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DesignStein Studios, LLC

DesignStein Studios is a one stop product design firm, located in Orange County California, that works with inventors, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies on developing the next generation of products to hit store shelves. The company was established with the vision of assisting inventors and companies in navigating the complex path of product design with an emphasis on getting to licensing or production - the most cost effective way possible. Our goal is for you to make money off your invention. We have the industry experience and global contacts to take your idea through manufacturing so you can start to market and sell. We have brought hundreds of products from conception to consumer for more than 13 years. If manufacturing and selling the product on your own isn't the right fit we also have an accomplished history of acquiring, negotiating and implementing licensing contracts.

How to Hire Product Design Services – DesignStein Studios, LLC. When hiring product design services, you want to ensure that the values and skills of these professionals align with the needs of your business.

How to Hire Product Design Services – DesignStein Studios, LLC

There’s no point in collaborating with a team that doesn’t understand your goals, fit your budget, or work well with your company culture. So, if you’re looking to expedite your product development process, then how do you hire the right product design and development company? The answer lies in a little bit of self-searching, research, and intuition. Projects, even in their earliest stages, should be evaluated in terms of their scope.

Before you look for product design companies, it is a good idea to pinpoint some determining factors. Product design services, like any business, have a history. Diversity of projects (small scale and large scale)Diversity of clients (across different industries)Great communication (consistent and confident) Designing products for a competitive market is creative, but it is also strategic. An Industrial Design Company Explains How to Serve Customers During the Pandemic. If you are a business surviving the coronavirus crisis, then you know how important it is to prioritize projects that will directly speak to the consumer.

An Industrial Design Company Explains How to Serve Customers During the Pandemic

According to Designstein Studios, an industrial design company, the market has undergone a dramatic shift in the last year or so. With public health concerns on the rise, people are far more discerning when it comes to the products they buy. They are unwilling to spend more than they have to and will only invest in something expensive if it has a large range of benefits. The relationship between companies and consumers has changed along with market trends. Industrial design companies in California have observed a greater focus on loyalty, empathy, and altruism. If you are a business that is struggling to survive in the pandemic, then you might want to evaluate your current messaging and relationship to your target audience. How an Industrial Design Company Can Contribute to the Success of Medical Devices. In the wake of global uncertainty and economic decline, businesses are feeling the pressure to develop the very best products for a shifting market.

How an Industrial Design Company Can Contribute to the Success of Medical Devices

Outsourcing design to professionals like Designstein Studios, an industrial design company, has become common practice. Consumers are more discerning than ever, always ensuring that their money is being spent on quality products with a purpose. In addition to designing consumer products, industrial designers have entered into the current social climate through the design of medical devices. In order to successfully design and develop medical devices, there must be an in-depth understanding of user needs and healthcare guidelines.

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing the product, medical devices require a greater level of accuracy. Design work for the medical field requires a great deal of research, strategy, and evaluation. In the medical field, design work does not always have to tackle the most innovative technology to date. Leverage Your Resources with Product Design and Development Services. Product design services are the key to optimizing your time and money during product development.

Leverage Your Resources with Product Design and Development Services

The reason that so many companies will outsource this work is that it requires a certain level of expertise in order to work successfully. Knowing the process of product development is not the same as knowing how to do it well. There are nuances to design and development that can’t be understood until you try the methods yourself. Allow Your Products to Stand Out from Competitors with Good Industrial Design. Good industrial design opens up a world of possibilities for businesses.

Allow Your Products to Stand Out from Competitors with Good Industrial Design

It turns good ideas into innovative products that are both competitive and marketable. When you hire a quality industrial design company, you can accelerate the product development process and minimize risks along the way. Through extensive research and prototyping, industrial designers can help you discover your customers’ needs and wants in order to fulfill them to the utmost and expand your business. DesignStein Studios, LLC: How an Industrial Design Company Facilitates Communication and Teamwork. According to one industrial design company, getting a new product to successfully launch requires a team of experts in a variety of disciplines including development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, management, and marketing.

DesignStein Studios, LLC: How an Industrial Design Company Facilitates Communication and Teamwork

When there is a throughline of understanding and collaborative spirit, products have a better chance on the market. However, when there is miscommunication between team members, this can jeopardize the whole development process. Here is how industrial design companies in California promote communication and teamwork in order to facilitate the best product development experience for their clients: Setting Expectations Whenever there are multiple parties involved in product development, the level of expectations can become morphed and misguided.

Experts in Product Design Services Must Follow These Key Steps in Product Development – DesignStein Studios, LLC. Most product design services know that a successful product launch depends on many interconnected factors of development, not just the quality of the initial concept.

Experts in Product Design Services Must Follow These Key Steps in Product Development – DesignStein Studios, LLC

The alignment of market research, design, engineering, production, distribution, sales, and marketing is the best way to decrease risk and increase chance of success. Things to Consider in a Redesign Versus a New Product Design. How Industrial Design Contributes to a Successful Product Launch. Orchestrating a successful product launch is not as easy as it looks.

