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Developer: Project Summary - Freytag DataMatrix Decoder. Libdmtx Home. Libdmtx on Windows Using Visual Studio - libdmtx Documentation Wiki. This is not confirmed, but you might try something like this: Create project from existing source ("DLL Project" I think)Exclude from project every source file except "dmtx.c"Add the definition "_VISUALC_" (add to existing list along with _WIN32, etc…)Build project Please add your notes here if you try these steps and it fails.

libdmtx on Windows Using Visual Studio - libdmtx Documentation Wiki

(Note from schnaader) Additionally, I had to do the following steps: Copy libdmtx.c, libdmtx.h and libdmtx.def files from version 0.7.2 to the project's root directoryInclude those files to the projectIn Visual Studio, Properties->Linker->Input->Module Definition File, add "libdmtx.def" 1. Libdatamatrix. Libdatamatrix libdatamatrix is an embeddable and highly extensible library made to separate datamatrix (ISO/IEC16022) functionality from image reading/writing since I needed to make a custom image scanner and couldn't find any libraries that did error correction (instead of just error checking) and had a modular interface allowing one to extend functionality easily. Since it was just written for internal use, it's not very polished. I'm just releasing it in hopes that it helps anyone who is also in search of an embeddable datamatrix solution.


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