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Doom Triple Pack. BallDroppings. 'We're All Gonna Die - 100 meters of existence'. Super Zaxxon - Play the Commodore 64 game Super Zaxxon online (r. -R-G-B- 280 Slides: Slideshow maker. Experiencewii's Channel.

Captioning the web. Scalable Inman Flash Replacement - Wikipedia, the free encyclope. Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR) is an open source JavaScript and Adobe Flash dynamic web fonts implementation, enabling the replacement of text elements on HTML web pages with Flash equivalents. It was initially developed by Mike Davidson and improved by Mark Wubben. It is a scalable variety of HTML text-to-flash replacement pioneered by Shaun Inman. Overview[edit] CSS support in web browsers did not, at the time of sIFR's creation, allow webpages to dynamically include web fonts, so there was no guarantee that fonts specified in CSS or HTML would show as intended, as the browsing user may or may not have had the specified font installed in their system. sIFR embeds a font in a Flash element that displays the text, pre-empting the need for a font to have been manually pre-installed on a user's system. A common technique is to use raster graphics to display text in a font that cannot be trusted to be available on most computers.

Criticism[edit] Alternatives[edit] Trivia[edit] Mike Davidson - sIFR. Over the last several months, a small group of web developers and designers have been hard at work perfecting a method to insert rich typography into web pages without sacrificing accessibility, search engine friendliness, or markup semantics.

Mike Davidson - sIFR

The method, dubbed sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement), is the result of many hundreds of hours of designing, scripting, testing, and debugging by Mike Davidson (umm, that’s me) and Mark Wubben . Through this extensive work, we, along with a invaluable stable of beta testers, supporters, and educators like Stephanie Sullivan and Danilo Celic of Community MX , have completely rebuilt a DOM replacement method originally conceived by Shaun Inman into a typography solution for the masses.

It is this technology which provides the nice looking custom type headlines you see on sites like this one, Nike, ABCNews, Aston Martin, and others. How it works A normal (X)HTML page is loaded into the browser. Accessibility details Compatibility Permanence. Create and Share Floorplans Online with [#FP-289] Mouse events don't work in Flash over iframe in F.

RESN Design Studio. Play Music Catch - Free Online Web Game - Reflexive Arcade. Best uses of Flash. Written by Mark Berghausen, Search Quality Team We occasionally get questions on the Webmaster Help Group about how webmasters should work with Adobe Flash.

Best uses of Flash

I thought it would be worthwhile to write a few words about the search considerations designers should think about when building a Flash-heavy site. As many of you already know, Flash is inherently a visual medium, and Googlebot doesn't have eyes. Googlebot can typically read Flash files and extract the text and links in them, but the structure and context are missing. Moreover, textual contents are sometimes stored in Flash as graphics, and since Googlebot doesn't currently have the algorithmic eyes needed to read these graphics, these important keywords can be missed entirely.

So what's an honest web designer to do? Try to use Flash only where it is needed. Update: See our additional blog posts about Flash Indexing at Google. Relationship Explorer. How to SEO Flash » by Jonathan Hochman. By Jonathan Hochman See also: How to SEO a Website Flash gets a bad rap, undeserved in my opinion, for harming search engine visibility.

How to SEO Flash » by Jonathan Hochman

Why are search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners concerned about Flash, and how can we SEO Flash content? Flash content is often heavy on images and interactive features, and light on text. The leading search engines are heavily dependant on text to understand the meaning of pages. The leading web development tool, Adobe Dreamweaver, embeds Flash in web pages with code that fails to provide accessibility for visitors or search spiders who cannot handle Flash. With the rising popularity of iOS mobile devices from Apple, including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Flash SEO programming is even more essential. The April 11, 2006 release of Microsoft's popular Internet Explorer (IE) browser included an update ("Eolas") that prevents ActiveX-based Flash controls from working properly.

Google Analytics + Flash = Easy Peasy… Avatars.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) NOLAF. PaintBall The Game Flash Game - Games For Work. Flash MP3 Player. Game_325.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) TENNIS GAME - Flash game. Instantly play! Music_search.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Flash » Drum Machine. Real Simple: Life made easier. Flash Drawing of the drawing of a human.