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5 Tips for Great Content Curation. Steven Rosenbaum is the CEO of, a real-time video curation engine for publishers, brands, and websites.

5 Tips for Great Content Curation

He's also the author of Curation Nation. You've heard the buzz word — curation — being thrown around like it's a gadget we all know how to work. In reality, good content curation isn't as simple as pushing a share button. It's actually a combination of finding great content and following some simple best practices on how to successfully share that content. If you're a curator looking for some boundaries in what feels like the Wild West, here are five best practices to consider. 1. Be part of the content ecosystem, not just a re-packager of it. 2. Audiences expect some regularity, and they'll reward you for it. 3. It used to be that your audience came to you. 4. Having a voice as a curator means more than creating and curating your own work. 5.

Take the time to give attribution, links back, and credit. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, JamesBrey. Content Curation: What Does it Take to Be Successful? WebProNews had a little Q&A with Kate Brodock, the Executive Director of Digital and Social Media at Syracuse University about content curation on the web.

Content Curation: What Does it Take to Be Successful?

She will be giving a talk on this subject at BlogWorld next week, but we decided to pick her brain ahead of the talk, as this subject is one that only continues to become more important to the web as consumers are bombarded with endless information from so many different web channels. WebProNews is partnering with BlogWorld and New Media Expo, the world’s first and largest new media conference, in an effort to broadcast how new media can grow your business, brand, and audience. BlogWorld takes place November 3-5 in Los Angeles and includes speakers such as Kate Brodock.

Stay tuned to WebProNews for much more exclusive coverage. Answers to the following questions are Brodock’s . What does it take to be successful in content curation? “It comes down to a few key processes. A few of my favorites:, for a centralization tool. 12 Essential Tools for the Content Marketer. Marcia Kadanoff is the CEO and founder of Open Marketing, an online agency specializing in content and inbound marketing.

12 Essential Tools for the Content Marketer

One of the questions marketers get asked most often starts like this. “I think I get content marketing, but what kind of content works best?” The short answer is that there are at least twelve types of content you can utilize as part of any content marketing plan. In this case, the focus is on content that can extend your brand's reach, beyond your website or blog. There’s no single type that works best for all companies. 1. Yes, video belongs in your content plan, but not for the reasons you think. Consider the video above — it’s motion graphics — from a Palo Alto-based startup called WealthFront. 2. Tired of webinars? The lesson is to make the webinar appealing by focusing on the types of problems your prospects are facing that your product or service can solve. 3. Infographics are, well, graphics.