How Industrial Design Contributes to a Successful Product Launch

In fact, according to recent studies, ninety-five percent of launches are deemed unsuccessful. Why Product Design Services Should Take a Human-Centric Approach to Design. As technology continuously improves, product design services are provided with the opportunity to create more advanced products with intelligent features and interfaces.

Why Product Design Services Should Take a Human-Centric Approach to Design

However, this digital enhancement process is not always necessary to create a worthwhile, user-friendly product. Designers should remember that the main goal of product development is to create something that will solve a real human problem. People buy new products in the hopes that it will make their life easier or more enjoyable in some way. Impressive technological integration can be involved but is not the end all be all. How an Industrial Design Company Can Enhance the Development of Medical Devices. The development of necessary equipment for the medical field can be trusted with the innovative skills of an industrial design company.

How an Industrial Design Company Can Enhance the Development of Medical Devices

When manufacturers follow the baseline prototype of a medical device, they miss out on the creative problem-solving attitude that a designer can contribute. Traditional makers are not as concerned with the intricate details that affect a product’s usability. They are more concerned with the engineering side, whether or not it works according to its specified goals. Industrial designers can bridge the gap between the available technology in the medical field and the needs of health care providers, in order to create fully-optimized medical devices.

The invention of user-friendly equipment is specific to industrial design companies in California like Designstein Studios, who understand that designing products for the convenience of the consumer is just as important as successfully engineering the actual parts. How Product Design Can Help Create a More Sustainable Future. Within the last decade or two, there has been a noticeable shift in the market toward eco-conscious living. According to the experts of product design services, the result of this emerging concept has impacted the entire product development process. Now that people are more educated on carbon footprints and overpopulation, the demand for environmentally friendly goods has increased. Fortunately, product designers have already started to prove that they are up to the challenge. Innovation, change, and optimization are a natural part of the work that product design companies like Designstein Studios do; so, creating more eco-conscious products for a more sustainable future is actually quite within the wheelhouse of these experts.

However, the shift to make more sustainable designs still takes a great amount of focus and dedication. How much energy is required to collect the raw materials? Innovations in Business Practices and Technology Impact Every Industrial Design Company. In the past 50 years, industrial design as an industry has experienced some significant shifts in terms of technology and practice. According to Designstein Studios, an industrial design company, the only real constant in design is innovation. People are constantly finding new ways of creating, sharing, and optimizing. Now, the modern-day designer is more than just a sketch artist; they must understand the context around their design: how it will be made, packaged, marketed, distributed. They must be great communicators in order to coordinate product development cycles with engineers and managers.

They have to be open to learning and integrating new technology into their work. Consumer Trends Shaping Product Design Services in 2020. How COVID is Affecting Industrial Design Companies in their Projects and Workflow. Utilizing External Product Design Teams in Your Product Development Process. How External Industrial Design Teams Increase Company Throughput. How Important Is A Value Proposition? - Orange County Product Development Company. 5 Essential Tips Product Designers And Product Engineers Should Know.

How Technology is Transforming Industrial Design Company Requirements.

Industrial Design Services Follow These 7 Steps To Achieving Successful Product Development

5 Product Design Companies’ Suggestions For Finding New Product Ideas. 3D CAD Modeling Significantly Impacts Product Design Services. Product Design Companies Design Products Like Better Me Boards™ To Help Kids Learn the Importance of Making Calm, Quality Decisions. Product Design Companies Can Help You Bring Your Parenting Idea Into Life. How To Effectively Incorporate An AI Strategy Into Your Business. Major 2020 Trends Industrial Design Companies Should Know. Product Design Companies Incorporate AI In The Product Development Process To Provide A Better User Experience.

An Industrial Design Company Involving A Designer In Business Strategy Always Wins.

Importance Of Market Research For Product Development

Product Design Companies Can Help You Validate Your Business Idea. The Importance Of Industrial Design In The Product Development Process. Product Design Companies Should Focus On Creating Non-distractive Designs. Hire One Of the Product Design Companies If You Are Not Technically- Minded. Many Industrial Design Services Like To Take An Anthropomorphic Approach To New Products. An Industrial Design Company Can Produce Products For Less With 3D Printing. Product Design Services Are Aiming For A More Customer-Centric Approach.

Product Design Companies Help You Think Of An Original And Successful Product Idea

Capture Thought: An Invention Turned Into Reality With The Help Of Designstein Studios. How Product Design Companies Can Help Inventors. Product Design Companies Pay Closer Attention to the Needs of Customer. Product design is like art, as vision and creativity are at the core of product design companies. They come together to produce something really bold, attractive, and new.

A product designer, however, has challenges that are different than the artist. He has to create something new while keeping the actual user in mind and at the same time be relevant and useful to his needs. Product designing is a very challenging process. Product design companies consider the needs of the people and pay closer attention to find the relevant solution.

How To Ensure a Unique Idea – A Starting Point to New Product Design

Hire a professional product design services or follow these simple steps to make sure the success of your new product. Read more here: #productdesignservices #DesignSteinStudios.