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Tips to Avoid Incontinence: Healthy Bladder. A lot of changes happen as we get older, including the changes in our bladder.

Tips to Avoid Incontinence: Healthy Bladder

According to the National Insitute of Aging, the elastic bladder tissue may toughen and become less stretchy when we age. When the bladder becomes less stretchy, it cannot hold much urine as before, making you go to the bathroom more often. And if your bladder wall and pelvic floor muscles have weakened, it makes it harder to empty the bladder fully, which causes the urine to leak. FAQ: A Family’s Guide to Dementia. Has your loved one been diagnosed with dementia?

FAQ: A Family’s Guide to Dementia

When this disease has affected your loved one, the adjustments may be overwhelming. Dealing with an Aging Loved One's Refusal for Help. Many families across the country struggle in convincing their aging loved ones to get helped.

Dealing with an Aging Loved One's Refusal for Help

For seniors, getting home care in Overland Park, Kansas or any assistance means losing independence. It is a valid concern. This reason isn’t enough, however, for worried family members. Because of this, disagreements often happen and the issue for care remains unresolved. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can avoid this unpleasant thing from happening. You can also, do the following to make the discussion easier. Visiting an Aging Parent? Keep Track of These Things. Knowing what our aging parents are up to is essential in keeping track of their health and wellbeing.

Visiting an Aging Parent? Keep Track of These Things

If they’re living alone without receiving any assistance or skilled nursing care in Kansas, they may be experiencing difficulties that they don’t want you to know. Of course, you can’t just barge into their home and start asking questions. You should be subtle and discreet in observing to avoid offending them. Make a list of the things you need to track before your visit. Start with the most obvious ones such as their appearance and the state of their house.

A Solution to Transportation Problems. One of the problems that the elderly and the physically challenged people are facing is transportation.

A Solution to Transportation Problems

They are not able to freely move around or go places they need to go because of their condition. Oftentimes, they miss medical appointments and social gatherings because of the unavailability of convenient transportation or someone who can drive them to their destination. Here at , we understand the difficulty and the challenges they are experiencing. How Can Personal Care Services Benefit You? Personal care is very important since it contributes greatly to the overall well-being of a person.

How Can Personal Care Services Benefit You?

Get to Know About Our Companion Care Services. Studies show that loneliness and isolation in old age is a huge problem that can affect the physical and mental health of seniors.

Get to Know About Our Companion Care Services

What contributes to this condition is the fact that they live alone and their family is far away. The ill-feeling also grows with poor health and physical disability. addresses this problem by providing home care in Overland Park, Kansas that allows seniors to receive compassionate companion care. Social interaction is as basic as our need for food, water, and shelter; hence, everybody needs someone to talk to and interact with daily. Although we believe that companionship is important at any age, the need for it becomes more significant as we get older.

Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease. As people age, the chance of being affected by Alzheimer’s is high.

Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease

Older people with this condition often want to stay at home since going outside tends to be tiring and exhausting. Oftentimes, they would want someone who can assist them with their daily activities. In some instances, family members resort to a nursing home for senior care because they are unable to take care of their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s. However, finding the right and reliable nursing home care can take time and be a cumbersome process. Effective Intervention by Reliable Nursing Care. Patients require different care depending on their health condition.

Effective Intervention by Reliable Nursing Care

Some might need assistance on non-medical needs like simple activities of daily living while others would require complex medical assistance. Highly trained and dedicated caregivers can provide support for basic needs but it may take a licensed and registered professional to take care of the medical needs of patients. Respite Care You Can Always Count On. While some people receive care from professional and paid caregivers, most people rely on informal and unpaid assistance from family members.

Respite Care You Can Always Count On

Over 75% of caregiving support in the United States is provided by family caregivers. This care support covers a wide range of responsibilities that can be in any form. In line with this, the role of a caregiver has been recognized further as the aging population increases. Why Choose Us for Dementia Care. According to studies, the risk of dementia increases as we age. Thus, the older you are, the more likely you are to be affected by dementia. Moreover, you can’t do anything about getting older because it is inevitable, but there’s something you can do about your health.

At , we make sure that our care team provides support and assistance to make daily living better for our clients with dementia. As a provider of home care in Overland Park, Kansas, we give our best to cater our services to each client’s needs. Our specialized care plan for clients with dementia considers the daily challenges faced by dementia patients. Making Lives Convenient for the Elderly.

The joys of aging come with the memories that mark the special experiences in a person’s life. Tips for Protecting Loved Ones with Dementia. At , we are of the firm belief that life must be enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone, regardless of their age or circumstances. In connection with this, we provide quality in-home care services so that we can help your relatives continue to live safely, happily, healthily, and independently at their chosen residences.

Keep Your Aging Parents or Grandparents Safe at Home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are one of the most common causes of injuries among seniors. In fact, one out of five fall accidents typically results in serious injuries, with approximately 3,000,000 older individuals receiving treatment each year in emergency departments for their fall-related injuries. As a provider of skilled nursing care in Kansas, we advise you to supervise your elderly loved ones’ safety and security even in the comfort of their own homes. Injuries can pose a hindrance to your elders when trying to get around. Tips for Senior Relatives’ Bathing and Personal Hygiene. Maintaining general hygiene and taking care of daily activities can become increasingly challenging as people age. As a result, they oftentimes require help in going through daily routines. In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of aged care includes bathing and personal hygiene, since the elderly normally feel embarrassed about having someone else take over in giving them a bath.

Getting the Best Care for Your Aging Parents. As an inevitable fact of life, growing older affects all families. Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels Even After Fifty. The Significance of a Full Care Team in Seniors’ Care. More often than not, issues associated with getting older are complex, confusing, and emotionally charged. Fantastic Benefits You Can Derive from Respite Care. How Can You Help Relieve Anxiety in Older Adults? A study published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry discovered that over twenty-seven percent of older adults experience anxiety symptoms that may not amount to a disorder, but which, nevertheless, would still significantly impact their functioning. Ground Rules for Handling Troubling Dementia Behavior. Soft Food Ideas for Seniors. For many seniors, a soft diet may become a requirement if they have had a stroke or a gastrointestinal tract, mouth, or jaw surgery.

And although a lot of people believe that soft foods are boring, the elderly do not necessarily have to sacrifice variety or flavor when it comes to their diet. Healthy Aging Tips for Your Elderly Loved Ones.