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Straßenversion. Guide.jpg (Image JPEG, 614x874 pixels) Poeticsofspeed. IEDEI. Bridge To Gantry: Nurburgring laptimes, blog, news, videos and forum.  The finest modern classic and vintage German cars for sale in North America like the BMW e30 M3, Mercedes 2.3-16, Porsche R Gruppe, Alpina, Hartge, AMG, Carlson, Audi S4. Asphalt Heritage Club. Classifieds. NUMERO 13. Lifestyle: If it's proper, it's on Build Threads. Musings about cars, design, history and culture - Automobiliac. PS AutoArt : Paul Stephens. Porsche Service and Repair. Used Cars Sacramento. BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale (vehicles only) 101 Projects Website. Pelican - Parts, Accessories and Technical Information for all BMWs. BMW M Registry - Model Lists. Porsche 911 Buyers Guide Learn how to Inspect a Porsche 911.

Road Inc. Axis Of Oversteer. Enthusiast Auto Group. Konzept:Euro Corporation. Zen Garage. Cars Move Us. Porsche 964 C2. Axis Of Oversteer. Motoring con BRIO. Guest contributor: Dave Tenbroek on his Audi RS2 Avant « . . . The Audi RS2 Avant, a joint collaboration between Porsche and Audi in the early ’90s as well as Audi’s first “RS” car, is a rare beast, with only 2891 examples built from 1994 to 1995.

Guest contributor: Dave Tenbroek on his Audi RS2 Avant « . . .

To own one in Canada, where they were never sold*, is to be in a club of exactly four. Meet Dave Tenbroek, member number one of that club. *Nor were they sold in the US. MCB: How did you first learn about the Audi RS2? DT: My journey started way back in high school, when my girlfriend’s brother had a 1977 VW Scirocco S. My interest in rally racing and the VW/Audi brand brought me one step closer to the RS2 when one of our national professional rally teams brought over a 1993 Audi S2 from Europe to race in the Canadian Rally Championship. MCB: How did you decide to import one into Canada? DT: It was a gradual process. After about 6 months of searching I found a suitable candidate in Washington state. Example of an ‘RS2′d’ Coupe Quattro Then the light bulb came on. Auto Guides. Volkswagen Group's MQB Platform Explained Last year, Volkswagen Group sold close to 10 million vehicles, their most successful year ever.

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And yet according the officials, this is only the tip of what they can do, as platform modularity will drive sales and profits even higher under a plan which they believe will help secure the No.1 position in the industry.... How To Get More Power Out of a 2JZ-GTE Stock Supra Engine - BPU So, you got your first Mark4 Toyota Supra fitted with the bi-turbo 2JZ-GTE engine and plan to make it your cool daily driver. But what if you’re not satisfied with the 280 hp stock output? What to Eat to Become a Better Driver "They say that you are what you eat, which if true would mean that racing drivers are cannibals. " - an idiot. How to Increase Your Plug-In Hybrid Range In the Future – The Mad Max Way 2014 Formula 1 Rules and Regulations Explained How to Choose the Perfect Compact Family Hatchback Automotive Snow Socks – How to Escape Winter's Grip. Collector Cars For Sale. Investment Quality Automobiles Canepa presents a truly thrilling scope of road vehicles.

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Prominent among these are an array of new European and American - sportscars, SUV's, luxury sedans, sport motorcycles and cruisers - all having received Canepa's dramatic-but-classic styling treatment and fully-integrated performance upgrades. In addition to these exciting new customized vehicles, the Canepa Collection also includes select, new exotic vehicles from both the US and Europe.

Many of these cars are destined to become future classics. The excitement offered the Canepa visitor continues with its fantastic array of collector and vintage racing cars. Canepa's commitment is that every detail of each vehicle in the inventory has been brought to the highest levels of refinement by the finest craftsmen in the automobile industry. See list of vehicles that have been sold. 993 Sports Cars -

Hell for Leather. EURO Classic Motors. We Obsessively Cover The Auto Industry.