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Cotton coil- polyester coil. Pharmaceutical Coils SORBEAD INDIA is an official dealer and supplier of Pharmaceutical Coils of CAROLINA, which are used for packaging tablets.

Cotton coil- polyester coil

These Coils confirm stability of the pharmaceutical products while shipping and storage. These Pharmaceutical Coils can be available in various sizes at affordable prices. Pharmaceutical coil is felt mostly during stability in shipping and storing of ethical and generic pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and food products. Coils have a special features like safe, risk free, easy to use and space filler.

Sorbead India is Carolina’s authorized distributors of “Carolina Adsorbents”, for cotton, polyester and rayon coils: Man-made fiber (cellulose)Uniform fiber lengthCuts or tears easilyMoisture content is 11%Biodegradable Natural fiberCuts easilyMoisture content is 8.0%Generates a dry atmosphere inside the bottleBiodegradable Features of POLYESTER Coil: Author Rating Aggregate Rating 3.5 based on 3 votes Brand Name Sorbead India Product Name.

Molecular Sieves Desiccant Packets Supplier. Molecular Sieve Packets Among various other desiccants, molecular sieves are considered as the most effective option to remove the water or humidity from liquids and gases.

Molecular Sieves Desiccant Packets Supplier

Molecular sieve desiccants give more pure and powerful outcome than the silica gel and alumina desiccants. They are generally small and uniform pores that help in making these molecules an ideal adsorbent. When any gas or liquid passes through these sieves, the molecules in smaller size get adsorbed on the surface of this desiccant while the larger molecules get easily passed through. Water molecules get caught in the pores and allow clean liquid or gas to pass through. Desiccant Activated Carbon Packets Supplier.

Activated Carbon Packets Activated carbon packets also perform the same task like other desiccants.

Desiccant Activated Carbon Packets Supplier

They are used to control the moisture and humidity as well as to prevent mold, mildew and other damage with the help of effective moisture absorbing capacity. Not only moisture, they are also useful in removing unstable and odor particles. The ability to separate the gases and liquids due to the immense surface area, the activated carbon are considered as an excellent adsorbent to obtain highly effective adsorbing result.

The packets containing activated carbon are made with Tyvek & composite paper, cotton and polyester cloth material. The amount or percentage of adsorption completely depends on the material being adsorbed. Clay Desiccants in packets. Clay Desiccant Packets Clay desiccants are highly environmental-friendly adsorbing product which is manufactured by natural occurring minerals.

Clay Desiccants in packets

As compared to other desiccants, clay has relatively more adsorption capacity for moisture, humidity or gas within the normal temperature and at the range of humidity levels. The packets containing clay desiccants are widely effective to protect the packaging products or goods from any kind of damage occur due to moisture or humidity. The clay desiccant packets are non-dusting, non-corrosive, non-leaking and non-toxic, thus give highly effective results for moisture control. They generally create protective shield that adsorbs the moisture within any enclosed storage area. These packets are made with Tyvek material and meet all FDA specifications.

Clay desiccant can be easily regenerated at low temperature and becomes ready to reuse them for similar or other applications. Manufacturer of Orange Indicating Silica Gel Packets & Bags. Orange Indicating Silica Gel Packets Orange silica gel is more preferred as compared to blue silica gel.

Manufacturer of Orange Indicating Silica Gel Packets & Bags

This silica gel contains an organic substance as the indicating agent with the ability to remove moisture from the products. Its orange color changes to green when it gets saturated. It is highly environmental safe desiccant as this product does not have any kind of foreign impurities such as chlorides, sulphates and other types of organic matters. Manufacturer of blue Indicating Silica Gel Packets. Blue Indicating Silica Gel Packets Silica gel is a granular form of sodium silicate which has the strong ability to adsorb water vapor molecules.

Manufacturer of blue Indicating Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel packets offer a cost-effective way to protect the products against moisture damage during the transportation and storage.Blue indicating silica gel packets contain semi-transparent substance known as cobalt. They are available in beads or in crystal structure which are used as an indicator for moisture absorption in various industrial applications. The beads or crystals turn into dark blue color when silica gel releases the moisture, whereas light blue color indicates that the beads or crystals have adsorbed the moisture. The pink color beads or crystals mean that the silica gel needs to be regenerated or restored. Silica Gel Packets. Silica Gel Packets Silica gel packets are commonly used to control the moisture and humidity, and to adsorb HC1, CO2, C12 or aromatic.

