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National Archive font download free. S Scriptorium Fonts and Graphic Arts. Our imaginations link the Colonial era with images of idealism, revolution and adventure.

s Scriptorium Fonts and Graphic Arts

It was a time of great men and ideas and of rogues and villainy. Colonial history has been immortalized tales of pirates, highwaymen, heroes and great statesmen. It was also one of the most fertile periods in the development of type and printed arts. The publishing industry in the American Colonies was energetic and ambitious, publishing all sorts of books, maps and periodicals for a growing literate population. Our new Colonial Fonts package draws on several of the most fertile areas of publishing in this era.

This package has just been updated to a second edition with the inclusion of several new fonts from the period. All the fonts are historically accurate and they are not available from any other source. If you have the earlier release of this package you can update to this new version for a much reduced price. American Scribe, a Declaration of Independence Font. Script > Calligraphy fonts. 14 High Quality Fresh Free Fonts. Typography is a very important part of Designing.

14 High Quality Fresh Free Fonts

When it comes to Web and Logo Designing it is very important to find the appropriate font. As myself a web and logo designer I can say that many designers also has faced the same problem by not finding a good suitable font at the time of designing. Fonts should speak itself about the product. Like for a restaurant logo, the font may be fancy style. For a Corporate Business logo, the logo has to be sleek and standard not fancy at all.

Download OTF Dekar free font is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos. Download OTF Download OTF Cardo is a large Unicode font specifically designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists. Download OTF Download TTF Download OTF Download TTF Download TTF Download TTF.

Baskerville Typeface

50 High-Quality Free Fonts for Professional Design. Cameron Sweeney Design Informer Kerch andy Jenna theComplex Damon Bauer Adam Alex Jacob Gube MattS Ajay Boothy LukeSF Bojan Nik Gill Podveg Razvedcheka Look yavamospillaos Steven Snell Font Squirrel fontie john gaiser Steven Snell Ben Creative Ideas web design york Ed D.

50 High-Quality Free Fonts for Professional Design

15+ Beautiful and Classy Headline Designs. Creating beautiful type treatments is hard work.

15+ Beautiful and Classy Headline Designs

Though it has become quite trendy to claim that typography is ignored on the web, the reality is that typography is a booming fad at the height of its game in the online realm. Countless web designers have really stepped up in recent years and created some absolutely beautiful typographical works, particularly in website headlines. Below we’ll look at over fifteen meticulously crafted headline designs that are sure to inspire you to think twice before slapping some boring type wrapped in an h1 tag on your site. Eighty Two Design I really love this logo lockup.

You may think that arching a headline makes it look straight out of Print Master Gold, but in the right hands this effect can look quite attractive. The Old State Another awesome headline logo lockup, this one using a circular structure. Team Fannypack This site features a number of attractive typographical lockups in the navigation area. CreativePayne Gorilla Coffee Min Tran’s Journal.

Type Library: Type Classifications. 50 High-Quality Free Fonts for Professional Design.