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DesignStein Studios, LLC

DesignStein Studios is a one stop product design firm, located in Orange County California, that works with inventors, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies on developing the next generation of products to hit store shelves. The company was established with the vision of assisting inventors and companies in navigating the complex path of product design with an emphasis on getting to licensing or production - the most cost effective way possible. Our goal is for you to make money off your invention. We have the industry experience and global contacts to take your idea through manufacturing so you can start to market and sell. We have brought hundreds of products from conception to consumer for more than 13 years. If manufacturing and selling the product on your own isn't the right fit we also have an accomplished history of acquiring, negotiating and implementing licensing contracts.

5 Topics to Discuss With an Industrial Design Company During Your Consultation. As a business owner, you may be interested in outsourcing your product development to an industrial design company.

5 Topics to Discuss With an Industrial Design Company During Your Consultation

There are many benefits to contracting this work to a team of successful, knowledgeable, and highly qualified designers, like increased product profitability and improved customer reviews. However, you’ll quickly find that there is no scarcity of industrial designers on the market. Although it may be challenging to sort through your potential collaborators, it’s likely that you’re only interested in onboarding a reputable team that will work with you efficiently.

To help with your search, we’ve curated a list of discussion topics to cover during your consultations with these companies to help you recognize when you’re speaking with distinguished and passionate industrial designers who are likely to match your needs versus a less credible company that may not be able to deliver effective results or maybe simply isn’t the correct fit for your vision and needs. 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Product Development to an Industrial Design Company is an Invaluable Investment. It can be challenging for a business owner to decide what investments to make in their company.

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Product Development to an Industrial Design Company is an Invaluable Investment

After all, these investments are meant to help strengthen your team, increase your profit, and grow your business overall, but what exactly is the best route to take? From hiring more workers, taking extra business classes, and increasing advertisement, there’s no shortage when it comes to potential investment options. Five Reasons Why a Product is Likely to Succeed- Tips From an Industrial Design Company. Launching a new product can be tricky.

Five Reasons Why a Product is Likely to Succeed- Tips From an Industrial Design Company

After all, there is virtually no guarantee of the degree of success it will encounter. This can be further exacerbated if your business has little to no knowledge of product development. Understanding Market Research And How an Industrial Design Company Can Assist With The Process. When it comes to industrial design, every stage is integral for creating a successful product.

Understanding Market Research And How an Industrial Design Company Can Assist With The Process

However, many business owners are quick to undervalue the importance of market research. In these cases, some may opt to not conduct proper research. In actuality, this is a grave error as market research can quite literally determine the performance of the product’s final design. Is your team putting enough effort into this essential step?

What You Should Know About Outsourcing to an Industrial Design Company. If you’re in the business of selling products, you have two options when it comes to product development- in-house or outsourcing to an industrial design company.

What You Should Know About Outsourcing to an Industrial Design Company

At face value, in-house development may be a compelling option. However, most in-house operations struggle to reach their full potential due to financial constraints, short deadlines, and a general lack of the proper skills and experience. At this point, outsourcing product development is one of the most effective ways for businesses to turn their preliminary sketches into working products. Outsourcing entails hiring a third party to manage all the processes involved with product development from beginning to end. It’s an invaluable service, as it gives CEOs the freedom to apply their skills towards running their business rather than concern themselves with overseeing in-house development. Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Product Development to an Industrial Design Company.

Running a business comes with plenty of hurdles to jump.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Product Development to an Industrial Design Company

In most cases, this includes navigating product design. Generally, businesses choose to take on this process on their own, learning to navigate the world of market research, prototyping, sketching, factory research, developing CAD files, and more. However, product design can get quite complex, which is especially significant considering it can entirely impact the success and quality of your merchandise.

Because of this, it’s worth considering outsourcing this responsibility to an industrial design company. Interested in learning more? 1) Gain access to an exclusive and knowledgeable network Industrial design companies are often composed of individuals with their own niche skills that you may not encounter elsewhere. 2) Dominate the market Market research is one of the beginning stages of product development. The Differences Between Prototyping and Modeling – DesignStein Studios, LLC.

Some customers of product design companies have a tough time understanding the differences between prototyping and modeling, and we completely understand why.

