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Conversation with Dr Dhruv Suyamprakasam CEO of iCliniq- Diabetic Living. DL: What is iCliniq?

Conversation with Dr Dhruv Suyamprakasam CEO of iCliniq- Diabetic Living

DS: iCliniq, part of Orane Healthcare, is an online doctor consultation platform and a global second opinion platform that brings doctors and patients together in real time through queries, phone and video consultation. The brand was launched in 2012, and we already have around 2,000 doctors across 80 specialities with a global presence in 196 countries. DL: How does the system function? What is the technology that you use? DS: Doctor consultation at iCliniq is done through three mediums, i.e. phone consultation, video consultation and posting health queries on the platform. Low Sperm Count Concern- Diabetic Living. Lifestyle-related issues are increasingly being accounted for rising infertility among couples.

Low Sperm Count Concern- Diabetic Living

As implied in a recent report by the International Institute of Population Sciences, infertility is high in the metro cities of India. Our country has 15-20 million reported cases, a large number considering that there are about 60-80 million couples suffering with infertility in the world. However, as opposed to the conventional perception that infertility is a women’s problem (in our society it is usually considered to be a social stigma as well); experts have noted that one-third of the cases involving infertility are concerning emerging problems with men. In this scenario, experts are now further probing reproduction issues such as sperm quality.

Many factors, including lifestyle stress factors such as obesity and poor diet affect the quality of sperm production. Conversation with Dr Dhruv Suyamprakasam CEO of iCliniq- Diabetic Living. Conversation with Dr Dhruv Suyamprakasam CEO of iCliniq- Diabetic Living. Conversation with Dr Dhruv Suyamprakasam CEO of iCliniq- Diabetic Living. How to Control Diabetes with Medicine.

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders characterised by hyperglycaemia or high blood sugar levels resulting directly from inadequate insulin secretion or defect in insulin action.

How to Control Diabetes with Medicine

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune disorder which results from the failure of the pancreas to produce enough insulin.Type 2 diabetes mellitus, which is more common, is primarily a problem of progressively impaired glucose regulation due to a combination of dysfunctional pancreatic beta cells or insulin resistance, a condition in which cells fail to respond to insulin properly. Gestational diabetes is the third main form in pregnant women that occurs due to placental hormones reducing insulin sensitivity of cells.

Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is the major risk factor for type 2 diabetes caused due to low fibre and highfat/carbohydrate diet and sedentary lifestyle. Indians, in particular, are at a high risk of developing diabetes and that too at a younger age. Diagnosis of Diabetes. Diabetic Facial Pain Treatment. Facial pain or Trigeminal Neuralgia is a pain that can be felt in any part of the face, including mouth and eyes.

Diabetic Facial Pain Treatment

Although it is normally caused by an injury or headache, facial pain may also be caused due to some serious medical conditions. However, if you have facial pain that seems to come without any known cause, then it might be a Facial Paralytic attack or something else, so call your doctor for evaluation immediately without any delay. Extending comfort. Cancer is an overwhelming medical condition that, besides the obvious physical pain, also causes a lot of stress.

Extending comfort

Palliative care makes sure that the symptoms and side effects are minimised, in addition to the related psychological, social and spiritual problems. Palliative care is a specialised medical care extended by medical professionals for people with serious illnesses. How to Manage Diabetes During the Winter. Diabetics need to take special precautions in the winter season because this is the season that has the highest A1C level of the year.

How to Manage Diabetes During the Winter

Stress, lack of physical activity, and increased metabolism lead to higher level of glucose hence one must take certain precautions to stay healthy and safe during the winter season. 1. Dodge Cold and Flu. Befriend Sesame. Sesame seeds aid in reducing levels of blood pressure and plasma glucose in hypersensitive diabetics.

Befriend Sesame

Use these scrumptious recipes to include the wonder seeds into your diet. Sesame seeds may be tiny but they have huge health benefits. These seeds are especially rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid, which compromises up to 50% fatty acids in them. Oleic acid helps lower LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’ and increase HDL or ‘good cholesterol,’ in the blood. Science Conquering Metabolism. A Hungarian study conducted at the University of Pecs, on a nine year old kid, who had recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, showed that following a Paleolithic ketogenic diet significantly brings the blood glucose levels to the desired normal state.

The child had been on insulin therapy for six weeks and was on a high carbohydrate diet. Enjoy your workout with pound. Named as one of the top five workouts in the US, let’s try POUND — a fusion of Pilates, isometric movements, plyometric and yoga-based poses, blended into a 45-minute, fat-burning cardio workout.

Enjoy your workout with pound

These days due to faulty lifestyle, many health-related problems are on the rise. Thirty year olds or even less are suffering from major heart attacks, diabetes and rise in cholesterol. Whether you are working or staying at home, keeping yourself fit is very important. Thankfully, nowadays, there are many fitness programmes to choose from, as per your personality. Weight loss surgery : myths and facts. Weight loss surgery always remains hot in the news.

Weight loss surgery : myths and facts

In my line of work, I often field questions from patients, neighbours, concerned relatives and strangers, and it never ceases to amaze me how little people understand about bariatric (weight loss) surgery. Weight loss traps & how to escape them. You journal, you plan meals—you even exercise—but the scale does not budge.

