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Developer: Project Summary - Freytag DataMatrix Decoder. Libdmtx Home. Libdmtx on Windows Using Visual Studio - libdmtx Documentation Wiki. This is not confirmed, but you might try something like this: Create project from existing source ("DLL Project" I think)Exclude from project every source file except "dmtx.c"Add the definition "_VISUALC_" (add to existing list along with _WIN32, etc…)Build project Please add your notes here if you try these steps and it fails.

libdmtx on Windows Using Visual Studio - libdmtx Documentation Wiki

(Note from schnaader) Additionally, I had to do the following steps: Copy libdmtx.c, libdmtx.h and libdmtx.def files from version 0.7.2 to the project's root directoryInclude those files to the projectIn Visual Studio, Properties->Linker->Input->Module Definition File, add "libdmtx.def" 1. Libdatamatrix.


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