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Other. Mind Bender. Main Page. A Mindbender for Craftsmen. Nature. Art. HeartCurves_801.gif (GIF Image, 455x306 pixels) Incredible Balancing, Climbing and Jumping Robots. Using segway-like balancing technology, these incredible robots can climb a pole while balancing, hop like a pogo stick, and even climb up stairs.

Incredible Balancing, Climbing and Jumping Robots

These outstanding creations and more are the product of University of Southern Cal’s robotics lab. Related Projects: 5098611416_403dba20aa_o.gif (GIF Image, 550x550 pixels) Text Particles. Depixelizing Pixel Art. Disney meets Darwin - Animation Lab. Hats_Micael_Reynaud.gif (GIF Image, 401x301 pixels) Creative and Unusual Cutlery Designs. Modern cutlery and creative silverware designs that will spice up your dinner table and impress your guests.

Creative and Unusual Cutlery Designs

Bite Silverware.


Build your own kaleidoscope. Spritely. Hottest Tech News & Rumors. 10 Extremely Useful Background Generators for Designers. Using good background image in web design can really lift up a simple layout.

10 Extremely Useful Background Generators for Designers

Now the question is, how to generate interesting backgrounds for your website. Where is the red (html5) Codec Guide: K-Lite Codec Pack - Windows 7 codecs. Kevs 3D. Web Fonts. Researchers explain why bicycles balance themselves. Ruina Lab/Provided An experimental bicycle designed to eliminate the gyroscopic effect of spinning wheels and the "trail" of the front wheel is still stable on its own, disproving conventional theory.

Researchers explain why bicycles balance themselves

The 1949 movie "Jour de Fete" shows a postman frantically chasing his bicycle, which rides away on its own. It could happen. Many bicycles, even without a rider, naturally resist tipping over if they are going fast enough. Scientists and engineers have been trying to explain bicycle self-stability ever since the 19th century. The accepted view: Bicycles are stable because of the gyroscopic effect of the spinning front wheel or because the front wheel "trails" behind the steering axis, or both. IT- Download free computer ebooks in pdf. 25 High Quality Free Fonts You May Not Have Known About. Doublepe.gif (GIF Image, 268x223 pixels) Your beautiful eyes on Photography Served. Behance Served Sites Served is a collection of sites that showcase category specific content from Behance, the world's leading platform for creative professionals across all industries.

Your beautiful eyes on Photography Served

View All Served Sites → photography Served Join Behance Hire a Designer. 1286367800_rainbow-cocktail.gif (GIF Image, 250x155 pixels) The Meta Picture. 1267527958_smoke-rings-colliding.gif (GIF Image, 292x209 pixels) Disney meets Darwin. Kitten Attacks Apples. I New Idea Homepage. Chris McKenzie. 10 Mini Wonders From Christopher Boffoli. Christopher Boffoli's Disparity series takes the art of Macrophotography (Close up photography of very small subjects) and spices up his subjects by adding in tiny miniature people doing various activities, adding a wonderfully surreal, fun feel to all his pieces.

10 Mini Wonders From Christopher Boffoli

Whether it be a lone janitor cleaning mustard off a hotdog to a crew repairing potholes in Reese's peanut butter cups, his images are colorful, playful and whimsical. Its really awesome that it looks like he's having fun telling a story with every image. The Best Kept Secret in Lending, Bar None. How familiar are you with Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act?

The Best Kept Secret in Lending, Bar None

Wait, wait! Don’t stop reading because I threw out an unfamiliar legal reference. Urban Legends Reference Pages. ‪Glass Blowing guy in Venice making a cute glass cat‬‏ Quick evolution leads to quiet crickets. 70 Cutie Baby Animals Bring You a Good Mood. Cuteness is usually characterized by some combination of infant-like physical traits, especially small body size with a disproportionately large head, large eyes, and round and softer body features.

70 Cutie Baby Animals Bring You a Good Mood

‪Water ink - BDDP Unlimited and Solidarités International‬‏ ‪High-Speed Robot Hand‬‏ CSS3 Memory. String spin - zefrank. The Scale of the Universe. Exact time now for East Lansing, Michigan, United States - Quotes - Quotiki. Soda Machine Hack. Most modern vending machines have little computers inside.

Soda Machine Hack

A tiny screen usually displays some information. Although relatively little known, pressing a certain combinations of buttons can control the settings. For instance, you can check the internal temperature, view the amount of money inside, empty change, or dump certain beverages. Index of /GeneralInterest/Harrison. Physics Flash Animations. We have been increasingly using Flash animations for illustrating Physics content. This page provides access to those animations which may be of general interest. The animations will appear in a separate window. The animations are sorted by category, and the file size of each animation is included in the listing. Also included is the minimum version of the Flash player that is required; the player is available free from The categories are: In addition, I have prepared a small tutorial in using Flash to do Physics animations.

LInks to versions of these animations in other languages, other links, and license information appear towards the bottom of this page. Cheetahcub-sm.jpg (JPEG Image, 1080x752 pixels) Miegakure: A puzzle-platforming game in four dimensions. Miegakure is a platform game where you navigate a four-dimensional world to perform miraculous feats and solve puzzles.

Miegakure: A puzzle-platforming game in four dimensions

Miegakure is a puzzle-platforming game that lets you explore and interact with a four-dimensional world. The fourth dimension in this game works just like the first three: it is a mathematical generalization. Your ability to move in the fourth dimensions in addition to the usual three allows you to perform miraculous feats like seeing inside closed buildings, walking through walls, stealing objects from closed containers, binding two separate rings without breaking them, etc... The Music Time Machine. Sound Matrix. The Sound Matrix was a clever bit of flash that was mailed to me some time back. I later discovered that the file was originally composed by Andre Michelle. As per original instructions “Press SPACE key to clear.

Right-Click for Copy & Paste to your blog, happy days, good time, comment if you LIKE!”. Helpful tips. Escher for Real. The work of M.C. Escher needs no introduction. Truth-Saves. Welcome to Evolution 101! Small as your finger but they are not insects but monkeys.

CrackingCreditCode.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x1708 pixels) GOOD Home Page. The PR2 calls the shots. Dashboard Everything. Weird Awesome Stuffs. Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets. Oscillations and Waves Acoustics Signal Processing Electricity and Magnetism: Statics Electrodynamics Quantum Mechanics Linear Algebra Vector Calculus Thermodynamics Miscellaneous Licensing info. Links to other educational sites with math/physics-related information or java applets useful for teaching:

Personal and Historical Perspectives of Hans Bethe. Particle. pEngine246.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) The Cloth Simulation. A little more detail: What makes this simulation special is the speed at which everything is computed. Javascript (the language this is written in) is not exactly the most efficient language for this type of computation. Touch Trigonometry. The Brain—Information about the Brain. Top 10 Most Dangerous Plants in the World. The Relativity of Wrong by Isaac Asimov. Einstein.