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Pavel Samolysov's Website: 5.000.000 Messages per Day Handled by Oracle Service Bus 11g. Hello everyone!

Pavel Samolysov's Website: 5.000.000 Messages per Day Handled by Oracle Service Bus 11g

Let me share a story about how to build an enterprise service bus (ESB), which connects together a number of legacy application and a new-born centralized information system, and how Oracle Service Bus (OSB) can help handle up to 5.000.000 messages in a day ensuring guaranteed delivery. Challenge Every data change from a one application (a source) must be synchronized with another application (a destination) in the near real-time mode, batch processing is not a solution.

So, the changes need to be captured and free to publish on a service bus. SOA Suite 12c: The Star of the SOA Suite 12c - The Pipeline - AMIS Oracle and Java Blog. Every new product release has a star.

SOA Suite 12c: The Star of the SOA Suite 12c - The Pipeline - AMIS Oracle and Java Blog

And of course picking that star is arbitrary. One person’s favorite feature may not be someone else’s. My pick of the 12c crop is … (drum roll) …. the Pipeline! The Pipeline is new – to some extent. Oracle SOA-Direct Binding vs. SOAP sobre HTTP. Si eres nuevo por aquí, puede que quieras suscribirte al RSS feed.

Oracle SOA-Direct Binding vs. SOAP sobre HTTP

¡Gracias por visitarnos! En la mayoría de las soluciones software, ya sean desarrollos a medida o uso de productos específicos, llega un momento en el que nos tenemos que enfrentar a la difícil fase de optimización de la solución para poder obtener un mejor rendimiento. Entre las distintas acciones que podemos aplicar encontraríamos, desde optimizaciones de los algoritmos utilizados hasta acciones que dependen del producto sobre el que está desplegada nuestra solución software. Por ejemplo, si utilizamos productos Oracle, podríamos deshabilitar el audit level en los procesos BPEL o evitar un uso excesivo de XPath mediante variables en el bus. ¿Pero qué pasa con las comunicaciones?

Antes de empezar ¿qué es y qué proporciona SOA-Direct Binding? Java / Oracle SOA blog: WS security in OSB. In OSB you can protect your WSDL proxy services with XML Signature / encryption, authentication or your own custom ws-policy.

Java / Oracle SOA blog: WS security in OSB

In this blog entry I will give you all the information how to do this.First we start by adding a standard OSB WS-Policy. Open the WSDL of a proxy service where we add for example the signing policy. We always need to add wsp:UsingPolicy element else OSB won't detect the wanted security policy Add the Signing policy to a operation or put this in a other part of the WSDL see this url for more information. In this case I can use wsp:Policy with a PolicyReference and the URI is policy:Sign.xml .

You don't have to use the OSB standard policies, you can also add your own ws-policy ( in OSB 10.3 you can only use the policy definition of WLS 9, so don't expect you can make policies which uses the 2005 or 2007 WS-Security standard). Enabling outbound 2-way SSL connections from OSB. Understanding Oracle Service Bus Security. Oracle Service Bus supports open industry standards for ensuring the integrity and privacy of communications and to ensure that only authorized users can access resources in an Oracle Service Bus domain.

Understanding Oracle Service Bus Security

It uses the underlying WebLogic security framework as building blocks for its security services. The WebLogic security framework divides the work of securing a domain into several components (providers), such as authentication, authorization, credential mapping, and auditing. Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager Installation Guide. Browser version script Skip Headers Some components are only needed if you are using serial destinations functionality.

Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager Installation Guide

Not all components will be needed. The set up of each component is based on the functionality being used. It does not hurt to set them all up, even if all of them are not going to be used. This appendix covers the following topics: 25 Using the JCA Transport and JCA Adapters. Service Bus provides a J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) transport that interacts with back-end Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), letting these systems participate in the Service Bus integration environment.

