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Univ. of Victoria - Education Elem. (Pre-service) : I embark on my Educational journey here with you, my PLN. I look forward to learning with you!

Textured Cities in Grade Two. Get ready for an exciting lesson you can try with your students the next time you talk about texture.

Textured Cities in Grade Two

Give your students a piece of paper and tell them to choose two different colored crayons. Use old crayons that have no wrappers on them. After asking your students what the word ‘texture‘ might mean, ask them how can we ‘see‘ texture. Kids will come up with all sorts of ideas but you basically want them to say that you can see texture by rubbing it onto paper with pencils or crayons. Go outside for a texture hunt and remind kids to rub their crayons in a ‘sleeping‘ position and encourage them to try two colors.

Back in the classroom, give out different colored 9×12 construction paper and hand out texture plates and sheets which have a wide range of textures on it and the kids love them. Next, everyone gets a piece of white 12×18 paper and they draw a road or two with maybe a round-a-bout which was popular here because we have so many of them in Bahrain! Like this: Like Loading... Reflection and reflexivity: linking these skills to classroom practice. Educational Hash Tags and Live Channels. What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind? Open Thinking Wiki. A definition and framework for media literacy comes from Wikipedia.

Open Thinking Wiki

"Media literacy is the process of accessing, analyzing, evaluating and creating messages in a wide variety of forms. It uses an inquiry-based instructional model that encourages people to ask questions about what they watch, see and read. Media literacy education is one means of developing media literacy. It provides tools to help people critically analyze messages to detect propaganda, censorship, and bias in news and public affairs programming (and the reasons for such), and to understand how structural features -- such as media ownership, or its funding model[1] -- affect the information presented. Media literacy aims to enable people to be skillful creators and producers of media messages, both to facilitate an understanding as to the strengths and limitations of each medium, as well as to create independent media.

Professional and Scholarly Organizations Integrating Media Literacy into K-12 Education. Making The Right Digital Decisions. Recently, my district began a huge initiative to combat bullying/cyberbullying and to help students become more aware of the choices they make both in their face-to-face lives and their digital decisions as well.

Making The Right Digital Decisions

There is no one right way or right answer that will stop the problems. However, I do believe that the classroom and our schools are the places where tough conversations need to be had. I have been collecting several resources and I want to share. By no means is this all the stuff that is out there. And some of it may work or may not. To start, I want to share this powerful video that was recently shared with me. So besides the interactive nature of the video (which is pretty neat) there are some tough issues here and no doubt these are some of the digital decisions our kids are making each and every day. How can teachers and schools help? There are lots of curricula out there to use in the classroom.You can do a quick search and find lots of free (and paid) stuff. The 12 most confusing things about Tweets, Retweets, Replies and Direct Messages. Want a short URL to remember to share this specific post with new folks?

The 12 most confusing things about Tweets, Retweets, Replies and Direct Messages

Just tell them to visit Because different interfaces create and display Twitter messages in different ways, depending on your interface, you may have an entirely different idea of what a retweet is than someone else does. And also because tweets that look similar can act in different ways, people take a long time to learn how messages on Twitter work. Here are the twelve things that confuse people the most about tweets, retweets, replies and direct messages. ► 1. These are known as “@messages,” and are pronounced “at messages.” Some people call this Twitter preventing you from eavesdropping. @Girlfriend Dinner tonight? None of @Boyfriend’s follower’s will see it unless they also follow you. @TweetSmarter is very helpful—if you’re looking for help, contact them. None of your followers will see this tweet unless they already follow @TweetSmarter! . Here’s how native retweets work: ► 2. . ► 3. . ► 4. Top 15 Twitter Acronyms. Most of the acronyms you’ll find on Twitter are borrowed directly from decades of net culture, developed as easy Internet shorthand on electronic bulletin boards (BBSes), IRC, IM, and email.

