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Bratton Report Revealed, Lists Oakland Police Problems. OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – The sudden retirement of Police Chief Howard Jordan on Wednesday derailed plans to release law enforcement expert Bill Bratton’s report on cutting crime in Oakland.

Bratton Report Revealed, Lists Oakland Police Problems

Despite the canceled announcement, KPIX 5 was able to obtain a copy of the report. The report (.pdf), prepared by Bratton and his team of law enforcement consultants, was commissioned by the City of Oakland at a cost of $250,000. Bratton previously served as the police chief in Los Angeles and the police commissioner in New York and Boston. Police-Involved Shootings In Oakland: Ex-Officers Often Investigate Incidents.

This article comes to us courtesy of California Watch.

Police-Involved Shootings In Oakland: Ex-Officers Often Investigate Incidents

By Shoshana Walter After Oakland police Officer Miguel Masso shot and killed 18-year-old Alan Blueford last May, prosecutors quickly released their investigator’s findings about the incident, amid a public outcry and a protest that shut down a City Council meeting. The shooting was justified, according to the evidence collected by Michael Foster – a former Oakland police officer. In a city seething with distrust of law enforcement, legal experts and residents are now questioning District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s wisdom in assigning former Oakland police officers to the task. City Attorney Seeks Payday-Loan Claimants with Intern's 'Pay Me Maybe' Video. Consumer Law Posted Sep 19, 2012 5:30 AM CDT By Debra Cassens Weiss An Oct. 1 deadline is looming for some California consumers to file claims under a statewide settlement with two payday loan companies.

City Attorney Seeks Payday-Loan Claimants with Intern's 'Pay Me Maybe' Video

That fact is being publicized in a new video called “Pay Me Maybe,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle blog SF Gate, the Huffington Post and the San Jose Mercury News. A summer intern with the San Francisco City Attorney’s office made the video parody of the Carly Rae Jepsen song “Call Me Maybe.” Eight reasons to ‘mute’ super PAC ads - You are not alone if you dislike super PACs. Torching California's Broadband Future: Why Your State Is Next. California Governor Jerry Brown recently declared a state of emergency in three northern California counties ravaged by wildfires.

Torching California's Broadband Future: Why Your State Is Next

There’s another state of emergency for Californians: It’s called SB 1161, and it leaves Californians without a protector to keep watch on the cost, service quality, safety, and availability of access to information, data, and entertainment – everything on which modern life depends. Because just a few giant companies control the wires, they’ll be picking the economic and social winners and losers in America. City Support of Urban Agriculture Stops Short of Potential to Decrease Rising Food Insecurity. By Luthien Niland, 3rd Year Law Student As city departments struggle to determine how to feed the tens of thousands of food insecure San Francisco residents, an amendment to the Planning Code passed under the radar of most San Francisco residents that could provide some solutions to this problem.

City Support of Urban Agriculture Stops Short of Potential to Decrease Rising Food Insecurity

This amendment expanded the viability of urban farming within the city limits of San Francisco and gave new exposure to this increasingly popular practice. With some urban agriculture projects already in place but faltering due to a lack of funding, such as the Quesada Gardens Initiative,[i] city officials have an opportunity to build on the momentum of this amendment by providing monetary and infrastructure support to programs that can have a long-term impact on the city’s food insecurity problems.2008 was the first year in history in which the world’s urban population outnumbered its rural population and it is estimated that 60% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2030. Brown Appoints New Chief Pesticide Regulator. Tracey Brieger, Californians for Pesticide Reform, Cell: 415-215-5473 Paul Towers, Pesticide Action Network, Cell: 916-216-1082 February 2, 2012.

Brown Appoints New Chief Pesticide Regulator

Natural History of the Kitchen: The Microwave. Natural History of the Kitchen: The Microwave April 20, 2010, 9:59 am 7 Comments An early commercial microwave oven.

Natural History of the Kitchen: The Microwave

The Truth About Cancer-Causing Cosmetics. While consumers are well past the dangerous complacence of the stereotypical 1950s television owner, we still buy into the deceptive ploys that large companies use today.

The Truth About Cancer-Causing Cosmetics

Contemporary examples of these conniving campaigns include the “not-for-children” merchandising and advertising contracts of big tobacco companies, Bernie Madoff's not-so-funny practical joke on investors, and the widespread use of carcinogenic ingredients by cosmetic companies, as this article will expose. So who exactly are these cosmetic companies, how are they getting away with poisoning their consumers, and what can anyone do about it?

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Reseller packages & pricing

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