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De Panache is trustworthy, reliable interior designers in Bangalore. We offer luxury, affordable interior designs for your home and offices. We are serving our clients for their residential as well as commercial interior design needs.

Interior Design of Sai Sukha Vista. We believe that home is a place where your soul rests and searches for the warmth that the home can only provide.

Interior Design of Sai Sukha Vista

And we built your home just the way you want it to be. A perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity where each wall has a story to tell and each room decks up in its own beauty also known as interiors Bangalore. The entrance to this house has been uniquely done. The accent wall has a beautiful painting hanging on it and it has been separated from the dining area by a partition. It gives a feeling of both pride and happiness, a house built with the dreams of many. As we enter the house, the dining room makes way to the living room.

The soft cushioned chairs with steel legs are a sheer mark of luxury evoking a clear sense of sophistication. The huge open living room throws open the space to breathe. The long hanging lights from above gives it a chic look and gives it a wonderful and rich space experience. Interior Design of Prestige Deja Vu. Interior Design of Prestige Pinewood. 4 Interior Decor Tips To Avoid Before You Sell Off Your Home. Being an interior design company in Bangalore, we have, most of the time, shared interior design tips to apply in your space through our blog posts.

4 Interior Decor Tips To Avoid Before You Sell Off Your Home

However, this blog post is a bit different. Today, through this blog post, we are going to share a couple of interior design tips that you must avoid before you sell off your home. So, without wasting a second, let us have a look at them in brief: Personal Collection: Most of the people out there have a collection of certain things that they decorate their room with.

Steer Clear Of Cluttered Wardrobe There’s high probability that the people who will be visiting your to-be-sold home would certainly inspect wardrobes and storage areas. Cut Down Your Furniture. 3 DIY Interior Design Tips To Practice During COVID – 19 Pandemic. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, we all are living a restricted life with minimum social interactions, and it is the need of the hour.

3 DIY Interior Design Tips To Practice During COVID – 19 Pandemic

As most of the people out there are not used to living like this, it is not so uncommon to feel bored and lonely more often. However, there are certain ways to tackle such situations and DIY interior design is one of them. How To Heal Your Bedroom: Top 3 Tips From The Pros. 5 Decor Tips To Get The Best Deal For Your Home. Interior Design Solution for Children’s Room - De Panache Interiors. Children teach us the true meaning of life, they are our future.

Interior Design Solution for Children’s Room - De Panache Interiors

They long for love, patience, and understanding from their loved ones. It is critically significant to maintain their emotional and psychological state well and good. Blog Post - De Panache Interiors. Benefits of having interior plants in your home decor. Nowadays, decorating your home decor with plants has become a fashion.

Benefits of having interior plants in your home decor

You don’t have to be an expert to know the benefits of the interior plants. Recent research shows that interior plants improve your mental and physical wellbeing. You don’t even realize that the greenery boosts your health in many ways. Moreover, you can breathe easier, focus better, and be happier in a room full of nature. How to sanitise and disinfect your house? With the outbreak of coronavirus, regularly sanitising and disinfecting your house is vital for keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy.

How to sanitise and disinfect your house?

Person to person transmission of COVID-19 is riskier than transmission via surfaces. So that is why it is vital to disinfect first when any item or person enters your house. Recent studies show that the coronavirus can remain for three days on the surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel. Top 8 best insider tips to create a high-end interior. It takes a particular eye to design your house excellently.

Top 8 best insider tips to create a high-end interior

It is a big task of transforming your house to make it functional as well as stylish. Every room of our home must be trendy, modern and stuffed with adorable furniture and accessories to create a beautiful masterpiece. You have come to the right interior firms in Bangalore if you are looking for some best insider tips to create a high-end interior. Define your style of luxury Luxury is more than a property of matter. How to decorate your modern apartment to be unique? Firstly, it is exciting to design your apartment, but it is not very easy to achieve.

How to decorate your modern apartment to be unique?

You all want to leave your dorm life behind full of pinboards, extra-long sheets and mini-fridges. So, you are in the right place if you are a renter who wants to polish your apartment into a modern design or a first-time apartment dweller. We are going to show you some crucial design tips that will work for your house interior design in bangalore. Set up an entryway You can use some stylish items that will be useful in your tiny entryway. Window treatments Over the years, windows treatments not made of paper or plastic are not adulting among many people. Swap out lighting. Top 8 best office designs and trends. If your working place is becoming boring and you want to upgrade it, then you have come to the right place.

Top 8 best office designs and trends

Many years it has been seen that designing offices has an impact and spark up the overall people wellbeing. Here we(top interior design companies in bangalore) took a look at some pro tips that will be creative in office design solutions and help your company to function better. Using windows Having lots of windows in your office will spark up your overall well-being because the artificial light coming inside through windows will help us to stay focused all day. However, windows in modern office design have created a more beautiful working environment and less mentally draining. The psychology of colours in your home interior design. Colours are the building blocks in interior designing.

The psychology of colours in your home interior design

We may think that it is easy to choose the colours for our home decor. But it is not right. There are many other things to take care of while selecting colours. It is vital to understand how colours make you feel. Colour psychology is the theory, how colours affect your life, thinking and action and always taken into consideration by best interior design firms in bangalore.

There are many reasons to choose the right colour like decreasing foul smells, improving curb appeal, making your home feel better and to set the right mood in your home. Top 6 Tips to Select Outdoor Furniture. Before selecting outdoor furniture, it is vital to understand that there is a lot of difference between indoor and outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is to face different environmental factors and climate change. For example, in tropical areas, outdoor furniture must be able to tolerate rain and heat. However, buying outdoor furniture can’t be easy. There are many options available in the market that make it a bit confusing in choosing the right outdoor furniture. 7 ideas to make your dining room look more luxurious. Giving a luxurious touch to your dining room is expensive nowadays. It happens all the time that our eyes select a design, but due to our budget, we can’t implement it. It takes a lot of time and effort to make your dining room look more luxurious.

