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StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Www.creativebloq. Mobile-friendly website is must-have of modern online business.


If your shiny new site isn't responsive you will definitely fail that battle for visitors, traffic and success. By the way, Google made this battle even more urgent by adding a website's mobile-friendliness into its algorithms. Don't miss this Thus, you might need some cool tools to tweak your website and make it responsive to any screen size. Modern tools offer a full range of services for creating a website from scratch or to custom a professionally-made template. Theultralinx. Theoreticalminimum.

Www.class-central. VLC is easily one of our favourite media players (and yours too).

However, it’s not just a one-trick pony. Under the surface, there’s a wide range of features that you might not have known it offers. Download YouTube Videos We’ve discussed plenty of ways to download YouTube videos before. However, you have one option already installed on your computer. Find a video on YouTube — like this one — and copy the URL from the address bar. You can also record clips from YouTube videos as they’re streaming in VLC by pressing the red Record button in the player itself. Record Your Desktop Desktop recording software ranges from poor quality and free to incredibly powerful and expensive. Under Media, click “Open Capture Device”. Once you click Start, VLC will stream a feed of your desktop into itself behind the scenes. Convert Video Files. Show_article. Stiern. Maps are often placed on a company website to help customers find their way there.


For that, Google Maps is excellent. But wouldn’t it be nice to add your company logo, parking lots, train stations, etc. to the map, to help the customer even more? It is very simple, and in this article I am going to show you how. Fstoppers. Special effects are crazy and if they’re overused, can be off-putting (I’m looking at your Star Wars Episodes 1-3).


But used right, and special effects can make a scene and drastically reduce set budgets. Check out these before and after shots of rather notable sets that we stumbled upon, including a pair from everyone’s favorite zombie show, The Walking Dead. Io9. Www.rendertextures. How To Memorize Things Quickly & Effectively. What separates you from someone that can memorize π (pi) to the 100th decimal?

How To Memorize Things Quickly & Effectively

It’s not natural ability; it’s technique and practice. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to master memorization and change your life. Table Of Contents. 10 Strange Things About The Universe. Space The universe can be a very strange place.

10 Strange Things About The Universe

While groundbreaking ideas such as quantum theory, relativity and even the Earth going around the Sun might be commonly accepted now, science still continues to show that the universe contains things you might find it difficult to believe, and even more difficult to get your head around. Theoretically, the lowest temperature that can be achieved is absolute zero, exactly ? 273.15°C, where the motion of all particles stops completely. However, you can never actually cool something to this temperature because, in quantum mechanics, every particle has a minimum energy, called “zero-point energy,” which you cannot get below. One of the properties of a negative-energy vacuum is that light actually travels faster in it than it does in a normal vacuum, something that may one day allow people to travel faster than the speed of light in a kind of negative-energy vacuum bubble. E everyday: Behind the Scenes at Disney Studios, 1953. Parallel Worlds By Michal Karcz - fosgrafi.

Negative space logos. It’s hard to beat a clever use of negative space.

Negative space logos

Here are 35 or so logos that use white space well, along with the designers/agencies responsible. A.G. Low Construction logo By Rebecca Low Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance logo By buddy Nexcite logo By AmoreVia Blair Thomson American Institute of Architects Center logo By Pentagram. OpenCourseWare. 33 Epic Ways To Stay Creative. Creativity always tries to lurk through the actions and find a way to express itself.

33 Epic Ways To Stay Creative

Top 10 Websites for Visual Inspiration. If you are a designer or simply love browsing all over the Internet don’t waste your time on useless websites.

Top 10 Websites for Visual Inspiration

There are many great websites with visual inspiration to help you develop new ideas. The Internet enables us to learn everything we want and also gives us an unlimited amount of resources and inspiration for free. This Stunning Star Wars Concept Art Will Take You To A Galaxy Far, Far Away. A selection of graphic projects. Nice and Free CSS Templates.

50 Intuitive Dashboard UI Designs. Top Photographers Photos From 2013. Tweet Now 2013 is coming to a close we have put together a collection of some of the best photographers photos from year.

Top Photographers Photos From 2013

Take a look and tell us which one you like the most. Photograph by serhei @ Panoramio. Speed Design with Illustrator. 14 tips to create interfaces in minutes. An interesting interpretation of the printed word. 10 Things To Do When Launching A Site - Webvamp. Please note that this guide only lists things that you should do when launching a site and not during the build process. I expect you to have already executed a good build process with testing of code, following standards, observing accessibility guidelines, checking in different browsers and correct navigation heirachy. 1. Check HTML/CSS Validity Check your site one last time to make sure it is valid to the WC3 guidelines. Check both your HTML markup and CSS.

95+ Best Premium Responsive HTML5 Website Templates 2014. 2inShare CSS3 and HTML5 are two of the coolest things to come along within web design for a very very a long long time. Whats not to love? And the best thing of all? The major browsers are now catching up and giving support. Tutorials. Breathtaking Surreal Self Portraits by 20-Year-Old Rachel Baran. 20 years old U.S. Awesome CSS3 generators to simplify front end development. CSS3 Generator. Blueprint: Slide and Push Menus. 25 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer.

Know Every Note on the Guitar in 9 Days. The 30 best Photoshop plugins. In this article we've lined up some of the best Photoshop plugins available for Adobe Creative Cloud's photo editing giant. Photoshop is an amazing tool – capable of producing sublime images, high-quality video and very passable renders for 3D art. Free Guitar Chords. 101 Guitar Tips. Collecting all the cheat sheets. Creative Button Styles. 10+ Free Responsive HTML5 Templates. - StumbleUpon. Ingenious movie posters capture the magical essence of Disney films. MAIN : Marion Bolognesi. - StumbleUpon. Underlined Book Quotes Become Clever Illustrations.

Bookworm or not, you can't help but enjoy these black and white illustrations of literary quotes by Evan Robertson. The New York-based graphic designer has taken some of the cleverest lines written by famous authors such as William Faulkner and Oscar Wilde and turned them into wonderful posters. These literature-inspired fine art illustrations are currently being sold on Etsy under the name Obvious State. How 3D Animation Works, From Start to Finish. Designzzz - Free Useful Resources for Designers, Developers and Photographers. HDR Photography, Travel Photography and Camera Reviews. Teoria del color. Psychology of Color [Infographic] Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color. Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. 21 Most Beautiful Nature Photos On Stumbleupon.

These are the 21 most beautiful nature photos on Stumbleupon. The 15 Craziest Things In Nature You Won't Believe Actually Exist. Mother Nature is beautiful and amazing because we can see many amazing stuff like these 15 things that you won’t believe they actually exist. Needy and Clingy Ex To Secure and Confident In 8 Weeks! 

Needy and Clingy Ex To Secure and Confident In 8 Weeks!  - StumbleUpon. 10 Examples of Incredible Starry Night Sky Photography, and a How-To Video. Regal Entertainment Group/ AT&T policy. Point Light - Arnold for Maya User Guide - Arnold.

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Utility nodes in texturing.