The Differences Between Prototyping and Modeling – DesignStein Studios, LLC

They sound like the exact same process, but the reality is, they are not. As a matter of fact, when product design companies do a web search on the ‘reasons for prototyping?’ , more than often, phrases such as ‘to validate your idea’ or ‘gather user feedback’ come up. How An Industrial Design Company Can Redesign Your Product To Help Lift Sales. There will come a day where you or your company could create an incredible product that spins heads and gets all the right attention.

How An Industrial Design Company Can Redesign Your Product To Help Lift Sales

You could even enjoy a major high in terms of the profits that you could make on the market, with investors getting in line for a piece of the action! But, what will you do when those profits seemingly dip? What will your solution be when it doesn’t work well in other parts of America or even other parts of the world, like Asia or Europe?

How Industrial Design Companies Can Help You Maintain Your Product Sales, Successive Momentum, And Creativity. Running a company is demanding, especially when you’re in the business of selling product.

How Industrial Design Companies Can Help You Maintain Your Product Sales, Successive Momentum, And Creativity

Even if you’ve achieved some form of success with a best-seller invention that the market loves, these sales are only half the story. In order to maintain this momentum and keep your business relevant, there are certainly many steps that must be taken. Luckily, an industrial design company can help assist with this. Their insider knowledge and distinct perspective on the market are invaluable assets that can help elevate your business. Learn How To Turn Your Idea Into A Product Design With The Help Of Product Design Companies – DesignStein Studios, LLC. As many professionals of product design services can tell you, converting an idea into a tangible product is not always a straightforward process.

Learn How To Turn Your Idea Into A Product Design With The Help Of Product Design Companies – DesignStein Studios, LLC

The reason being is that it takes patience, persistence, enthusiasm, and, above all else, the technical know-how to get to a flying start. Most honest product design companies will tell you that the beginning of a product design is a time-consuming process from the point you have the idea in hand until it becomes the actual product that can establish itself as a profitable business. Nevertheless, the essential actions to get to the end goal are simple to comprehend. Learn About Outsourcing Product Development At An Industrial Design Company. Any professional industrial design company will tell you that product design and development doesn’t just involve producing a new product from scratch. The design cycle has many critical steps: brainstorming, product prototyping, mass production, evaluation, marketing, and in due time commercialization strategies. Also, as many industrial design companies in California point out, not every new product is achieved from conception to the point of the mass production phase.

Sometimes small to medium-sized companies that come to industrial design services have operational limitations such as financing, equipment, and labor shortages. A lot of times, startups and product inventors encounter the same technical problems in the middle of the product development process. In contrast, micro-companies can’t take the chance of taking such a risk. In some instances, hiring staff and building an in-house product development team can dramatically increase the burn rate for a small company.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Local Industrial Design Company? When it comes to developing a product at an industrial design company that you could eventually (and hopefully) one day sell, it is not only an art but also a science. The art of product design for many industrial design companies in California involves creating a new product that a company wants to sell to its customers, and it is a process that has many steps, producing several repetitions of a concept or idea that are then refined into a final design. The long-term goal of this process is to make a product that combines form and function and turns the concept into a tangible item that can then be sold to the customer.

How Packaging Can Help Boost Your Concept Sales After Going Through Product Design Services – DesignStein Studios, LLC. When you get down to the nuts and bolts of it all, you could have the best product design services behind you, but if you don’t have the right packaging, how is your product going to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, the packaging is by no means the product itself, but it is a crucial part of the product when you look at it in terms of marketing and design perspective. When product design companies mention the packaging, they are referring to many different elements such as the materials, images, fonts, colors, and shape. An Industrial Design Company Explains When You Should Use Certain Prototype Methods.

It can be very overwhelming for many designers when and what prototype methods they should use. The professionals at an industrial design company tell us that there is a difference between FDM printing, Stereolithography printing, casting urethane parts, and CnCing parts. Many industrial design companies in California can tell you when you are early in your project you want a prototype that is rough and fast. For that reason, FDM printing is usually the first prototype method used. Normally, the machines that industrial design services have are low-tech, fast, and have affordable material. A Product Design Services Company Takes A Brief Look At The History Of Patents. The Difference Between 3D Rendering And 3D Visualization – DesignStein Studios, LLC. When you learn more about Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) from product design services companies, you will see two phrases that are usually used. These phrases are 3D visualization and 3D rendering, which may sound like the same thing but are actually very different.

