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Copyright Free. Sports Nutrition. "Recyclable" Gardens. Development. Biographies. Technology sites & guides. Encryption - Decryption. All Music World Music. Drawing. Space. Apple. BitTorrent sites. Royalty Free Music. Coursera,mooc. 30 Best Websites to Learn Design and Development. Some of the benefits of online education are really focused on money, personal time management, pace and real fun projects and active communities. Recently I have published an interview with Matt Loszak who learnt iOS development himself and quit his day job to pursue entrepreneurial success. Affordability While most of the courses, studies and special workshops cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars online education is the way to get demandable knowledge and skills and start working for any tech company or starting your own service-based business or creating products yourself.

Immersive communities Learning with community is much more fun and efficient. It is like sitting in a class and having classmates helping you. Learn at your own pace You have a family, full time job and not much spare time. Build something real While learning you shouldn’t learn just for the sake of learning, try to solve problem and your learning project might evolve into a business. Lets get started! Lynda. Noam Chomsky. Movies/TV. Job Search. Series & Movies. Exoplanets. Interesting Search Engines. The Venus Project. Music Generators. ICT and Music. Audio Network - Quality Production Music for TV, Film, Video & Advertising.

Audio Network - Quality Production Music for TV, Film, Video & Advertising. 17 of the coolest hidden Google tricks. Google is awesome. Yes, there have been questions raised about its new privacy policy and creepy Safari tracking and frankly, it just knows way too much about everyone who has ever created a Google account. But let’s put that aside for a moment and focus on all its cool quirks, shall we? They’re built into practically every Google product — if you look hard enough, you’ll find that entering the right search term or typing a code can make Google collapse, spin or create fictional characters. Here are 15 easter eggs (hidden, entertaining things developers build into a website or program) for you to discover the next time you’re Googling. 1.

If you’ve ever watched The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (or just seen various versions of the meme) you may never stop laughing at this Google Maps quirk (or maybe it’s just me). 2. Endlessly entertaining, this one trended worldwide on Twitter in November. What is 42, you ask? 4. 5. 6. So “GoogleDaq ylnej” means “Google search”. 7. 8. Tracking the Internet of Things. Kepler-22b. Materials. Qigong Summary. Crafy Secrets. Computer & Tech. Tech. Private Networks. Stealth Browsers.

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