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105 Writing Tips from Professional Writers - StumbleUpon. Chromatic dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) Red dragon Publication history[edit] Types[edit] Black dragon[edit] Black dragons are the most vile-tempered and cruel of all chromatic dragons; apart from the fact that they love to bargain.

Chromatic dragon (Dungeons & Dragons)

List of dragon breeds (Temeraire) Native ancestor of the Greyling, this small dragon was once as common in Britain as the Yellow Reaper, but has been nearly hunted to extinction due to its terrible temper and habit of preying on livestock. This common grey-purple breed of lightweight dragon is known especially for its speed, and so mostly used for carrying dispatches and quick, harrying flank attacks. Winchesters were said to fly so fast that a passenger felt as if they were in danger of being blown off the dragon's back. As couriers, they tended to be used on the shorter routes, while Greylings flew the longer routes to Africa, India and the Americas.

Due to the small size and speed of Winchester hatchlings, the eggs had to be hatched indoors, usually in a barn or similar structure. The hatchlings were allowed to fly around a bit before the meat was brought out for their first meal. Capilano University. Capilano University. VCC - Vancouver Community College.