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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing. The following companies sell only animal-friendly, cruelty-free products.

PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing

To find out where their products can be purchased, please contact them directly. Many of the companies listed in this guide are included in PETAMall. Ahimsa Footwear 1-877-834-3668 • Vegan shoes, handbags, belts, wallets, messenger bags and more All Vegan 619-299-4669 • Vegan shoes, belts, purses, and chocolates (available only in San Diego) Alternative Outfitters 626-396-4972 • Nonleather women’s shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, watches, cell phone pouches, and other accessories Beyond Skin +44 (0)1273 778837 • Vegan shoes for women The BioThane® Super Belt 1-573-777-8800 • Vegan belts for men.

Farm Sanctuary. Vegan Fashion Shopping List Vegan designers and brands VAUTE.

Farm Sanctuary

Stylish and warm outerwear, dresses, shirts, and jewelry. Visit the flagship store in Brooklyn at 234 Grand Street (& Driggs)Love is Mighty. Gorgeous vegan shoes combining old-world textiles with modern designsBrave GentleMan. Companies offering vegan products Stella McCartney. One-stop shopping Don’t miss these 100% vegan online retailers, who carry many of the brands listed above, plus many more! Vegan fashion tips. List of Cruelty-Free (No Animal Testing and Ingredients) Korean Cosmetic Brands. [UPDATED] KARA posted an update of the list on December 7, 2015 and so as I promised, I updated this post.

List of Cruelty-Free (No Animal Testing and Ingredients) Korean Cosmetic Brands

So, someone dropped a comment asking me whether a particular brand is cruelty-free or not. And being the procrastinator student I was, I did some research of it and casually neglected the paper and essay of my life. Yeah. What can I do. I like to write about Korean cosmetics more than finishing a paper. After reading some blogs and clicking this and that, I finally landed on Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) site (and here's the Korean site). Let's jump onto the list. No animal testingNo animal ingredients; andThe company doesn't export to China Here's the thing. Here's the list (the left side is a list of Korean domestic brands and the right side is a list of foreign brands). Because we are talking about Korean brands, so let me re-type the list. Category 1 (no animal testing and ingredients; doesn't export to China) Category 2 (no animal testing; doesn't export to China) Category 4.

Palm Oil Scorecard 2015: Fries, Face Wash, Forests. See the scores: Fast food | Store brands | Packaged foods | Personal care See company updates Palm oil is a globally traded commodity used in a wide array of common consumer products, from shampoo to cookies.

Palm Oil Scorecard 2015: Fries, Face Wash, Forests

And much of this palm oil is produced in ways that involve the destruction of tropical forests and peatlands, adding to global warming emissions and reducing habitat for many already threatened species. The good news is that palm oil can be produced without deforestation—and many companies have begun to make public commitments to use deforestation-free palm oil in their products. The bad news is that too many companies are lagging behind, with weak commitments or none at all.

In 2014 UCS released the first edition of our Palm Oil Scorecard. For 2015 we've produced a new edition of the scorecard, recalculating each company's score to account for their progress (or lack thereof) during 2014. The scores Company Updates. Guide: Vegan Products and Palm Oil. As a follow up to our article on the dirty palm oil industry, we aimed to compile a list that combines two important considerations for truly cruelty-free and sustainable food and products: that they are vegan, and that they are palm oil-free.

Guide: Vegan Products and Palm Oil

Unfortunately there are few companies switching to non-use of palm oil, so we expanded the list to include companies that source ‘certified sustainable’ palm oil or are aiming to in the future. However, there is growing uncertainty in the green community about the reliability of ‘green’ palm oil, with many environmental organizations including Greenpeace, dubbing all palm oil sources certified by the RSPO and other organizations as ‘greenwash’. Corporate members of the RSPO have been found to be some of the most active companies involved in deforestation. Other companies however attest that certification is a small but initial step in a wider movement towards addressing the problem of palm oil- in exactly those terms. In Need of a Helping Hand.. Palm Oil - Is There Such a Thing As Sustainable Palm Oil? October 23, 2013 What are you thoughts on Palm Oil – Is there such a thing as sustainable palm oil?

Palm Oil - Is There Such a Thing As Sustainable Palm Oil?

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