Whether it is something as simple as measuring your heart rate before and after an activity, or as complex as a blood test that determines your hormone and glucose levels, accurate biometric data is key to proactively empowering you to better health. Augmented reality (“AR”) technology is used to overlay digital data over the real world, while virtual reality (“VR”) technology provides a fully immersive environment, experienced through a headset. ePub Conversion Services – Digital Publishing Solutions. Web Development Trends for Publishers. Every year brings with it a host of new trends within the realm of Web Development.

Web Development Trends for Publishers

Staying on top of these emerging trends and giving them priority during web development can go a long way towards delivering great results for web publishers. Here we have highlighted some key trends. Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) Microsoft defines Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as simply web apps that are progressively enhanced with native app-like features on supporting platforms and browser engines. Building a website that provides app-like experiences has gotten very advantageous with PWA’s. Voice Search optimization Search engine optimization is imperative to get good rankings in search results; not only for text entered searches but also for voice.

Chatbots optimization Chatbots are defined as programs (often using AI & NLP) that conduct conversations via auditory or text methods. Augmented Reality Trends to Watch in 2020. Augmented reality saw its record development in 2018.

Augmented Reality Trends to Watch in 2020

Business support for AR is situated to be solid, with huge tech names like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google making serious duties. As of May 2019, the introduced client base for AR-supporting cell phones reached 1.5 billion. Income for the business should hit $75 billion. Industry players in the augmented reality world expect to 2019 to be a year marked by an uptick in the pace of industry growth. Trend 1: Mobile AR: Apple announced ARKit 3.0, Google’s ARCore is rapidly growing its installed base. Multi-User Virtual Reality (VR) Environment for Automobile Showroom. Deliver a fully interactive experience, enhance customer engagement, and redefine the future of car retailing!

Multi-User Virtual Reality (VR) Environment for Automobile Showroom

Multi-user VR environment gives customers (more than one) the ability to literally walk through car models at full scale and enables them to experience its value like never before. Customers as a team (using individual head gear) can interact with the car and make informed decisions together through collaboration. They can fiddle around with the car and even take the automobile for a test drive and experience its ease of use. Virtual Reality experience provides the real thing; a way of guaranteeing your customer about the truth of your product’s features. Reality technology-driven trends that transform the automotive industry.

Ever since its debut a few years ago, Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies have transcended to become an exceedingly viable option, and one with mass appeal.

Reality technology-driven trends that transform the automotive industry

Augmented Reality brings with it a slew of improvements that can spring life into otherwise routine stuff, regardless of the industry. Let’s delve into a few improvements that it has brought into the automotive industry. Road safety through Augmented Driving The impressive technology of Augmented Reality with advanced real-time object detection provides truly astounding features to support driving. By displaying information like lane detection and lane departure warning, vehicle detection, and safety distance monitoring; the dangers of the road ahead are truly reduced especially in situations where there is dense fog, too much rain, or hardly any lighting.

Cloud-based workflow automation for Digital Publishing. One of the biggest concern faced in publishing is cutting turnaround time while increasing overall productivity.

Cloud-based workflow automation for Digital Publishing

Add to this repetitive mundane tasks, bottlenecks involved in proofing and approval, and the continuous need to provide stakeholders with the most relevant updates… these challenges are real and signal the need for process improvements. Workflow automation can address these challenges. Workflow automation has exploded in recent years with content service providers recognizing the need for automation to better support their publishing process.

It is a priority on everyone’s agenda (Editor/Proofreader/Author/Layout Specialists) and brings with it certain game-changing aspects: innovation, addressing pain points, and better user experience. For those looking to step up their publishing workflow efficiency by automation, here are some key benefits to be considered. This is just a brief overview of the underlying benefits arising out of workflow automation. LMS enhanced with eReader application– the features and benefits. Combining LMS with eReader application expands the reach of effective learning content even further!

LMS enhanced with eReader application– the features and benefits

Here’s how. A number of k-12 and higher educational institutions use learning platforms to deliver and manage their learning processes. With increased functionalities required to address the dynamically changing demands and preferences of the new-age educators, these platforms work at different levels of complexity. However, some of the core features include: Beyond creation, management, and delivery of learning content – Towards an excellent reading experience!

For educators looking to provide students with added value in relation to their content, e-Readers not only offer user friendly access to e-textbooks but also the ability to interact (highlight, bookmark, annotate), use widgets (Calculator, Units Convertor, Interactive Maps, Drawing tools.), while accommodating a wide range of interactive content. Cloud-based DAM solution for Multi-Channel Publishing. Podcasting –The popular listen to elearn trend. STM Editing and Proofreading Key Practices. How digital publishing continues to empower academics - Diacritech. We live in an age where education is dynamic and the demand for technology empowered curriculum is omnipresent.

How digital publishing continues to empower academics - Diacritech

Keeping up with emerging trends in education, digital publishing continues to present a myriad of opportunities to make educational resources accessible in new engaging ways. Here is a preview of some of the core opportunities that digital publishing offers in today’s academic world. Ensuring discoverability online in mobile devices– Digital publishing facilitates discovery of online resources in ways that print materials simply cannot. Digital Publishing. Content. Technology.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair - Diacritech. In the realm of book publishing, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is one of the most important event in the Middle East and North Africa.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair - Diacritech

Attending this event or participating in it offers a chance to experience all that this program has to offer. Not only does it offer a networking platform for major sectors of the book industry - publishers, content service providers, consumers etc., but also it offers exhibitors and visitors an opportunity to discover, assess, and comprehend the current trends and challenges in the publishing sector. Digital Publishing. Content. Technology. Typesetting Services, Prepress Services, e-Learning services - DiacriTech.