Top 15 Twitter Acronyms

Twitter’s integration with SMS naturally means that texting lingo is inherently part of the argot. Twitter, like each online platforms before it, quickly evolved its own lingo. The 140 character limit necessarily forces concision. Unfortunately, that shortening can also hide meaning, especially if you’re at all new to Twitter. Below are the acronyms that I’ve encountered most frequently on Twitter over the years, along with appropriately short explanations. RT = Retweet. OH = Overheard. DM = Direct Message. SAGE Advice for New Teachers - Global Learning. UserID: iCustID: IsLogged: false IsSiteLicense: false UserType: anonymous DisplayName: TrialsLeft: 0 Trials: Tier Preview Log: Exception pages ( /edweek/global_learning/2012/01/sage_advice_for_new_teachers.html ) = NO Internal request ( ) = NO Open House ( 2014-04-13 19:12:02 ) = NO Site Licence : ( ) = NO ACL Free A vs U ( 2100 vs 0 ) = NO Token Free (NO TOKEN FOUND) = NO Blog authoring preview = NO Search Robot ( Firefox ) = NO Purchased ( 0 ) = NO Monthly ( 218994b8-a796-70c6-32b4-3212ec66140b : 3 / 3 ) = NO 0: /tm/articles/2012/08/28/tln_repass.html 1: /tm/articles/2012/08/22/tln_ely_socratic.html 2: /teachers/classroom_qa_with_larry_ferlazzo/2012/09/response_teaching_science_by_thinking_big_and_being_audacious.html Can add to monthly ( /edweek/global_learning/2012/01/sage_advice_for_new_teachers.html ) = NO Access denied ( -1 ) = NO Internal request ( ) = NO Site Licence : ( ) = NO Search Robot ( EPE Bot ) = YES Access granted ( 5 ) = YES.

SAGE Advice for New Teachers - Global Learning

Teachers take to Twitter to improve craft and commiserate. After her first year teaching history in a public high school in the District, Jamie Josephson was exhausted and plagued by self-doubt.

Teachers take to Twitter to improve craft and commiserate

Teaching had been more grueling than she ever expected. Law school began to sound appealing. Then she stumbled onto Twitter. In the vast social network on the Web, she discovered a community of mentors offering inspiration, commiseration and classroom-tested lesson plans. “Twitter essentially prepared me to go into my second year and not give up,” said Josephson, now in her third year at Woodrow Wilson High in Northwest Washington. Josephson (known to fellow tweeters by her handle, @dontworryteach) is one of a small but growing number of teachers who are delving into the world of hashtags and retweets, using Twitter to improve their craft by reaching beyond the boundaries of their schools to connect with colleagues across the country and around the world.

Images show excerpts from Twitter discussions among teachers who share tips and other information. The Landscape: My Top 25 Free Math Resources for Education. The President understands that math teachers have a unique role to play in the future of education.

The Landscape: My Top 25 Free Math Resources for Education

To be a well-informed citizen and a participant in the knowledge economy, Americans must be mathematically literate. We need to be able to do basic computation and solve complex problems. We must understand the magic of compound interest and how it affects our personal financial decisions. We should be able to use the logic of Algebra and the spatial reasoning of Geometry to understand and solve real-life problems. These mathematical practices equip learners with the ability to solve complex problems and think critically about issues unrelated to mathematical concepts.

If we want our students to become productive, contributing citizens of the United States, then we need to change the way that we are currently teaching math in our schools! To help with this problem, I am sharing my Top 25 Free Math Resources For Education that allow for student inquiry, exploration, and application. New Teacher Academy: Classroom Management. Welcome to Edutopia's New Teacher Academy!

New Teacher Academy: Classroom Management

I'm so happy to be here sharing my passion to support and mentor new teachers. I hope that you will join us for all five key topics that we'll cover in this series, because that's our mission: offering resources to new teachers. To collaborate in more detail on these and other topics, I invite you to join my weekly New Teacher chat on Twitter, and also to visit my blog Teaching with Soul. Please view this introductory video as I share a little more about our five-part blog series. Justin Stortz teaches fourth-graders to read and write better in McKinney, Texas. Classroom management was the last thing on my mind as I graduated college. Here's what I've learned so far: 1) Realize You Need a Plan Don't hold it all in your head. Get your class involved, too. I use Evernote to help me collect school plans, notes and lesson ideas. 2) Throw It in the Dumpster Set the classroom expectations and test drive them for a bit. 3) Be Consistent 4) Laugh... a Lot.

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