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Find Tips About Mental health, anxiety, depression and more. We provide trustworthy Medical News and Information for Human health and well being.

STOP DOING These 8 Things If You Want To Achieve BIG GOALS. Our leaders, teachers, friends and family members often guide us about how to fulfill our dreams and it is amazing to walk on those principles.

STOP DOING These 8 Things If You Want To Achieve BIG GOALS

Yet we miss out some of the factors that play an important role in achieving the goals. The most important of them is our personal attitude and behavior towards success. No, I don’t mean to say that there is fault in the guidance but I am talking about the traps we usually fail to notice while the traps dig a deep hole in the path of success. So here are some of the most important things that you must NOT allow into your personal lives in order to hit the target rightly.

Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals 1. How To Clear Your Mind? Things To Do To Clean Your Mind for Meditation. How To Clear Your Mind?

How To Clear Your Mind? Things To Do To Clean Your Mind for Meditation

Things To Do To Clean Your Mind for Meditation While reading about mental wellness and positivity you might have come across one advice quite often and that is to meditate. Even during my days of clinical practice, I used to recommend meditation along with therapies and medication. The reason being it allows you to stay calm, be in the moment, and paves way for happiness. Above all meditation is not only good for our physical but also our mental well-being. But, then there is a common problem that people face while practicing meditation is not having a clear mindset!

How to Make Life Better with 2190 Rule? How to Make Life Better with 21\90 Rule?

How to Make Life Better with 2190 Rule?

21\90 Rule in a Line: Building a Good Habit and making it a permanent lifestyle. What is the 21\90 Rule? As per the 21\90 Rule, it takes 21 days to make or change a habit and takes 90 days to permanently make a lifestyle. The fact is with the 21\90 rule; you can easily bring a new good change into your lifestyle! All you have to do is stick with the goals and work on it continuously for 21 days and consecutively 90 days to make it permanent. Explore the Power of saying a No.

Explore the Power of saying a No | Time to Set Boundaries A word that is a complete sentence in itself, an answer, a boundary that you set for yourself, a tool of self-care, a habit to nurture self-love, and a lot more!

Explore the Power of saying a No

Basically, NO is a small word packed with loads of power. Often seen in a negative light, this word has an invisible and invincible positive force driving it. Today we will be exploring the power of saying NO. 7 Best Apps For Brain Training To Improve Memory (Best of 2020) 7 Best Apps For Brain Training Games To Improve Memory & Concentration Do you remember the time when you used to sit with pen and paper to solve a Sudoku puzzle or play crosswords with your friend during the class?

7 Best Apps For Brain Training To Improve Memory (Best of 2020)

All of us have played best brain games in various manners but may not be continuing them anymore. But let us tell you that these brain games are helpful for every age group to sharpen the memory, improve cognitive skills and give your brain a fresh workout. As technology has already made special space in our lives, we may want to keep down our old pen and paper. Now, downloading some of the best brain training apps is a perfect solution to spend some more time with advanced challenges, play with multiplayers and share the score with everyone.

Best Stress Relieving Games : Online & Offline. Best Stress Relieving Games : Online & Offline We all face stress or anxiety in our daily lives.

Best Stress Relieving Games : Online & Offline

Anxiety can happen to anyone be it a working employee, students, or house making wives. When we say stress and anxiety are common, we don’t want you to be friends with them. Our focus is to remove or reduce the stress or anxiety levels completely from your lives. Stress relieving games are the best option to relive the stress instantly. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best online and offline games for reducing stress and anxiety. Let’s get started and check games for relieving the stress instantly before wasting any of the time. For easy surfing, I have divided the blog into two main sections for the best games to relieve stress. Top 10 Online Therapy and Counseling Programs 2020. Top 10 Online Therapy and Counseling Programs 2020 Table of Content: Best Online Therapy and Counseling ProgramsShould you Take Online Counselling?

Top 10 Online Therapy and Counseling Programs 2020

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)- Things to Know. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)- Things to Know While reading blogs or articles on mental wellness we often come across a pro-tip that is believed to solve half of our mental health issues and that is Accepting our Emotions rather than Avoiding Them.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)- Things to Know

To begin with, accepting your emotions you can work at a personal level through various tactics and techniques. But, sometimes the emotions and thoughts become so overwhelming that we need therapy (be it online or offline) to acknowledge them healthily. One such therapy that is found most effective here is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. List of Mental Disorders - All You Need To Know! List of Mental Disorders – All You Need To Know!

List of Mental Disorders - All You Need To Know!

Historically mental health issues and disorders were treated as nothing less than a stigma. But, with the changing times, there has been adrift in this wave. Now people try and educate themselves about mental health disorders rather than hushing it! This indeed is important to break the mental health stigmas. It is important to educate oneself and others about mental health and issues related to it. Why Am I So Emotional? 8 Reasons To Find Out. Why Am I So Emotional?

