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Photographer and podcaster Sreenag partners with Design Dekko. How is the WFH trend changing home furniture and design trends? The year 2020 has been a year full of disruptive trends that has transformed the way we live and work, in multiple ways!

How is the WFH trend changing home furniture and design trends?

From shopping, socialising, learning, and working digitally to surviving indoors for months, the pandemic, and the lockdown have made us rearrange and realign our lives, our priorities, and our homes, which became an important refuge and a place of sanctity from the virus! And among the most subtle but significant changes that are driving the new normal is the ‘work from home’ trend, with the previously personal space being transformed, albeit partially, into work corners that comes with invisible boundaries and strict protocols!

Also Read: Easy Guide To Choose A Color Palette For Your Space Even as millions across the country get used to the ‘work from home’ trend, the need for a more comfortable and functional ‘work from home’ furniture is growing in demand. Listed here are a few COVID induced WFH trends that are shaping the Indian home design and furniture sector: How to Create a Perfect Reading Corner at Home. In this digital age, physical books are still loved by many.

How to Create a Perfect Reading Corner at Home

The smell of old books, the collection of favourite novels, the rustling pages of dog-eared paperbacks and manuscripts are not only a treat for every bibliophile, they also take you places. Books don’t just offer knowledge but are also a great source of happiness. When you want to get away from the humdrum of the daily hustle of work from home, books are a great ally. They give you the ability to see things in a different perspective. A cosy, snug sitting area and a quaint little library with your favourite authors on the shelf, can give you the perfect setting for a literary retreat. An Essential Book Case in the Living Room Having a book shelf like the Accord Book Case (INR 21,180 from Script by Godrej & Boyce) in your living room gives an eclectic touch to your place.

A Library Set-up in your Drawing Area Contrary to popular belief, the average person reads more than they did two decades ago. Design Dekko Musings Event 2020. Decorating home with Fresh flowers. Have you ever gazed at beautiful floral arrangements at hotels and restaurants and wished to have one at home.

Decorating home with Fresh flowers

There's something special about fresh flowers how beautifully they spruce up the space. In fact easiest cheapest way to add zing and colour to home. Whether bunches on dining table or romantic roses in bedroom corner they simply add beauty and freshness. One can buy fresh flowers but who needs expensive ones when so much variety and beauty is available in our surroundings. Yes local flowers have their own charm. Buying flowers on special occasions makes sense but daily it can be a costly affair. Another important item in floral arrangement is vase. So get set go, a bunch of fresh flowers, some leaves, a household item, little imagination and see the magic. Sharing some simple styling ideas of my floralfix experiments also few with traditional twist. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Few tips to keep Flowers fresh for longer times Flower arrangement is all about imagination.

10 reasons to use greenery in decor. If you have noticed , more often I use big branches of leaves in my styling instead of flowers.

10 reasons to use greenery in decor

Mainly because, I enjoy the wild, yet simple no fuzz look greenery brings to the space. Also, why settle for the usual when you can create something unique for your everyday décor. And by greenery here, I mean cut branches from trees & plants and not actual plants. In this post, I will give you not 1 but 10 reasons why you should use greenery in décor! Green is the symbol of growth & prosperity. Also Read: How to Create a Perfect Reading Corner at Home. Architecture, Interior and Design Community.