Silica Gel Packets

Desiccant Packets. Desiccant Packets The wide range of desiccant packets is used to control and adsorb the moisture, humidity and gas from the packed products in order to prolong their life.

Desiccant Packets

These packets are highly effective for adsorbing not only moisture, but also get great results in making the packaging odor-free by adsorbing the smell that may arise in the packed products or containers. It is considered as the cost-effective way to keep your products protected and preserved from any damage due to moisture, mold, mildew, humidity etc. The line of such packets includes silica get packets, molecular sieve packets, activated carbon packets and clay desiccant packets. They are used depending on their structure, weight, adsorption capacity, type of product packaging and several other factors. These packets can be used in different industries such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, electronics, food, clothing, diagnostic kits, etc. Activated Carbon Desiccant. Activated Carbon Desiccant Like other desiccant, activated carbon is also used to remove the moisture from a wide range of industrial and commercial products.

Activated Carbon Desiccant

But, it gives highly effective results in removing the odor particles from the product packaging and large shipping containers. They have extremely large surface area as compared to other desiccant; therefore they act as an excellent adsorbent. This desiccant is commonly used in number of applications where products packaging may give smell when they are opened. Pharmaceutical desiccants. Clay Desiccant Among different types of desiccants such as silica gel, activated carbon and molecular sieve, clay is counted in the list of effective and economical desiccant option available for a variety of applications.

Pharmaceutical desiccants

Pharmaceutical desiccants. Cargo Dry Pak Cargo dry pak is highly effective in protecting the cargo from the damage due to condensation and moisture. This desiccant is specially formulated to decrease the dew point inside the shipping and other storage containers. They are generally the non-toxic desiccant bags which are filled with bentonite clay and calcined clay. If preventive measures are not taken, it is very obvious that products stored and transported in the containers may get spoiled due to formation of mold, mildew, rust or odor. Food Container Desiccants Bags. Food & Container Desiccants Container desiccant is considered as the most effective and safe way to keep your products away from damage that may arise from humidity & moisture attacks. The risk of damage increases when the products or goods are exported to another location through sea expedition.

The container with desiccant packets filled with clay is helpful in giving 100% protection to the products during the shipment or long journey transportation. Clay is an adsorbent which is activated by CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride) and offers excellent moisture absorbing performance. The clay desiccants are specially designed and formulated for giving highly effective outcome of the adsorption process in shipping containers or in large storage space. USFDA Approved Unit paks Supplier. Silica Gel Unit Pak Silica gel is a hard and transparent material with the ability to adsorb the moisture up to 75Å Fahrenheit temperature and above 40% relative humidity level. Unit pak refers to the bulk quantity of different types of desiccant packets or bags that has the tendency to adsorb the definite level of moisture and humidity from the packaging environment.

You can call them as the largest case of pillow pak. One unit pak is approximately equal to one ounce. Silica Gel Desiccant Packets. Silica Gel Pillow Pak Silica gel pillow pak is made of Tyvek paper, cotton, polyester and non-woven cloth. They are approved by USFDA standard and are DMF free, non-toxic and moisture free packets. Desiccant Canisters for Pharmaceutical Industries. Desiccant Canister With the help of desiccant canisters the originality and freshness of the product can be easily restrained. It is very safe to use as it is absolutely nontoxic but highly effective, so it can be used in closed contact with pharmaceuticals medicines and tablets.

So, it can be easily used for various products to give the product a longer life. Supplier of Humidity Indicating Cards. Humidity Indicating Cards What to do if you want to view the level of humidity present in your product packaging? Humidity indicating cards is available to find out the humidity conditions for a variety of barrier packaging.

They are generally kept inside dry vacuum packed blockade bags that help you to check the inside humidity. Desiccant Tablets for Blister Packaging. Supplier of Desiccant Unit Paks. Desiccant Pillow Packs Exporters. Desiccant Pillow Packs Exporters. Pharmaceutical Desiccants Packets and Bags Available.