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Sähkö Recordings - Sähkö
For Samuel Evans, or Rain Dog, creating this album was a vast experiment to combine different attempts of blending more traditional elements of song writing and composition with the more contemporary influences of modern electronic dance and bass music, all within the confines of his computer and chair… Being compelled by melody and variation, Rain Dog, by his own admission, never had much talent for songwriting in terms of lyrics. To circumvent this, however, he focuses on creating a narrative within the music through the combination of synth work and samples. He starts with anything that sparks an interest or emotion in him – Tom Waits, Joni Mitchel, Ella Fitzgerald, Portico Quartet and moments from movies, samples like these usually work as a foundation for the tracks. He then adds layers of unique and organic synth sounds (a notion he finds quite interesting when working entirely from a digital platform) before eventually completing the production with the beat. PROJECT: Mooncircle - News PROJECT: Mooncircle - News
Night Slugs Bok Bok – RA.391 Mix Mr Charisma aka Bok Bok in the mix for the Resident Advisor podcast! > listen & read more here: Night Slugs
Soul Jazz Records — Discography