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Firefox Parental Controls. Written by: Donna Buenaventura•edited by: Aaron R.

Firefox Parental Controls

•updated: 9/30/2010 Firefox parental controls don't exist, but there are add-ons to use to restrict kids from visiting dangerous and unwanted websites. ProCon Latte Content Filter. Firefox Add-ons. Blinde Kuh - Beratungsportal für Eltern. Suchmaschine für Kinder. FragFinn.de - Suchmaschine für Kinder. K9 Web Protection. 10 Best Parental Control Software That Lets You Have peace Of Mind. How many parents can relax with peace of mind when your child is browsing the internet?

10 Best Parental Control Software That Lets You Have peace Of Mind

Not many unless you have a Parental Control Software installed. In today’s world its very easy for a child browsing the internet bump into inappropriate content on the web. With Parent Control software, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are protecting your children and family by filtering internet from those inappropriate contents. Big Mother - Software. Whether you are a small & medium business owner/manager or an executive director of an institution/agency who is in need gaining insight into the Internet and computer activities and control over the web access and IT resources of your organization, Tupsoft has products designed to match your needs.

Big Mother - Software

The listed evaluation programs will expire after the trial period and are limited to monitoring up to 5 computer hosts. (TUP Product Finder) Note: To try out another product in the following list, please uninstall the existent one to avoid potential conflicts. TupEnterprise Download Link: TupEnterprise.zip. Parents Friend - Download. Parental Control Bar. Kindersicherung 2011 v11.277 - Download bei SOFT-WARE.NET. Kostenlose PC- und Kindersicherung TimeRestrict Free Edition - Internet, Zeitkontrolle, Computer, Software, Freeware. Anti-Porn. Multilingual content filtering + Pornographic image recognition Anti-Porn blocks thousands of porn sites, which is written in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Franch, Spanish, Chinese, etc. Activity reports Monitor the online activity of your children.