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Pasugo: Gods Message | Religious article

The official website of Pasugo: God’s Message magazine of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), contains religious articles, Church news, and photos.

Isabela West first-aid responders upgrade swimming skills. A few months ago, many towns and barangays in the Cagayan region were devastated by floods due to heavy typhoons that consecutively hit Northern Luzon.

Isabela West first-aid responders upgrade swimming skills

The Cagayan River overflowed and the widespread flooding destroyed livelihood and claimed many lives. To be more prepared should similar situations occur, the Emergency First-aid Responders (EFR) in the Ecclesiastical District of Isabela West conducted a seminar on water rescue operations on February 28, 2021. Organized by the Society of Communicators and Networkers International (SCAN) in the district, the activity aims to upgrade the responders’ swimming skills. “An important thing I learned in the training seminar is how to save a drowning person,” said Mario Salvador Jr., a SCAN member who also volunteers in first-aid response situations.” SCAN in Tabon holds fire prevention seminar. Anniversaries of INC Security Department and INC Music Department. “Not only that, through my brother’s help, we were able to afford an internet connection at our house,” he added with gleeful gratitude.

Anniversaries of INC Security Department and INC Music Department

More importantly, these unexpected blessings were very much useful as Brother Nolan and his household were able to continue their worship services even in the confines of their home amid the lockdown. They continued to receive God’s teachings through the messages sent by the Church Administration. “Through the lessons prepared by the Church Administration, we draw strength, inspiration, and faith that no matter how intense the trials of this pandemic may be, our fervor in serving God only increases,” he said. Apart from the biblical teachings, the hymns during the worship services have also served as Brother Nolan’s inspiration during these times.

“The hymns not only give us inspiration, but they also reflect what we are going through day by day in our journey,” he affirmed. Dereettrislamb - Ang paraang itinuturo ng Tagapagligtas - Pasugo: God... Negros Church officers spiritually uplifted in special gathering. Temecula Valley KADIWA seminar underscores health amid pandemic. New officers in Micronesia take oath during special gathering.

Brother Gasmen preached a biblical lesson reminding the congregants that a Church duty is a blessing from God.

New officers in Micronesia take oath during special gathering

He also emphasized that as they fulfill their sacred tasks, they are taking an active role to help in caring for the brethren in their respective congregations. “I was given a spiritual gift from God. I know that I need to take care of and love the brethren and the Church, to make sure that they reach spiritual maturity and continue to remain active in serving our Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ,” Linda Guerrero, a newly-sworn deaconess, said. Taiwan brethren clean coastal areas. Newport KADIWA edified thru INCinema ‘Rendebu’ KADIWA members from the Local Congregation of Newport, Wales, Ecclesiastical District of the United Kingdom together watched the film “Rendebu” via videoconferencing on January 30, 2021 reinforcing in themselves certain Christian values.

Newport KADIWA edified thru INCinema ‘Rendebu’

The film, whose title is a Filipino spelling of “rendezvous”, was an original production of the Christian Era Broadcasting Service International (CEBSI) Films. It tells the story of how two young lovers not only went through life’s ups and downs while they do their best to make their relationship work. More people join the Church in Australia West.

His preaching of God’s words was witnessed via videoconferencing by the candidates for baptism connected and gathered in houses of worship in Melbourne, Victoria; Darwin, Northern Territory; and Perth.

More people join the Church in Australia West

In his Bible-based lecture, Brother Gutierrez emphasized the importance of receiving baptism in the Church Of Christ so as to become a true Christian and have the hope of salvation. MME brethren hold blood donation. United Kingdom holds online musical evangelical mission. The musical part of the event immediately followed, during which the choir of several local congregations rendered original Iglesia Ni Cristo songs.

United Kingdom holds online musical evangelical mission

Youth members engaged in cooking international dishes. Brethren in Malaysia learn first aid for home injuries. In between lectures, the attendees were given the time to have a free medical consultation from a health care expert.

Brethren in Malaysia learn first aid for home injuries

Marilou Ebro, an obstetrician and gynecologist, and CMDPS officer, gave advices in answer to the brethren’s queries. “It gives me an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and gratification because we able to share our God-given knowledge and skills to contribute in our own little way to our Church community,” she said regarding the timely seminar. Bible stories activity inspires kids in UK District. The Children’s Worship Service (CWS) members from the Ecclesiastical District of United Kingdom watched Bible stories from the INC Kids Youtube channel for the month of January 2021.

Bible stories activity inspires kids in UK District

The local congregations of Central London, England; North London, England; Dublin South, Ireland; and Portlaoise, Ireland held the activity on January 17, 2021 while Stratford, London, held on January 31, 2021. The kids joined through videoconferencing while staying at home due to the pandemic and were inspired from the different Bible stories they had watched.

One Bible story that was most remembered by the children is the story of David and Goliath. They were inspired by David’s strong conviction that the Lord God will help him to defeat the giant Goliath. Romblon and Pampanga West spread God’s Message of salvation. Joel Gapi, a Church member from Odiongan, invited and accompanied his relatives to the evangelical mission.

Romblon and Pampanga West spread God’s Message of salvation

“I wanted them to learn the biblical teachings we uphold in the Church Of Christ. It is also my earnest desire that we altogether serve the Lord God that will lead us to our salvation,” he said. Church membership in Western Samar grows. Agusan del Norte marks Buklod anniversary amid bad weather. Claveria brethren conduct Pasugo drive.

