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Handmade Custom Chainmaille Jewelry by Red Panda Chainmail - Weaves. This page will serve as a list of chainmaille weaves I’ve successfully completed. It will be updated as I learn new ones. Click the clickable names to be taken to a picture of one of the things I’ve made with that particular weave. I love doing custom orders, so if you’d like something made with any of the following weaves, please send an email to with what you’re considering/what you like, and I’ll be glad to help you out! :) 1. 1-1 Chain 2. 2-2 Chain 3. 3-3 Chain 4. 6.

INSTRUCTIONS- Bold & Brilliant Byzantine Bracelet 3 pg Chainmaille Right-hand PDF tutorial. Original design by me, Kat Wisniewski of Elemental Art Jewelry.

INSTRUCTIONS- Bold & Brilliant Byzantine Bracelet 3 pg Chainmaille Right-hand PDF tutorial

Level: BEGINNER Right-hand PDF tutorial. Left-hand version also available Powerful color boosts this fresh version of the popular Byzantine weave. Find out how to incorporate solid glass rings into chain maille designs for a truly innovative look. This is a great weave for beginners and for those who have just started their chain maille addiction. 3 full color pages are included, detailing each and every step with clear and descriptive text and excellent photos. This is in the form of a PDF, which can be immediately downloaded. This is an original pattern created by me, Kat Wisniewski, for Blue Buddha Boutique and now also available via my shop! Please visit Blue Buddha Boutique for chainmaille supplies: Reprinting with the intention of redistributing or selling this tutorial is prohibited without permission from Kat Wisniewski & Blue Buddha Boutique.

Jump Rings for Chain Maille. Ring Lord. Wholesale Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies. Chants, Blessings, Prayers and Charms. A Spell to Cast Away Darkness Belisama Fire 2001 In the center of the darkest storm, Is a brilliant rainbow, bright and warm.

Chants, Blessings, Prayers and Charms

Look past the darkness that you see, There's more than what you think might be. There now is freedom, so you can find, The path to stimulate your mind. So don't despair, let hope shine bright, The sun will rise, just past the night. A Spell for Healing May the light that shines from deep inside, Flow ever out, and never hide. May the shining light within my soul, Heal me now, and make me whole.

May the light that shines so very bright, Help heal ________, on this night. May the shining light within my core, Bring peace and love, forever more. A Happy Positive Day Now close your eyes and visualize the day you want to have, image who is there, what you are wearing, the place, surroundings, the atmosphere, what the weather is like and other things that you would like to happen. Hold this image for as long as you can, then repeat the following 3 times:

Bougaivillea's Book of Shadows : Member's Books of Shadows. White: A balance of all colors; Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, truth seeking; Rituals involving lunar energy' May be substituted for any color candle.

Bougaivillea's Book of Shadows : Member's Books of Shadows

Yellow: Activity, Creativity, unity; brings power of concentration and imagination to a ritual; use in rituals where you wish to gain another’s confidence or persuade someone, or in rituals that require solar energy. Gold: Fosters understanding and attracts the powers of cosmic influences; beneficial in rituals intended to bring about fast luck or money, or in rituals needing solar energy. Pagan Network - Index. Spells and Magic. spells, hexes, occult knowledge, black and whi. Gardnerian Book of Shadows Index. Sacred Texts Neopaganism Contents Start Reading This is the text of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows.

In one sense, this is the central sacred text of the Wicca religion. However, it is important to point out that there is no 'official' Book of Shadows. Typically each coven has a hand-written copy of a Book of Shadows, sometimes in cypher or code, which reflects its own practices and knowledge. The Book of Shadows was attributed by Gardner to an ancient, clandestine witch cult, which he claimed to have been initiated into. The copyright status of this text can best be described as 'orphaned.' Ancient..History,Magic,Spells,World.

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