And if your budget is becoming a hurdle between your goals, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we at De Panache is going to show you seven best ideas to make your dining room look more luxurious in your budget. So let’s get started. Add colours. 6 signs it's time to replace your couch. There are plenty of couches available in second-hand shops and thrift stores because there are some people that want to replace their couch for redesigning. And there are plenty of people who replace their couch when the armrest falls off Or the cushions have exploded, these types of sofas can seem near the trash. There’s a mid-time between replacing your couches, which is known as the perfect time for a replacement. Here in this article, De Panache is going to show you six signs that will indicate you the right time of replacing your couch. The couch is unfit for the room space.

People from mobile society usually make their first couch purchase after their college for a rented apartment, and now they have shifted to their new home. It is difficult to adjust the couch in smaller rooms with other furniture as it will rub with surfaces and cause excessive wear and tear to it and could damage the frame. Your couch starts creating noises. Cushion gets less comfortable. Why wall art matter most in interior design? Wall art is the most vital part of interior design, but we all treated it as an afterthought. Here, in this article, we are discussing, by putting wall art to the side-lines, you are missing the best design opportunity. However, if you are confused about giving the wall art such a prominent role in your design, then you have come to the right place. Use this article to choose the right wall art piece that matches with the home decor. Provides an instant colour pattern Selecting colours for the walls is one of the vital parts of designing.

Therefore, instead of using colours, we can focus on selecting the right wall art for the walls. Give a textural look. Interior Design of Brigade Mysore. Interior Of A Property At Nambiar Bellezea Sarjapura. The whole villa was built with a vision that was brought to reality by De Panache, known as the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore. Taking into consideration the minute details of clients here is presenting them with an interior which is luxurious as well as classy in its look and in its stay. The master bedroom has been wrapped in the shades of white & beige with a touch of gold in the right places. This has given an exceptionally beautiful and grand look of the whole space. As one enters the room the first thing that grabs their attention is the backdrop of the king-size bed. The backdrop has been adored by Handmade Ceramic mosaics in white and gold that create a graceful and elegant interior.

To play with the lighter shades of the palette is an extremely tough but smart move. The living room area has been carefully designed to keep up the palatial look in every corner of the house. Interior Of A Property In SNN Clermont, Hebbal. SNN Clermont property at Hebbal is an affirmation of the signature style of home interior design from De Panache, which is also known as the best interior design company in Bangalore. The high rise apartment commands stunning views of the picturesque Hebbal lake.

The whole apartment is designed with muted shades and subdued classical styles as per the taste of the client. Best Villa Interior Designers in Bangalore. This Prestige Lakeside Habitat Villa Property at Varthur, Bangalore is designed as a primary home for an NRI family who just returned back to Bangalore. De Panache, being the best interior designers in Bangalore designed the whole house around the European contemporary style of Interiors. Dexterous Interior Designer That Can Bring You Your Dream Living and Working Area. Getting the home or office interior designed is the toughest work.

Every space is having its own style that brings its appearance so all can identify its function by just looking. Likewise, an office has to provide a complete sense of professionalism, getting the wall painted considering cartoon theme won’t fit. Best Interior Designers in Bangalore - De Panache. We all know that home is the place where our heart lives. Home is the place where we always feel completely happy and undisturbed. Learn How You Can Become Interior Designers in Bangalore by De Panache. Quick maintenance in progress. Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore that you can hire.

Many interior designers are available in Bangalore and thus it becomes quite difficult for one to find the best one that you can easily trust upon. Based upon our conducted research here we have come up with the list of Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore that you can hire. So let’s begin with it. How To Choose Paintings For Your Room. For the bedroom. Interior Design Trend For 2020-2021. Best Interior Designers in Bangalore - De Panache. A beauty salon is an area where women get themselves groomed to become attractive. Beauty is a priority for almost every woman, so beauty salons can be considered a very important part of their life.

Upon arrival at this place, a woman should see a friendly atmosphere and feel welcomed. How To Get Your Bedroom Ready For Winter? Office Interior Design: What You Should Know. Do I Need To Change Furniture? Things To Know While Designing A Study Room. Why You Should Hire A Professional Interior Designer. Advantages of Counterfeit Grass for Manor Interior Structure. Key Motivations To Recruit An Expert Interior Decorator. Interior Designs For Office Inside Plan by De Panache. Step By Step Instructions To Pick The Best Interior Designer – De Panache Interiors. Home Interior Plan Thoughts to Make It Pet-accommodating. Looking For The Best Inside Creators In Bangalore? So Here We Are To Serve You - De Panache Interiors. Why Interior Is So Significant For Home All You Have To Know - Interior design Interior designers Interior designer. Need to Get Customized Interiors? We Have an Arrangement! – De Panache Interiors.

5 Common Interior Design Mistakes That One Should Avoid. 5 Most Popular Interior Design Concepts for Home. Does your House Need an Interior designer or Interior Decorator? Home Interior Design of Mantri Espana. 6 Eco Friendly Interior Design Tips For Your Home. 9 Best Interior Designing Tips For Bedroom Decor. Give a Special Winter Look to Your Home Interiors. Best Home Interior Plan Thoughts by Interior Designers in Bangalore. Certain Helpful Tips for Hiring Home Interior Designers.

Best Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore. Benefits of hiring an interior designer for home - De Panache: Best Interior Designer In Bangalore. Services Offered by De Panache Interiors. How The Process Works at De Panache interiors ? Portfolio - De Panache: Best Interior Designer In Bangalore. About De Panache Interior Designers. Luxury Interior Design Company in Bangalore.