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Hot end. North and South polarity allignment. Img magnetic balls in cups. Werner Berry Youtube channel. BerryBot 3D Printer - another delta 3D Printer... - personalfactory. Alloy Steel shoulder screws. MAGCRAFT Sphere D0.50 3-Pk. VIDEO POSTED! Details about the BerryBot3D. First off a special thanks to: John and Steve, SeeMeCNC ( Johann ( Zack, Inventables ( The BerryBot3d: A one off, designed by Werner Berry Platen 14" Build volume 2460 sq inches. About 6 times the build volume of the Replicator 2 Zero lash ball joints fully capable of 50 micron LH prints. The hot end can be popped off the magnets (disconnected) and reinstalled in less than 15 seconds.

Nice for working on or color changes. Filament reel mounted on top the top deck out of the way (Horizontally) A simple minimal part count filament feeder that is mounted with magnets and can be removed in less then 10 seconds. When I was about 6 years old my Mom came back from Switzerland where she was visiting family. Berrybot magnetic arm details. Magnetic Ball Joints - Frenergy Magnets.