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Pork belly with perfect crackling. Bagel baking is a perfect introduction to bread-making. Sharp practices: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's mustard recipes. We've been getting a kick out of mustard for centuries.

Sharp practices: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's mustard recipes

Roman sources describe the condiment, while medieval European royal households employed a mustardarius to ensure it was correctly prepared for table. These days, you just can't get the staff. What you can get is ranks and ranks of different mustards: grainy or smooth, slightly sweet or slightly bitter, fiercely hot or hardly hot at all. The essential guide to the basics of cooking with Henry Dimbleby. My collaborator Jane Baxter and I started Back to Basics, our column in Guardian Cook, a year ago because we wanted to provide for those who find recipes daunting: young, novice, or simply under-confident cooks.

The essential guide to the basics of cooking with Henry Dimbleby

Everyone starts out as one of these. And there’s only one way to improve your culinary skills: get cooking. The physicist Neils Bohr said that an expert is merely “a person who has [made] all the mistakes that one can make in a very narrow field”. Every confident cook has built his or her repertoire on the back of innumerable culinary disasters. If there’s one thing we’ve tried to do in this column, it’s take the pressure off. Food - Collections : Intermittent dieting restricted recipes.

World's Best Braised Green Cabbage. One of my favorite cookbooks on the shelf is Molly Stevens’s All About Braising.

World's Best Braised Green Cabbage

Her recipe for “World’s Best Braised Green Cabbage” is AWESOME. River Cottage Community Recipes. Pumpkin Cheese Fondue Recipe - Nutella Cheesecake - Easy Recipes at Nutella Cheesecake Makes 1 cake | Prep Time: 20 mins | Bake Time: None (refrigerate for at least 4 hours) Recipe Source: Nigella Lawson Contributor: CP Choong Ingredients: 10 oz (280 g) graham crackers (digestive biscuits) 5 tablespoons soft unsalted butter 1 13-oz jar Nutella (at room temperature) ¾ cup chopped toasted hazelnuts 1 lb (450 g) cream cheese (at room temperature) ½ cup confectioners’ sugar (sifted) Method: Break the graham crackers (digestives) into the bowl of a processor, add the butter and 15 ml or 1 tablespoon of Nutella, and blitz until it starts to clump.

Nutella Cheesecake - Easy Recipes at

Tip into a 23 cm/9-inch round springform and press into the base either using your hands or the back of a spoon. Beat the cream cheese and confectioners’ sugar until smooth and then add the remaining Nutella to the cream cheese mixture, and continue beating until combined. Take the springform out of the fridge and carefully smooth the Nutella mixture over the base.

Photos. Photos. Photos. How to make the perfect chicken tikka masala. How to make the perfect naan bread. I’m not scared of taking on Indian food – far from it, dal is a regular Sunday-night treat, and my perfect kofta curry is a delicious work in progress.

How to make the perfect naan bread

But in my house, these things are always served with rice, due to my assumption that the gorgeous, pillowy naans I love for soaking up that rich, spicy gravy were beyond my abilities. The naan, a word that just means bread in its original Persian, is a flatbread native to west, central and southern Asia. It is baked in a clay oven, rather than over a flame like the chapati, which gives it a crisp exterior, a fluffy core and a distinctive charred flavour. Spiced sweet & sour pickled beetroot. Mealplans/CavemanStrong-2WeekPaleo-MealPlan.pdf. Herbs and Spices, Buy Herbs, Spices & Seasoning - Seasoned Pioneers. Student Budget Low Carb Dinners by Céline Chalupa. Slow-roast pork rolls with apple chilli chutney. Evil Chilli Chutney recipe. River Cottage Community Recipes. Preheat the oven to 140C/Gas 1.

River Cottage Community Recipes

Brown the beef in batches. To do this, heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large non-stick frying pan over a fairly high heat. Season the beef with salt and pepper, then add a third of it to the pan. Fry for about 5 minutes, shaking the pan once or twice to turn the meat, until it has a good, golden brown colour on most of its surfaces. Transfer to a large flameproof casserole with a lid. Reduce the heat under the frying pan. You now need to deglaze the frying pan, using the red wine or a splosh of water.

Bring it up to a simmer on the hob, over a medium heat, then put the lid on the casserole and transfer to the oven. Taste the stew and add more salt and pepper as needed, then serve in deep dishes. How to cook perfect beef stew. Ever since humanity first began to upgrade its culinary skills from cremating mammoth steaks over an open fire, slow-cooking has been a vital part of the thrifty cook's repertoire, transforming chewy, hard-working cuts of meat into melting, flavourful tenderness.

How to cook perfect beef stew

All you need is some liquid and a little patience. But while other countries celebrate such peasant cuisine, Britain has largely abandoned its own recipes in favour of daubes, bourguignons and osso bucco – a tendency not helped by the word "stew", with its gristly overtones of school dinners and slow-burning resentments. Food - Recipes : Caldo verde (Portuguese cabbage soup)