Why Am I So Emotional? 8 Reasons To Find Out

8 Reasons To Find Out Human beings are made up of various emotions and if you think why am I so emotional, you already found a reason for it. This is why we were made differently so that we can feel happiness, sadness, and anxiety or become jealous. Moreover, it is absolutely healthy to feel emotions and suppressing them could lead to psychological issues. So it is best if they flow out and you are not feeling emotional alone. Yet if you feel like crying and the session continues very frequently, there could be various reasons for it including diet choices, genes, hormonal changes, stress or depression. Top 8 Reasons For Why Am I So Emotional: 1. If your family has a history of depression or affective disorder, it is quite common to inherit the same emotion. 2.

Accept it or not, your emotional well-being depends on good sleep. Now the studies have proved that lack of proper sleep also hinders your emotional balance and your reactions are terribly twisted. 3. 4. 5. Top 10 Mood Boosting Foods: Foods That Improve Mood. 10 Mood Boosting Foods To Increase Happiness Mood Boosting Foods or Super-foods bring a balance of body-weight & mental freshness; that supports an active lifestyle. Though there are multiple reasons why depression, anxiety or stress appear in the lives of many, you can make situations better by consuming foods that help with depression.

Although the food mentioned below does not replace any therapy or treatment, it is a key element to keep physical and mental health balanced. Let’s Talk About Different Types of Basic Emotions! Let’s Talk About Different Types of Basic Emotions! Emotions and feelings these words may seem to have the same definition. But if we go close to these words, the clarity is not the same as what we think. I will explain the above mentioned words here. Feelings- You can experience both emotional and physical sensations, for example we may feel cold because of weather and similarly we may emotionally feel cold too. Morning Rituals That'll Help You Keep You Calm Throughout The Day. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, many of us just get out of our beds and dash straight for work.

Best Food that Improve Memory and Concentration. You must agree with the fact that the Food we eat has a big impact on the structure & health of our brain. Therefore, consuming an ideal brain boosting diet can support both short & long term brain function. Since it’s an energy-intensive organ, consuming almost 20 percent of the body’s calories, it needs plenty of good fuel to maintain concentration throughout the day. Various Nutritionists emphasize on the quintessential strategy to follow a healthy dietary pattern that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains & legumes. Try to incorporate protein from plant sources & do not forget to intake healthy fats such as canola, olive oil, rather than just saturated fats.

Having said that, there are certain foods that are filled with all of these rich and healthful components that support brain health and boost your focus, concentration and memory. 51 Best Depression And Anxiety Quotes To Cherish Your Mood. Depression comes with a number of feelings that certainly turn the mood down and we are in need of various methods to uplift ourselves. From good music to nice movies, some of the best depression and anxiety quotes also make things right.

A few positive quotes of the day along with your favorite one stuck on your wall can be a source of happy syrup. We are sure that these quotes about depression and anxiety will definitely take you to a better world. Why Should You Listen To Calm Music For Study, Meditation And Relaxing? Best 10 Stress Relieving Drinks To Make You Relieve From Stress! How To Spot A Liar Within Seconds? Do you want to grasp the art where you can spot a liar within a few seconds? 36 Happy Songs To Tune Into and Lift Your Spirits. Types of Eating Disorders: Signs and Symptoms to Look For. Generally, we tend to assume that there are two types of eating disorders- eating too much or eating too little! 4 Types of Stress in Psychology : How to Control Stress? Table of Content: 1. Healthy and Simple Self-Care Practices that You Should Adopt. Self-care is simply, caring for yourself. We have a busy life and since the evolution of mankind, we have been getting busier and it’s not going to change. The more we progress, the more options we will have open to us.

Gaining Weight? Stress May be a Factor. Ways to Relieve Stress in Working Moms: 5 Simple Tips. Best Mindfulness Books to Learn Mindfulness. Best Self Care Activity Ideas for Mental Health. How to Meditate with Chocolate. Importance and Relationship Between Sleep and Immunity. Psychopath v/s Sociopath: What's The Difference? Knowing The Dual Nature of Your Brain. What is PAWS? Read About Its Symptoms. Understanding The Role Of Sleep On Your Health. Fight With Baby Blues Like A Warrior - Guide to Postpartum Depression. Get The Best Natural Remedies For Depression! Attention! Your Friend Might Need Help. Bring A Change In Your Life With Power of Positive Thinking. Emotional Intelligence Skills You Require In Workplace!

3 Ways On How To Be Grateful In Life (And Be Happy) How Social Media Affects Mental Health And Causes Depression. 10 Mood Boosting Foods To Include In Diet For Depression. How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety? Top 10 Ways To De-stress! "I Beat Depression So Can You”: xXx Actress Deepika Padukone. What Are The Effective Ways To Prevent Reoccurring Depression? Self Improvement: How To Deal With Criticism Efficiently Without Being Depressed? Feel Proud Of Yourself If You Are Doing These Activities Everyday. 10 Inspirational Movies To Fight Depression (Weekend Special) What Are The Effects Of Depression On Human Body? Katy Perry Faced ‘Situational Depression’ But Fought Hard To Win It. How To Update Drivers In Windows PC. How To Help Someone With Depression? NEVER IGNORE Signs Of Depression As Owen Wilson Did! I Tried These Exercises To Beat Depression. Here’s What Happened Next! 10 Popular Myths About Depression BUSTED. Stress Management Apps: Throw Depression Miles Away.