Brother Edwin Villanueva, assistant district secretary, shared the importance of giving out copies of the Church’s official magazine, “With the aim of introducing the Church Of Christ to many people even to our fellowmen in the remote areas, especially here that not everyone has internet access, the Church reading materials has been very useful in sharing our faith.

Claveria brethren conduct Pasugo drive

They got to know more about the Church and God’s teachings through reading the magazine.” The resident minister, Brother Ricarte Arcenal, said, “This propagational activity has brought more eagerness to the brethren who participated. Calanay GWS holds first worship service. By land, they travel for an hour and a half via truck or habal-habal (a motorcycle for hire that even up to six passengers have to make do), either of which is slightly faster than traveling by sea via motorboat from Aroroy Port. But as time passed, the muddy roads on rainy days have made the almost two-hour travel more difficult. Kabankalan City brethren distribute Pasugo magazines.

Ever one with the Church Administration in the intensive propagation of God’s words, Church Of Christ members from Camansi Area of Kabankalan City Local Congregation, Ecclesiastical District of Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, conducted a “Pasugo Drive” on January 5, 2021. Led by their resident ministerial worker, Brother Lee Andrei Alcantara, brethren shared their faith by giving free copies of Pasugo: God’s Message magazine to the people in their neighboorhood.

Jhaneen Omero, a Church officer in Kabankalan City Local Congregation, understood that this was only a preliminary step in guiding people to the true faith, saying, “I will strive to bring them in the worship services so they can understand more God’s teachings and will eventually be baptized to receive salvation on Judgment Day.” Zamboanga del Sur teens share faith. Nagoya, Japan District Buklod members hold special gathering through videoconferencing. The brethren said that sacred gathering was timely as they needed to be strengthened in the faith for them to be ensured that they can uphold their divine election come what may in their lives. “The special gathering was intended for married couples in the Church for they are the ones being entrusted by the Lord God to well-establish the ways of their families,” said Brother Amante Rodriguez, district supervising minister. He officiated at the Local Congregation of Nagoya, from which the proceedings were streamed-live to various sites throughout the district.

Buklod members in Thailand hold online health seminar. Rodolfo Costales, Buklod president from the Local Congregation of Bangyai, stated, “This kind of activity helps attendees gain valuable insights in order to successfully cope with various problems or stressors. What we learned is truly beneficial.” Brethren listened carefully to the facts and knowledge contributed by the speakers. Murcia Buklod members attend special gathering - Ministers, family in Sta. Cruz, Laguna District hold special gathering. Hillside Buklod receive spiritual strength.

New York district increases Church membership. New Zealand choirs sing of salvation. The participants rendered Iglesia Ni Cristo original music for their presentations. Sarangani Buklod members attend special gathering for anniversary. Manitoba District holds KADIWA and Binhi special gathering. Zamboanga del Sur District holds CSD Cares. Buklod, KADIWA in Zhubei, Taiwan start own vegetable gardens. ‘SCAN Cares’ for brethren in Caloocan North. Davao West Buklod celebrates 58th anniversary thru special gathering. “As we are well aware, nowadays there are families that are ruined, as family members are not at peace with each other, especially the husband and wife, so they tend to separate or divorce. Central Binhi members invite fellow students to virtual evangelical mission. Quirino, La Union Buklod inspired in anniversary special gathering. The couples were reminded that obedience to God’s commands will bring blessings to their family.

“The teachings we received are important because we were reminded of our duties to our household. As a parent, I will make sure that my family is active in serving God and obeying His commands,” Malvin added. Buklod members in La Castellana Congregation attend a special gathering. Buklod org in Aguilar, Lingayen, Pangasinan pays tribute to elder members. KADIWA members get chance to meet and greet. Binhi members in Ottawa join decluttering challenge. Diadi brethren clean the environs. Cutud SF KADIWA give clothes, free meals. Consecutive baptisms in Negros del Norte add more members. Three Luzon districts reap abundant fruits of propagation efforts.

Cagayan South aids Ulysses victims. Macau KADIWA edified in special gathering and ‘meet and greet’ The activity was composed of eight virtual activity booths that catered to the interest of the brethren: Christian Way of Courting; Vlogging, Photography, and Editing; Travel, Leisure, and Adventure; Cooking and Baking; Online Kumustahan Booth; Music; Movie Review; and Sports, Health, and Wellness. Sta. Maria brethren rejoice for new house of worship.

KADIWA 47th anniversary: Tokyo, Japan youth hold special gathering, meet and greet one another. Four districts in Mindanao add new Church members. Taiwan conducts CWS Day - Pasugo: God's Message. Rangsit, Pakchong youth learn Thai basics - Pasugo: God's Message. Over 500 People Receive Free Flu Shots and Care Packages thru INC Aid to Humanity in Norfolk, Virginia. Lending a Helping Hand in Connecticut - Pasugo: God's Message. Balioeg Congregation dedicates new house of worship. Nagoya, Japan District holds a special gathering - Pasugo: God's Message. City Heights KADIWA provide meals to frontliners. INC Gives Relief Packages in Queens, NY - Pasugo: God's Message. Milan brethren donate food packs to Banco Alimentare. Three ecclesiastical districts in the Visayas hold online evangelical mission. Western Europe holds CWS INConcert - Pasugo: God's Message.

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