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Diploma Programs In Greater Noida. Best Clinical Research Institute In India. Under Graduate Programs B.Sc Healthcare & Clinical Research B.Sc. in Clinical Research is a 3 year graduate course in clinical research.

Best Clinical Research Institute In India

Clinical Research is the investigation aimed at determining the safety and efficacy of new medical products including drugs, vaccines, Medical devices, diagnostic agents, and treatment regimens intended for maintaining and regaining human health. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis, or for relieving symptoms of a disease. Eligibility 1.) 50% marks or above in core subjects at XII level. Fee structure Career Prospects Initially, students start off as a Clinical Research Coordinator/ Clinical Research Associate/ Pharma Co vigilance Associate (PVA)/ Research Associate (RA).

With an experience of three years, they proceed to the next level i.e. Vision. Marketing & Automobile Management. School of Architecture in India- Galgotias University. The mission of Galgotias School of Architecture is to educate leaders who will design and build for future generations, cities and towns that are based on a foundation of environment conservation.

School of Architecture in India- Galgotias University

The School provides students with an aesthetically motivated and technically rigorous design-based education. The comprehensive and flexible core curricula of the School‘s graduate degree program enable students to develop a specialized professional or academic focus in one of the program areas. Students have opportunities to become well acquainted with a wide range of contemporary design approaches. The School does not seek to impose any single design philosophy, but rather encourages every student to think differently and focus on environment conservation. The School Comprises of the Following Departments Architecture. Hotel Management College In Greater Noida. Programs Overview B.Sc. in Hotel Management at Galgotias University is an undergraduate program that equips a student to move towards a potentially lucrative profession in Hospitality and Tourism industry – right after graduation.

Hotel Management College In Greater Noida

The program is meticulously structured to make it highly industry relevant as per the present day needs of employers. Pedagogy for B.Sc. in Hotel Management The boundaries between classroom teaching and work experience are increasingly getting blurred. As the Hospitality Industry & corporate world tends to look at recruiting graduates and subsequently training and developing them to suit their needs, there is conscious effort at Galgotias University to develop Hotel Management graduates with necessary attitudes and skills to make them productive immediately upon entry into the corporate world. Salient features. Best Clinical Research Institute In India. Masters In Hospital Administration. Programs Overview The MBA program at School of Business, Galgotias University delivers management education to develop managerial, analytical and entrepreneurial skills with professional understanding of the social impact of business decisions.

Masters In Hospital Administration

The program nurtures the students to enhance their self and contextual awareness, communication & negotiation skills, entrepreneurial skills, business knowledge and analytical thinking, thereby shaping them to be future ready leaders to excel in the business world. Duration-2 Years. Masters In Hospital Administration. Looking for BBA in Automobile Management, visit Galgotias. School of Architecture in India- Galgotias University. B Tech In Computer Science And Engineering Colleges In Greater Noida - Galgotias University. The next wave of computing is in the Cloud!

B Tech In Computer Science And Engineering Colleges In Greater Noida - Galgotias University

Increasingly businesses want to get out of the complexity of managing data centers and instead focus on their core competencies. This means that more and more businesses will adopt cloud computing as a means to handle their IT requirements which gives them the freedom from day-to-day management of IT infrastructure. Cloud Computing is one of the fastest growing paradigms in the IT industry today. As per a leading research firm IDC, worldwide spending on Cloud services will reach $42 billion by 2012. Bachelors in Cardiovascular Technology. Optimal delivery of cardiovascular health care is based on the safe use of the equipments and devices.

Bachelors in Cardiovascular Technology

This necessitates development of a cadre consisting of science graduates, who obtain focused, relevant knowledge in the specific area of cardiovascular technology. This program enables students to acquire skills for management of various cardiac disorders having complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, which involve use of various equipments, computer hardware, tools, machines, and pharmacological agents. Student will be able to apply specialized occupational theory, skills and concepts to work independently as qualified cardiovascular technologist.

Core Modules XIIth with Physics Chemistry & Biology with 50% marks Fee structure Career Prospects Vision To be known globally as a centre of excellence for medical & allied education, innovation, interdisciplinary research and practice for enhancing health. Mission Programme Education Objectives Program Outcomes (PO) Undergraduate College in Greater Noida. Top MBA Colleges in India. Health Sciences colleges in Greater Noida. The School of Medical and Allied Sciences at Galgotias University offers programs in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Optometry, Medical Lab Technology and Cardiovascular Technology.

Health Sciences colleges in Greater Noida

This is an exciting time to be involved in healthcare and the health sciences. The School offers the finest health science education to its students. In collaboration with various community partners, the School provides innovative, cutting-edge academic and clinical experiences to its students so that they are well-prepared to meet the demands of the competitive healthcare marketplace. Bachelor Of Physiotherapy Course In Delhi NCR - Galgotias University. Programs Overview The Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme at Galgotias University has been designed in such a way that upon completion of the course i.e. after 4½ years, a student will be able: To Practice as a Physiotherapist.

Bachelor Of Physiotherapy Course In Delhi NCR - Galgotias University

To detect & evaluate the Anatomical, Patho-physiological impairments, resulting in dysfunction of various age groups & occupations; as well as epidemiological sectors in the population and arrive at an appropriate diagnosis. To understand the rationale & basic investigative approach to the medical system & surgical Intervention regimens; accordingly plan & implement specific Physio-Therapy measures effectively. To promote health in general, as well as in competitive activities e.g. sports, work productivity, geriatrics, women's health etc. Core Modules. Education14.quora. Picking a career line to earn better living is the essential concern of all.


There are several occupations but one has to assess his/her predisposition for the correct job that would bring peace and affluence. Why Should People Opt For A Degree in Physiothe... - Education - Quora. Make Your Career Bright And Progressive With Aviation Management Courses! The aviation industry is one of the finest and impeccable ways to kick-start your career.

Make Your Career Bright And Progressive With Aviation Management Courses!

In India, aviation segment is the quickest growing industry. Presently, there are numerous job opportunities available in the aviation industry. Private Engineering Universities in india. Prof. (Dr). B Priestly ShanProfessor & DeanSchool of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering School of Electrical, Communication & Electronics Engineering was established to provide world class education, training and research in the areas of Electronics & Communication engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Electrical& Electronics engineering.

The School of Electrical, Electronics& Communication Engineering has faculty members with excellent academic record including faculty with academic experience across the world. The faculty is recruited from IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, DTU, BHU, NITs (Allahabad, Kurukshetra) and NSIT Delhi and brings an excellent mix of educational experience, international research leadership and innovation in industry.

The School has established well equipped laboratories with modern hardware resources and components, and simulation software. The School Comprises of the following departments: Forensic Science Colleges in Greater Noida. Programs Overview Forensic science is primarily concerned with the application of scientific principles for the investigation of crime. Using the very latest in technology, forensic scientists convert the clues collected from a crime scene into evidence admissible in a court of law.