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Notifications. Notifications can be used to keep users apprised of new cases in their Inbox and notify them at specified times while running cases.


In ProcessMaker, all notifications are sent to users via email, which is why it is important to enter a valid email address for each user and properly configure ProcessMaker to connect to an email server so notifications can be sent out. There are three types of notifications: Task Notifications, which are sent when a user is designated to work on a task in a case. Message Events, which are sent at specified timings based upon when tasks (or groups of tasks) begin in a case. Dtc/10-06-02 (BPMN 2.0 examples non-normative document) BPMN Information Home. Worx International Inc. Mail. Hello, it's sometime hard to include multiple attachment, or to include pictures inside body.


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Public static function sendMail($to, $subject, $content, $path = '', $cc = '', $bcc = '', $_headers = false) { ProcessMaker Architecture Diagrams. Architecture The architecture diagram below shows the relationship between the major components of the ProcessMaker Server and its interfaces with the outside world.

ProcessMaker Architecture Diagrams

ProcessMaker contains two main components - a design environment and a run-time engine. The design environment includes tools to map processes, define business rules, create dynamic forms, and add input and output documents. The run-time engine allows for cases to be started and run through the process. This engine turns the process map design into a fully-functioning application.

Email - Settings. ProcessMaker can be configured to send out email to keep its users apprised of new cases in their Inbox and notify them at specified times while running cases.

Email - Settings

This page explains the settings to configure ProcessMaker to use an email server. To automatically email a user when assigned to a case, see the Notification tab under Task Properties. To email users at particular times during the course of a case, create a Send Message Event. For greater flexibility, create a conditional notification with the PMFSendMessage() function in a trigger. Email Configuration To allow ProcessMaker to send out email notifications, login to ProcessMaker with a user, such as the "admin" user, who has the PM_SETUP permission in his/her role. Then, go to ADMIN > Email Settings and check the Enable Email Notifications option. First, define which email engine is used by ProcessMaker: Email Engine: Select the email engine which will be used to send out emails: 1. 2. Select this option to use PHP's mail() function. Date_default_timezone_set. America. Default Time Zone. In ProcessMaker 1.X, the default time zone for the ProcessMaker server is set in the defines.php file.

Default Time Zone

If using ProcessMaker version 2.0 see these instructions. Setting the Default Time Zone in define.php To set the default time zone for the ProcessMaker server, open the file <INSTALL-DIRECTORY>/workflow/engine/config/define.php with your preferred plain text editor. Search for line 39 that defines the TIME_ZONE constant: define('TIME_ZONE', 'America/La_Paz');