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Certification Webinar Invitation. TCI Certification Programs - Improve Team Performance. How to identify your workplace strengths. At some point in your leadership career, you will probably be asked: what are some of strengths of the organization and how the organization can leverage it for better results and more success.

How to identify your workplace strengths

If you think you can take your organization to new heights but you don’t know your strengths, think again. The key to success is clearly knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and deciding to develop the strengths rather than getting irritated and wasting time worrying about your weaknesses. In addition, knowing the right culture that supports and sustains individuals and collaboration is essential. Part 3: Team Coaching – The Master Class. Promote A Collaborative Work Culture With Leadership Team Building. A collaborative and supportive work culture is an important criteria that decides whether an organization will succeed through fluctuating economic times.

Promote A Collaborative Work Culture With Leadership Team Building

Employee productivity and morale are affected by the culture of the company, which in turn affects employee turnover rates that can cost organizations large amount of money. Culture also decides apt values suitable for leaders who are in the organization to manage strategies and systems for change, growth and succession. Improve Employee Productivity With Team Building Activities And Surveys. Employee productivity is a clear sign whether an organization will be successful or not.

Improve Employee Productivity With Team Building Activities And Surveys

However, thankfully, there are ways to increase productivity within the organization. With team building activities that emphasize on building a trusting and winning culture, and by assessing the working environment through surveys, leaders will be able to make significant changes in the organization to benefit from team members that are more productive. Metric surveys and team building activities are essential components for enhancing productivity within a company. Some strategies are listed here: Focus your team: Keeping a team focused is really important. Team member productivity either increases profits or detracts from it. Are you a team? Or a work group? Does it matter? Imagine a continuum with “work group” on one end and “team” at the other.

Are you a team? Or a work group? Does it matter?

With a work group, the group’s mission can be accomplished with each member operating independently. One facilitator / leader at the center of the circle can coordinate the efforts of the group to accomplish results. Except for occasional communication, interaction is not required between group members. Now go to the other end of the continuum for team. Team Coach – Improve team performance. Ever been in a scenario where you find a group of people working as a team but failing at some point of time and looking at their mentor for the answer or comment?

Team Coach – Improve team performance

When it comes to the right guidance and consulting, you need to make sure that you have incorporated all the right ways of a good trainer where you could support the team with better results. If your goals are not performance oriented, then you won’t be able to push your team to new heights. The trainers are hired to make the team yield better results and you do need to have broader context for a more resourceful team. With the increase in company downsizing and added pressures applied to many career executives, more and more of these stressed out individuals hire coaches to help them ease into a new career or start their own business, or just cope with what they are currently doing with more ease and joy. Like this: Like Loading... Ways to solve an engagement puzzle with teams. With survey after survey, report after report, the same disturbing message gets pinned to the organizational bulletin board: employee engagement is at an all-time low.

Ways to solve an engagement puzzle with teams

According to a Gallup survey only 35% of US managers are engaged in their jobs. Another study reports that 69% of employees believe engagement is a problem in their organization. Year after year the results are much the same. The data makes it clear there’s an issue. The good news? Start with a population size where you can actually create visible, measurable results— where you can build trust, improve communication, reduce stress and conflict, and develop the cohesion and commitment that transforms an organization. TCI Training: Improve Your Team Performance. How to create high-performing teams. TCI Courses - Elevate Your Team Performance. Coach, Consultant, Trainer - Wearing Multiple Hats for a Team. Here’s the scene.

Coach, Consultant, Trainer - Wearing Multiple Hats for a Team

You’re there in a conference room with a team. You just noticed something. The team noticed that you noticed. Now the team is staring at you, waiting for a comment, a question, or a direction to follow. In that moment you have to decide what hat you’re wearing: coach, consultant or in some cases, trainer. At one level, all coaching includes self development: learning, change, growth. There is a fundamental lack of team know-how on teams. “Teams are counting on you to have the means to get them where they want to go.” the need to have explicit team agreements. “Selecting which hat to wear in the moment is art, not science.” embedded in the culture of the team or organization. Coach Hat As a coach, I can share my observation, or as we might say, “articulate what’s going on,” and then ask the perfectly obvious coaching question, “How’s that working for you?”