25 Using the JCA Transport and JCA Adapters

The JCA transport provides native connectivity between Service Bus and external systems, letting those systems interact in the service bus layer and leverage the capabilities and features of Service Bus. For a list of adapters the JCA transport supports, see Section 25.1.1, "Supported JCA Adapters. " In JCA proxy or business services, the JCA transport works in conjunction with a built-in JCA adapter framework and JCA-compliant adapters to interact with EIS systems, as shown in Figure 25-1. Solid arrows signify request, dotted arrows signify response. Raastech Blog: "Use Chunked Streaming Mode" in OSB 11g. Problem: We experienced 3 issues in the behavior of our OSB 11g installation on ExaLogic: 1.

Raastech Blog: "Use Chunked Streaming Mode" in OSB 11g

Client requests get a read timed out error 2. The BEA-380000 error "Request Entity Too Large" appears in the logs 3. Ragzzz SOA Blog: Understanding Transaction handling within OSB. Understanding Transaction handling within OSB In this post I will explain how transactions are handled within OSB.

Ragzzz SOA Blog: Understanding Transaction handling within OSB

Transactions are implicitly marked, in OSB developer there are no EXPLICIT actions to commit/rollback the transaction. However you can influence boundaries/commit/rollback transactions in your process flow. To explain this, i would use an example which uses JMS transport. Example flow, Application Data Integration: Usage of Chunked Streaming Mode Usage in Business Service of OSB 11g. Java mon amour: OSB. chunked transfer encoding. Lakshmi Mavillapalli 's Blog : EJB and JEJB Transport in OSB. What is EJB/JEJB Transport: The EJB transport is only available for business services whereas the JEJB transport can be used both on a proxy service as well as for business services.EJB protocol enables us to create a business service which doesn’t stands for a SOAP / HTTP of File service, but for a remote EJB.

Lakshmi Mavillapalli 's Blog : EJB and JEJB Transport in OSB

This allows us to let our OSB clients or our own composite proxy services to communicate with EJBs with a simple SOAP xml message.JEJB protocol allows us take POJOs and make them available as they were EJBs. Here, the XML interface we will expose will only contain a reference to a Java object, and not its XML content. Introduced in OSB 11g.EJB Transport Uses Java Webservices Framework to invoke remote EJBs.JEJB Transport uses an RMI serialization /deserialization cycle and passes Plain old Java Objects(POJO)directly through the OSB to the remote EJBs.Using JEJB transport we can export a proxy service as a stateless session bean.JEJB Transport Advantages:

OSB 11g Asynchronous Request Response with 11gR1 SOA Composite. OSB 11g Asynchronous Request Response with 11gR1 SOA Composite Posted by Sandeep Phukan on October 2, 2010 · 1 Comment SOA 11gR1 now provides the soa-direct transport which makes it possible to use the RMI based transactional Weblogic T3 Protocol to communicate between OSB and SCA. I am not quite sure how much this is different from the sb transport already available with the earlier versions, but the current SOA 11gR1 version insists that the recommended twisted approach is to use a combination of both soa-direct and sb for the Asynchronous Request Response pattern. The Request from OSB to SCA is sent via soa-direct transport while the callback from SCA to OSB happens via the sb transport. In essence, the flow comprises two one-way OSB flows: one for the request and the other for the response. Dive in SOA: OSB hands on: JMS Producer Consumer Example.

In this blog I have tried to show how we can use OSB business service and Proxy service to implement a JMS producer consumer example. Our objective is to build an OSB project which will do the following. Create a sample Schema which represents data structure to be used We need to create a Simple Schema which is used for reading and Writing data from JMS Queue/Topic. Integration Spot by Arun: JMS Queue - Difference between a Queue and a Topic.

This is a typical interview question: What is the difference between a Queue and a Topic ( or Queue Vs Topic). Before you go for the comparisons you need to learn the basics such as what is a JMS Queue what was the purpose of this technology and so on... I would like to point you to this wiki page: Topic: Java Message Service After you have reviewed the above page you might have understood what is the difference already. But for those who are time short... read on. Global Transactions and Quality of Service in OSB. Last week I had a great OSB BlackBelt training of Samrat Ray and organized by the SOA Community In this training we talked a lot about Global Transactions ( XA), QoS ( Quality of Service ) in combination with Transports and JCA Adapters. Because this is so important ( you dont want to lose a Message ) I decide to make a blog about this subject and I will explain the different scenarios options you have in the Oracle Service Bus.

