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Paris scene

Contemporary art. ARTISTES - ART Contemporain. Katarina Zdjelar. Playtime - Nina Beier & Marie Lund : The history of visionaries. Du lundi 8 au dimanche 28 à différents momentsPerformance, Courtesy les artistes, Laura Bartlett et Croy Nielsen Courtoisie des artistes Un jeune marxiste récemment convaincu est payé un salaire pour être présent à différents moments et discuter ses convictions avec ceux qui l'approchent.

playtime - Nina Beier & Marie Lund : The history of visionaries

A son arrivée, il accrochera sa veste dans l'exposition et sera identifié par le pantalon de son costume. Pour les artistes, les pertinentes convictions visionnaires se réfèrent à un passé idéalisé, tout en rendant visible et audible la possibilité d'un temps à venir. Le travail de Nina Beier et Marie Lund prend source dans une fascination pour les dynamiques de groupe et les relations entre les gens, qu'elles soient maladroites, ferventes, polies ou tendres.

Nina Beier et Marie Lund vivent à Londres et ont toutes deux étudié au Royal College of Art. Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois - Virginie YASSEF. Seth Price. ELI CORTIÑAS - Galerie Michael Wiesehöfer. Karla Black. Born in 1972, Alexandria, Scotland Lives and works in Glasgow 2002-2004Masters Degree in Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art 1999-2000Master of Philosophy (Art in Organisational Contexts), Glasgow School of Art 1995-1999BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sculpture, Glasgow School of Art 2010 Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Nürnberg (June) 2009 Migros Museum, Zurich Mary Mary, Glasgow Modern Art Oxford, Oxford (Sept) Karla Black: Sculptures with paintings by Bet Low (1924-2007), Inverleith House, Edinburgh (Nov) 2008 West London Projects, London Catch This: New Works from the Arts Council Collection, Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne 2007 IBID Projects, London 2006 Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin Mary Mary, Glasgow Outpost, Norwich Have Him Be Her, Broadway 1602, New York 2004 Mary Mary, Glasgow 2002 Robert, Glasgow Project Room.

Karla Black

Alice Channer. Alice Channer Focus Pleated fabrics, dresses and made-to-measure sculptures; cigarettes, tailoring and shop windows The most influential example of the pleat in mid-20th-century couture was undoubtedly Christian Dior’s silk ‘Bar’ suit.

Alice Channer

Launched in 1947 as part of the designer’s début collection – promptly dubbed the ‘New Look’ by Harper’s Bazaar editor Carmel Snow – it marked a shift from postwar austerity to opulent femininity. In 2007, Alice Channer titled her series of room-height works ‘New Look’: elegant and poised, a length of pleated fabric – about a hand-span wide – curves down from the ceiling and trails neatly along the floor. Many of Channer’s sculptures and works on paper relate to the wearing and display of clothing or personal adornment. While Channer’s work is full of care for the limits of the exhibition space – tailored to its walls, or cut to fit its ceiling – it also points beyond it, to the events and openings that surround the exhibition.

Charlie Jeffery under construction. Ateliers des arques residence artistes. Index neu. Home. Isa Genzken. Matthew Day Jackson. Born in 1974, Panorama City Lives and works in Brooklyn 2012In Search Of..., Gemeente Museum Den Haag, The Hague 2011Heel Gezellig, GRIMM Gallery, Amsterdam Everything Leads to Another, Hauser and Wirth, London In Search Of..., MAMBO, Bologna, Italy In Seach Of....

Matthew Day Jackson

,Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland 2010In Search Of..., Peter Blum Chelsea, New York The Tomb, Peter Blum Soho, New York. David Zwirner: Neo Rauch.