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Format Text In Photoshop With Kerning and Tracking - Eric Renno. Photoshop does a great job of formatting text and can be quite intuitive. Sometimes however you have to get stuck in a finesse it yourself. In this Photoshop tutorial video, I take a look at kerning and tracking before finishing off the text effect with a few Layer Styles and Blend Mode combinations. Thank you for your support! About the author Eric Renno wrote 219 articles on this blog. Eric’s background in video editing with Adobe Premier led to his interest, and then obsession, with Photoshop.

Known as only “TipSquirrel” for two years, Eric ‘went public’ when he was a finalist in The Next Adobe Photoshop Evangelist competition. While still taking on some freelance work, Eric has recently become a Lecturer at Peterborough’s Media and Journalism Centre where he enjoys sharing his knowledge as well as learning new skills. Photoshop Compositing Secrets: Extracting Hair.

Home > Articles > Adobe Photoshop > Technique 📄 Contents If you've ever worked on compositing multiple graphical elements into one glorious image, you know how maddening it can be trying to make hair look as natural with a new background as it did in its original location. Matt Kloskowski, author of Photoshop Compositing Secrets, shares some great tricks he uses to get even the wispiest of baby-fine hair to cooperate in Photoshop (no matter how badly it behaves in real life). If you want to get into Photoshop compositing, one of the first features you'll have to conquer is selections. If you've ever tried selecting people (especially people with wispy hair) from one background and placing them onto another background, you know that it can be a huge pain in the neck. Refining the Edges Refining the Radius Ready to Mask? Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette - Smashing Magazine.

Advertisement An understanding of typographic etiquette separates the master designers from the novices.

Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette - Smashing Magazine

A well-trained designer can tell within moments of viewing a design whether its creator knows how to work with typography. Typographic details aren’t just inside jokes among designers. They have been built up from thousands of years of written language, and applying them holds in place long-established principles that enable typography to communicate with efficiency and beauty. Handling these typographic details on the Web brings new challenges and restrictions that need to be considered. Setting Body Copy Good typography comes down to communicating information, and the basis of information is good old-fashioned body copy – simple blocks of text. Indentation or Space After a Paragraph? When signalling the end of a paragraph and the beginning of another, you can generally either indent or insert a space between the paragraphs.

But there is no hyphenation control in CSS. The Hyphen (al) Glossy Glass Text in Photoshop-Show and Tell Graphics. With all of the great things you can do with Photoshop, I am loving this one. I actually stumbled upon this by accident while playing around with settings, which is why I always encourage experimenting. You never know what you will find. I will start this tutorial by creating a file with the dimensions 512 X242.

We need to have some sort of background so I will make a simple gradient. I used a light shade of gray (hex#CCCCCC) for the foreground tile and a yellow (hex#FFFF66) for the background tile and pulled from bottom to top for the gradient. Next we will need some text. Use the following settings for Blending Options, Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow and Bevel and Emboss. With any luck at all you will end up with something that looks like this. One of the cool things about this layer style is that it will take on the colors of whatever background you are using.