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Tweet This Meri Amber is a geek pop singer-songwriter.

Think lasers, kazoos, and ninja style world domination. About Meri Amber Meri Amber is a geek pop singer-songwriter. Think lasers, kazoos and ninja style world domination. Her sound can be likened to a mesh of bright pop with a smidgen of 90s punk rock stirred in. Topped off with a generous sprinkling of pop culture samples and computer game synths.She’s performed at events as varied as comic conventions, to shows alongside puppets, magicians and medieval swordsmen. Tsu The First Social Payment Platform Where Members Keep Ownership Of Their Content Everyday millions and millions of social media users login to their accounts and create user generated content.

Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social sites show targeted ads around the site content and are profiting from our activity. GREAT LOOKING 3TAGS POSTS WITHOUT MARKDOWN. CHOCOLATE HAILED AS NEW DIETARY SUPER FOOD!!! - 11 REASONS WHY CHOCOLATE IS SO GOOD FOR YOU. Money Blogging Tips - Pinterest is your friend. As outlined in Money Blogging Tip Number 1 we established that images are key to get your posts seen on Google Search and on 3tags.

Money Blogging Tips - Pinterest is your friend

Images are so important in fact Google has a section that is just for images. SUSPECTED BRAIN TUMOUR TURNS OUT TO BE SOMETHING MUCH CREEPIER. Yamini Karanam, 26, sought medical help last September after she began to struggle with conversations and reading.


Doctors were initially unsure what was causing the Indiana University PhD student's health problems. She had keyhole surgery deep into the brain which found a "teratoma" - the embryonic twin. Ms Karanam jokingly told NBC Los Angeles it was her "evil twin sister who's been torturing me for the past 26 years". Surgeons removed the teratoma and she is expected to make a full recovery. Dr Hrayr Shahinian, at the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles, told NBC it was only the second teratoma he had encountered out of up to 8,000 brain tumours he has removed.

Article Source Money Blogging Tips Robert Downy Jr walks out on interview. Robert Downey Jr walks out of interview. Money Blogging Tips. I wanted in this article to give you some very simple tips on how to really start to generate some good views to your articles to start making some money from your 3tags blogs, and basically to help you start money blogging.

Money Blogging Tips

If you are not sure what Money Blogging is then check this article that i wrote here on 3tags ... How To Make Money From Blogging Images are absolutely key to get seen and found and they will bring in masses of shares. On this article i have added 3 images that i think will help me get a good number of shares. All the images are from Google Images and Labeled for reuse with modification.

So for example if i write an article about caring for a new puppy i could use this image in my post This image was pinned to my Pinterest Hosted Images Board so that i could then easily add the image here on 3tags. If i was writing about the Amazon Rainforest then i could include images like this one. GOOGLE MAKING A HUGE CHANGE TO THE SEARCH ALGORITHM - IS YOUR SITE MOBILE FRIENDLY?



( On Tuesday, April 21, Google is making a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their phone.The algorithm will start favoring mobile-friendly websites (ones with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit whatever screen they're viewed on) and ranking them higher in search. Websites that aren't mobile-friendly will get demoted.READ MORE HERE This is huge...... the question is do you think this is a good change? Do You Follow Up On The Social Shares You Receive? Here is a snippet of an old article that i wrote on Infobunny that talks about following up on the engagement that your content receives .... let me know what you think Well really the key word is Engagement.

Do You Follow Up On The Social Shares You Receive?

The content im following up on is really all article and blog related.Following up gives me the followingMakes contact with the author Provides a backlink to my site and content Traffic from the follow up comment. I make my comment a quality engaging comment that screams to the author and the readers Click Through To Me It’s strange how sometimes you miss the simplest of things isn’t it or perhaps your already doing this.So im checking my emails and im seeing all the emails from Viral Content Buzz telling me that my content has been shared.

How To Make Your Blogs Go Viral – Almost. Inspire | Science · Environment · Space · Economy · History · Recipes · Changelog · The Venus Project · Gaming · Movies · Conspiracy · NewTagCommunities · Futurology · Anime · MakeupAddiction · Forbidden History · WorldNews · Politics · Introductions · News · Computing · Fashion · Leaked · HairwayToHeaven · 3tagsAcademy · Revolution · Energy DexterRoona · 3 minutes ago.

How To Make Your Blogs Go Viral – Almost

How To Streamline Your Marketing Strategy. To get success with any online business you need to engage with your prospects.

How To Streamline Your Marketing Strategy

But in order for you to engage you need to be generating leads that you can engage with. Engaging takes a long time because you are talking and conversing with people via various mediums, answering questions and selling the opportunity to get them to sign up. And of course while you are doing this you are not actively promoting and producing content to generate leads.

The simple marketing strategy outlined in this article will really just make you work a lot smarter and faster and stop you wasting time and just be more productive. “your marketing strategy should make you work smart not hard” Does This Sound Like You ? How To Make Money Blogging. There is no doubt that you can make money blogging, but it does take time and there are costs involved if you want to look and be a professional money blogger.

How To Make Money Blogging

There is hosting to pay for, possibly a site template to buy, then there will be setup costs depending on your technical ability, so when you are just starting out it can be costly. 3Tags vs Tsu - Who Wins The Paying Social Media Battle. What is 3Tags ?

3Tags vs Tsu - Who Wins The Paying Social Media Battle

WANT TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE? Inspire | HOW TO GET 3TAGS SIGN UPS. Please Note that 3TAGS offers us a sharing option for Pinterest at the bottom of each post, this however will only select one image for you to pin >if your happy with pinning just one pic that the system gives that's fine no need to read on... BUT if you have multiple images on a post then why not pin all of them .... READ ON if your not then STOP and start to do this cause it really works. MY YOUTUBE BLOGGING STRATEGY PART 1. {*style:<i>*}{*style:<br>*}Eye capturing images and and interesting videos grab the attention of visitors making them engage and interact with your posts and articles, and that is really what we want, visitors who take an interest in the content we create and produce, engaging with our pages in the form or comments, sharing our posts, connecting with via social media channels and ultimately producing search results, new visitors, returning visitors and site authority for your niche.

{*style:<br>*}Does that sound complicated? How To Buy Utokens With Your Upoints Getting Started. Utoken Compensation Plan Overview - Utoken Compensation Plan – The Ufun – Utoken Compensation Plan consists of 4 Affiliate Bonuses for Ufun Members. Utoken - What are Utoken - Utoken is no Cryptocurrency. Introducing The Utoken Digital Currency – This Is No Cryptocurrency. UTOKEN - New Digital Cryptocurrency - Better Than Bitcoin? Utoken The New Digital Currency. Tsu Guide And Tutorial - Let's Make Money Online. Tsu Guide And Tutorial, Lead Generation And Making Money Online In yesterdays blog post we covered Lead Generation and talked specifically about Online Lead Generation and the whole idea of using social media for online lead generation. Well today i stumbled upon something that really is a win win for anyone who is in network marketing and struggling to generate leads or anyone looking for additional lead generation ideas.

Not only will this new site be a great source of free leads it also looks like it could be a great site to make money online with. What Is Lead Generation ? - MyLeadSystemPRO Sign Up. Google Plus FREE LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY. My Simple Lead Generation Strategy. Content Curation Sites To Build Your Home Based Business. Building Your Home Based Business Opportunities With The Best Content Curation Sites. SocialLever - How To Explode Your Facebook Fan Page Likes. SocialLever - How To Explode Your Facebook Fan Page Likes.

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