Weight loss traps & how to escape them

Instead of throwing it out the window, see if you’ve gotten stuck in one of these common pitfalls and learn how to climb out. 1. THE WRONG PERSPECTIVE“Don’t diet,” says Samantha Heller, RD, a nutritionist and author of Get Smart (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010). Diabeticliving. During and after monsoons, one needs to be extra careful with their feet, as this is the time with high humidity and is obviously prone to several infections. India is at the epicentre of a ‘Diabetes Quake’ that has shaken the world. At present we have 67 million confirmed diabetes patients and 35 million pre diabetes patients. Diabetes is a major public health issue. Diabeticliving. Diabetes and Sexual Intimacy issues. There are more ways than one how diabetes affects your sex life. Things that you need to know about your sexual health… It’s easy to pin a lagging libido on stress, depression, age, or lack of sleep. But if your sexual feelings have changed or if intercourse has become uncomfortable or nearly impossible, either as a result of chronically high blood glucose levels (an occasional high level will not cause long-term problems) or nerve problems, diabetes could be the cause.

INTIMACY issues. INTIMACY issues. Cut the Risk of Stroke. Suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes can lead to serious health problems. By taking insulin and keeping our glucose levels low, we can cut that risk. However, clinically there is still a multiple risk attached to diabetes such as heart disease and stroke. Diabetics need to control their blood sugar level and blood pressure to maintain a normal health condition. It has to be monitored regularly to be stable at a certain level as suggested by the diabetes expert. Besides, the patients need to continuously monitor their diet, keep themselves physically active, and take prescribed medicines only. The Stroke Clinically defined, a stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain comes to a sudden halt. It has been noted by medical experts that diabetics are at double the risk of suffering a stroke, in both the cases. If a diabetic has one stroke, the person carries a greater risk of suffering from a second attack.

Reduce the Risk. Managing sore joints on the go. Your arthritis or the recently surfaced trouble in joints should not hold you back from the fun a vacation holds in store. Travelling might be blissful for the healthy and young, but for elderly people and those living with arthritis it becomes extremely difficult to navigate distances while managing sore joints. With arthritis reducing your ability to walk and climb stairs; a lot of people start leading an extremely curtailed life. Most of them restrict themselves to home and step out only when absolutely necessary – to walk, to go to the neighborhood shop or meet a doctor. Our Chat With Mr. Ramachandran P, Group COO, Essilor India. The Intolerant Cuisine. Juvenile diabetes. 1. Technological innovations. Changing the World of Diabetes. TREAT ANXIETY NEUROSIS WITH HOMEOPATHY. Benefits galore. Rice bran oil is very good for health and it can protect the consumer from the dangers of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer Even with eating more edible oils, can we remain healthy and also avoid dreaded diseases like heart attack and diabetes?

Refuge in Nature. Ask Your Experts. Q1. How does excess blood sugar or lack of it affect the teeth? Weight loss keeping in mind diabetes. Work culture blues. Dr. Raja Selvarajan, Consultant Diabetologist, Apollo Sugar. Sedentary Lifestyle: FAQs. Common Mistakes Diabetics Made. Managing sore joints on the go.

Diabeticliving. Exercise mimicking molecule developed. Science Conquering Metabolism. Diabeticliving. Technological innovations. Puncture alcoholism with acupuncture. Refuge in Nature. Entertainment, Fun and Mobile Apps. Intragastric Balloon: A Novel Treatment for Obesity. Diabetes won't be your pet much longer. Enjoy your workout with pound. Craving for delicious foods? Controlling obesity. Sleek Summer Arms. Diabetic Living.

I HAVE TYPE 1.5 diabetes. HAVE YOU HEARD OF KEFIR? Avocado - Super Food for Diabetics. Veggie Delights. The magic of walnuts. The magic of walnuts. Diabeticliving. Gestational Diabetes Nutrition. Preventing Heart Attacks in Diabetes. OUT OF SYNC: PCOS & DIABETES. Diabeticliving. Befriend Sesame. Diabeticliving. Navigating the New Nutrition Label. How To Ensure You Are Active At work and Home. The Insulin Story. New Diabetic Medications. Boost Your Health- Eat More Seafood. 3 Ways to Move More To Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle. 10 Way to Protect Your Heart. Disaster preparedness in diabetes. HUMAN EMBRYONIC CELLS FOR DIABETES. Understanding Glycaemic Load. Bright and nutrition. The magic of juicy jamun. New Developments in Management of Diabetic Medicines.

Preventing Heart Attacks in Diabetes. Craving for delicious foods? Tips for diabetics on how to eat during the festive season. Deconstructing the Liver Connect. How Big Data is Changing the Face of Healthcare. Intragastric Balloon: A Novel Treatment for Obesity. Boost Your Health Eat More Seafood. OUT OF SYNC: PCOS & DIABETES. Getting more out of your vacation in 5 simple ways. World diabetes day special prevention. Seaford Scene February 2016 by Fran Tegg. Keep Your Insulin In Check.