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Foreclosure Options for Homeowners

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Contact house4money and learn about various Foreclosure Options for Homeowners. We have all the options that are available to people going through the different stages of the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure Options for Homeowners. What are your Options after you have been Foreclosed on by your Lender? What are the different stages of the Pre-Foreclosure Process? The Foreclosure process can be scary and a lot to handle for any homeowner going through this event. Here in orange county and the Greater New York areas the process is long and can leave a homeowner shocked and confused.

The foreclosure process can take up to 4 years in NY. A lot of people going through foreclosure bury their heads in the sand until the bank actually sells their house and are unprepared when the eviction actually happened. Here at we want to help by explaining the process to homeowners and by providing different resources that owners may not be aware is available to them. Such as Loan Modification,Reinstating your mortgage,Refinancing,Bankruptcy,Selling your house 4 money fast,Short sale, etc. 1: Loan Forbearance or Modification – A strategy worth pursuing is called a loan forbearance. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!