What Is 3D Visualization? As product design companies explain to us, 3D visualization and 3D modeling are exactly the same. While the product manufacturing process is taking place, the most challenging part of the job is designing the product. How to Nurture Innovative Ideas at an Industrial Design Company. What is innovation? Some might say it’s the reason the world keeps spinning. Others might say that the idea has lost its meaning because of an enthusiastic over-use of the word.

From electronics to medical devices, innovation is certainly a buzzword that the media likes to repeat. Why an Industrial Design Company Must Preemptively Protect Rogue Users. DesignStein Studios, LLC: Product Design Services Describe the 8 Stages of Prototyping. How Brand Consistency Matters in Industrial Design. Brand consistency is a term that many people associate with marketing. Colors, images, fonts, tone, and terminology should be consistent within a certain company in order to establish brand identity.

This is true whether you’re talking about a brick-and-mortar store or a website. Why Industrial Designers Take the Design-for-Manufacturing Approach. How to Hire Product Design Services – DesignStein Studios, LLC. When hiring product design services, you want to ensure that the values and skills of these professionals align with the needs of your business. There’s no point in collaborating with a team that doesn’t understand your goals, fit your budget, or work well with your company culture. An Industrial Design Company Explains How to Serve Customers During the Pandemic. If you are a business surviving the coronavirus crisis, then you know how important it is to prioritize projects that will directly speak to the consumer.

How an Industrial Design Company Can Contribute to the Success of Medical Devices. In the wake of global uncertainty and economic decline, businesses are feeling the pressure to develop the very best products for a shifting market. Leverage Your Resources with Product Design and Development Services. Allow Your Products to Stand Out from Competitors with Good Industrial Design. Good industrial design opens up a world of possibilities for businesses. It turns good ideas into innovative products that are both competitive and marketable. DesignStein Studios, LLC: How an Industrial Design Company Facilitates Communication and Teamwork. Experts in Product Design Services Must Follow These Key Steps in Product Development – DesignStein Studios, LLC. Things to Consider in a Redesign Versus a New Product Design. How Industrial Design Contributes to a Successful Product Launch. Why Product Design Services Should Take a Human-Centric Approach to Design.

How an Industrial Design Company Can Enhance the Development of Medical Devices. How Product Design Can Help Create a More Sustainable Future. Innovations in Business Practices and Technology Impact Every Industrial Design Company. Consumer Trends Shaping Product Design Services in 2020. How COVID is Affecting Industrial Design Companies in their Projects and Workflow. Utilizing External Product Design Teams in Your Product Development Process. How External Industrial Design Teams Increase Company Throughput. How Important Is A Value Proposition? - Orange County Product Development Company. 5 Essential Tips Product Designers And Product Engineers Should Know. How Technology is Transforming Industrial Design Company Requirements.

Industrial Design Services Follow These 7 Steps To Achieving Successful Product Development

5 Product Design Companies’ Suggestions For Finding New Product Ideas. 3D CAD Modeling Significantly Impacts Product Design Services. Product Design Companies Design Products Like Better Me Boards™ To Help Kids Learn the Importance of Making Calm, Quality Decisions. Product Design Companies Can Help You Bring Your Parenting Idea Into Life.

How To Effectively Incorporate An AI Strategy Into Your Business. Major 2020 Trends Industrial Design Companies Should Know. Product Design Companies Incorporate AI In The Product Development Process To Provide A Better User Experience. An Industrial Design Company Involving A Designer In Business Strategy Always Wins.

Importance Of Market Research For Product Development

Product Design Companies Can Help You Validate Your Business Idea. The Importance Of Industrial Design In The Product Development Process. Product Design Companies Should Focus On Creating Non-distractive Designs. Hire One Of the Product Design Companies If You Are Not Technically- Minded. Many Industrial Design Services Like To Take An Anthropomorphic Approach To New Products. An Industrial Design Company Can Produce Products For Less With 3D Printing. Product Design Services Are Aiming For A More Customer-Centric Approach.

Product Design Companies Help You Think Of An Original And Successful Product Idea

Capture Thought: An Invention Turned Into Reality With The Help Of Designstein Studios. How Product Design Companies Can Help Inventors. Product Design Companies Pay Closer Attention to the Needs of Customer. How To Ensure a Unique Idea – A Starting Point to New Product Design. Hire a professional product design services or follow these simple steps to make sure the success of your new product. Read more here: #productdesignservices #DesignSteinStudios.