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WordPress as CMS II: Implementation and Customization. HydraText Videos. HydraText is a web-based system that enables teachers to share the bits and pieces that make up a textbook or supplement, assemble them in their own way, and output to pdf and the web.

HydraText Videos

Mind Mapping Software - Create Mind Maps online. We have an exquisite selection of plans.

Mind Mapping Software - Create Mind Maps online

Find out which one is right for you. Edu Personal+ For individuals and use in personal projects Unlimited mind maps 6 export formats Export your maps to MindManager™, Freemind, XMind, PDF, RTF and image formats, import from MindManager, Freemind, XMind and text files Upload files and images Enrich you mind maps with files and images by uploading them from you local drive and various online services. Presentation mode Create a fancy presentation from your mind map, use blur, pan and zoom effects to wow your audience. Infinitely undo all changes to your maps, revert to any particular prior revision and even playback the entire evolution of your mind map 8x5 email support Enjoy premium support from our dedicated team during European office hours Learn more Start Free Trial €2.99per month Edu Pro+

Mindmapping: A Diagram is Worth a Thousand Thoughts « Novalawcity. I often get frustrated when I’m brainstorming.

Mindmapping: A Diagram is Worth a Thousand Thoughts « Novalawcity

Trying to come up with ideas, or see how related ideas interact can get very frustrating. Outlines and lists can work well, if your topic or interest is linear enough. But if not, what then? One technique I find very useful for this is called mindmapping. And while I use it a lot, I haven’t ever been able to learn to use it formally, or systematize my use of mindmapping, though I have tried. One reason for this is that it’s hard to find resources about mindmapping that don’t refer to or borrow from the approach of mindmapping’s creator, Tony Buzan (though Wikipedia traces similar techniques back to the 3rd century).

What is a Mindmap? Mindmaps are diagrams that begin with a center word or concept, with lines connecting to related, subsidiary concepts. CALI 2012 TOPICS. Docracy - Free Legal Documents. 7 Must-Read Books on Education. By Maria Popova What the free speech movement of the 1960s has to do with digital learning and The Beatles.

7 Must-Read Books on Education

Education is something we’re deeply passionate about, but the fact remains that today’s dominant formal education model is a broken system based on antiquated paradigms. While much has been said and written about education reform over the past couple of years, the issue and the public discourse around it are hardly new phenomena. Today, we round up the most compelling and visionary reading on reinventing education from the past century. Earlier this year, we featured a fantastic Bill Moyers archival interview with Isaac Asimov, in which the iconic author and futurist echoes some of own beliefs in the power of curiosity-driven, self-directed learning and the need to implement creativity in education from the onset.

We have a system of education that is modeled on the interest of industrialism and in the image of it. Our full review here. Donating = Loving. Forum. Lore. UM Carey Law. Do you have a smartphone or tablet?

UM Carey Law

Are you looking for apps that can help you in your research, scholarship, and teaching? This page contains some suggestions. Helpful Apps: The table below can be sorted or filtered - for instance: are you only interested in apps for your iPhone or iPad? Just select "Yes" in the sort menu under Apple and only apps that are available for those devices will be visible. The apps referenced here have been tested or have been highly rated. Helpful blogs: Login/Logout - Criminal Law and Procedure Multimedia Wiki. Copy of Building Online Courses and Course Content by Lindsay Matts on Prezi.

Embed IM Widgets. For anyone who owns a blog or a website, one of the most vitals keys to building a solid visitor base is interactivity.

Embed IM Widgets

According to a 2007 study by Nielsen Netratings, the fastest-growing web destinations almost unanimously included IM as a means of attracting repeat visitors to their site or blog. But, how does the average Joe get IM on his personal site? It is not as technical as you might believe. Learn English, Spanish and German for free. Udacity - 21st Century University. Robot Robot & Hwang. Teacher source for science learning, teaching & education: Educational Innovations. Anything is Possible Bottle. Hiya Gang!

Anything is Possible Bottle

I do a weekly check on Google to see if there's anything new going on with my "Anything Is Possible" bottle and came across this thread. I was a bit surprised though to see that's it essentially a thread asking for exposure. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it was posted maliciously or anything (as I'm sure the poster was just curious) and I'm a massive supporter of Theory 11- I just think we may need to be aware that sometimes when we ask for things that it can affect creators and their work. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Best of luck with your search, hopefully done in private, and welcome to the world where Anything Is Possible. All my best, Jamie D. - your ebook store specializing in magic ebooks, gambling ebooks and games ebooks.