Before I can start I need to create and configure some Queues. OSB 11g - Sending Email From Oracle Service Bus Part-1 - Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog. Albin's Blog: Initiating an OSB Service with Email. Email transport will help us to send/receive emails in OSB. Some cases we may required to initiate the external service based on the email in the user inbox. The Proxy service polls the Mail Inbox for the new messages and invokes the Business service whenever there is a new message in the Inbox.The polling interval can be specified in the Proxy Service configuration.Here i will explain about invoking the service with the XML message received from the email body.

Create a XSD message structure that will be used by Proxy Service to receive the message. JMS Transport. This chapter provides an overview of the JMS transport and describes how to use and configure it in your services. The chapter also describes features and concepts related to interoperability between Oracle Service Bus and WebLogic JMS and between Oracle Service Bus and WebSphere MQ This chapter includes the following sections: 30.1 Overview of JMS Interoperability Java API for XML-Remote Procedure Call (JAX-RPC) is considered the core Java API to build and deploy Web services using J2EE.

JAX-RPC provides a simple, robust platform for building Web services applications by abstracting the complexity of mapping between XML types and Java types and the lower-level details of handling XML SOAP messages from the developer. A server-side model for developing Web services endpoints using Java classes or stateless EJB componentsA client-side model for building Java clients that access Web services as local objects. Part V. 7 Creating and Configuring System Resources. This chapter describes how to add and configure system resources, such as JNDI providers, SMTP servers, and proxy servers.

1 Learning About Oracle Service Bus. 4 Monitoring Oracle Service Bus Alerts. Ruteo de Servicios Web con Oracle Service Bus (Parte 1) Por Deiby Gómez RoblesPublicado en agosto 2013 Índice de contenidos 1. Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog. Raastech_2013_DOAG_Whitepaper_OracleSOATipsAndTricks.pdf. Oracle Adapters Performance Tuning - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) Adapter performance is directly related to the number of round-trips to the database, and the network cost of each trip. If performance becomes an issue, and making modifications is appropriate for your deployment, consider tuning the following parameters: Use IndexesIndexes can improve performance of selects, updates and deletes.

Index all queried fields, such as the primary key and the MarkReadField of the LogicalDeletePollingStrategy, when polling. For MarkReadField specify a non-null MarkUnreadValue. Caution: An index on a column containing many nulls may revert to full table scans.Disable OptimizeMergeThe OptimizeMerge parameter allows the detection of XML elements for which no value was specified. Get Started: Oracle Service Bus 11g communication with Oracle SOA Suite 11g, DirectBindings and SOA-DIRECT, part2 - Oracle .. Java .. OpenSource .. SOA.

In this second part of the serie about communication between Oracle Service Bus and Composite Applications from the SOA Suite we will discuss the synchronous communication from the service bus to the composite application. When developing composite applications, you could expose these services to the outside world to be used by customers. In these cases you could decide to make use of a service bus in front of the services to virtualize them. Business Services: Creating and Managing. Business services are Oracle Service Bus definitions of the enterprise services with which you want to exchange messages. All Things Middleware: OSB, Service Callouts and OQL - Part 1. Asynchronous service is not the devil! { How async services work and OSB+BPEL examples} So recently I have been asked about async services on a SOA environment and the interesting about the questions is that most people are not really expecting me to simply show them how it is done, and I am going to show an example on this post, but rather how async service processing works at all, and I came up with a sort of “default” response to such inquiries that has been working so well that I decided to post it here so I can probably help more people around the net.

OK, so for you to understand why do you need async services at all I like to go deeper into the rabbit whole and explain what happens when the application server receives a request, what is an application server for in the first place and a very simple explanation about threads, the idea of this post is to give you a guide so you can look further details by yourself, so let´s do this thing! What [the heck] are threads? What are Application Servers then?

7 Managing Partitions and Work Manager Groups. Using JCA Adapter with OSB (Oracle Middleware Blog) Publications - Insemble. Flat file to xml with Oracle Service Bus. Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Wiki: OSB. OSB 11g - Read or Poll File in OSB - Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog. Modeling Message Flow in Oracle Service Bus.