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Save Yourself! A Guide to Self-Rescue. Cool Video Tip: The Clove Hitch Handshake - Climbing. How To…. Build a Gibbet Aures Campfire Crane. How to scramble: Tryfan's North Ridge. The most famous route up Tryfan is the North Ridge: a long and thrilling grade one scramble that makes a perfect introduction to the sport.

How to scramble: Tryfan's North Ridge

We take a look at how to tackle it. There aren’t many mountains south of Glen Coe that sing out to scramblers like Tryfan. This vast fin of rock rears out of the Ogwen Valley, its crenellated spine forming an unforgettable silhouette against the sky. The famous adage says that you can’t reach Tryfan’s summit without using your hands, and not many mountain folk will argue with that. There are countless routes to the top, ranging from simple low-level scrambles to full-on rock climbs, but the best known and most popular is the North Ridge. “The North Ridge is a classic due to its closeness to the road as well as its impressive steep immediate rise towards the clouds,” says Andy Jones, a mountain instructor with Seren Ventures and a member of the Ogwen Valley mountain rescue team.

Route finding fears Climbing the crux. Learn This: Master Topouts - Climbing. You’ve crimped, dynoed, sidepulled, and gastoned your way to the top of your boulder project, only to be shut down by the topout moves on a slopey, no-hold overhang.

Learn This: Master Topouts - Climbing

There’s nothing more frustrating than that. Topping out can be the most difficult part of bouldering, especially if you’re used to the gym, where you jump or downclimb from the top, or they set massive jugs to make it easy to haul your butt up and over. With most outdoor problems, it isn’t considered finished until you’re standing on top. Eco friendly outdoor products. Welcome to KP Stoves - KP Stoves. Traditional stoves are known for being the heart of any environment, so here at KP Stoves we aim to provide an affordable and beautifully crafted Wood burning Stoves to meet your heating needs.

Welcome to KP Stoves - KP Stoves

Having developed the stove over the past 10 years and with over 25 years of craftmanship experience, we have taken great care to create an economical stove in a variety of traditional designs. All of the stoves in the KP range are individually crafted with the highest quality british materials. However, if you don't see a stove design which fits your unique requirements, creating a bespoke stove is only a phone call away. At KP Stoves, we are not happy until you are. Follow me @kpstoves Reduce fuel billsHeat outdoor /workshop/officeBurn household wasteUse replenishable fuelSafe and easy to use Relaxing source of heatlong burnBell Tent StovesHome & Leisure StovesMulti Fuel Stove Flues. (A) Zoom Versa Rocket Stove : EcoZoom-UK store.

Zoom Versa Rocket Stove – Wood, Biomass, or Charcoal Fuel EcoZoom’s Zoom Versa rocket stove offers the flexibility to cook with wood, charcoal, or solid biomass fuel in a rugged and durable design.

(A) Zoom Versa Rocket Stove : EcoZoom-UK store

The versatility of the stove makes it your perfect outdoor cooking stove for almost any need. The Versa is the most popular model in the UK and makes for a great camping, patio, or emergency preparedness cooking solution. A fully insulated vertical combustion chamber forces gases to mix with flames when in use, decreasing harmful emissions whilst giving tremendous fuel efficiency. Bang on Time: How to Make Your Own Speed Chart. Navigation is a key skill Navigation is a key wilderness skill.

Bang on Time: How to Make Your Own Speed Chart

If you are going to travel anywhere in wild country then you need to know how to navigate. There are various simple, reliable tools you can use to help keep your navigation accurate and consistent. One of these tools is a speed chart, also known as a timing chart. What is a Speed Chart? A speed chart is a table of numbers.

It has speeds along the top of the columns and distances down the side of the rows. The Mind Game: How to Overcome Fear. Tent Stove Campfire Stove home - Feuerbox, Grill, Barbecue, Firebox, Tent Stove. Stove options for tents - a compilation. Helsport Lavvu Stove. The Lavvu wood burning stove is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and is designed for the Helsport Lavvu series and the Valhall.

Helsport Lavvu Stove

It is also compatible with other brands such as TentTipi. There are sufficient stove pipe sections to fit a tent of the same size as the Helsport Varanger 12-14. All the stove pipe sections fit inside the stove box for transport, the legs fold in to be used as a carrying handle when emptying the ash and has a total weight of 13 kg. Supplied with heavy duty storage bag. Dimensions Height from floor to base of stove with legs folded out 22 cm Height of stove box 31.5cm width of stove box 21.5 cm deptch of stove box 37cm. Waterstraw, travel tap, micro eco stainless pure water filter bottle, explorer canteen, aquaguard eliminator, water bag. Gravity Water Filters are lightweight, durable, proven and robust.

waterstraw, travel tap, micro eco stainless pure water filter bottle, explorer canteen, aquaguard eliminator, water bag

Portable collapsible systems for your retreat - wherever you are …… Each system supplied in carton - x2 sleeved water bucket units with x2 filter cartridges and lever tap system. 1600 litres use. x1 cannister cleverly fits inside another saving space (see 1st Picture). Photos. How to Remove a Tick. The website for Free Walks and Free Map and Route Downloads for Walks in England and the UK. Wild Camping in Scotland and how to prepare. Wild Camping in Scotland I could count on one hand the number of times I have been wild camping in Scotland, and that very same number all amount to unsuccessful attempts.

Wild Camping in Scotland and how to prepare

Although I hate to admit it, and no matter how much I love adventure, the outdoors and anything that burns off my excessive amounts of energy, I am more of a five-star hotel kind of gal than up for roughing it. That said, I had my arm twisted at the weekend and got whisked away for my first wild camping expedition. Location, Location, Location Location and weather are obviously key factors to the success of a trip of this nature, and as luck would have it the Scottish weather played ball – perhaps a little chilly, with the north westerly wind coming in later on in the evening but otherwise it was pretty good.

Location, on the other hand, is less to do with luck and more tilted towards planning. Wild Camping Tips. How do I plan my first long-distance backpacking route? Facebook. Facebook.