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Direct-Line Insurance

Direct-Line Insurance is a thriving brokerage that creates personal connections with customers so that they can achieve their financial and life goals.

Few Myths About Insurance. When it comes to insurance, it is very easy to believe what we hear.

Few Myths About Insurance

Perhaps you have spoken to some family and friends about it. Most of them must have told you how seemingly impossible the coverage is. At some point, you can no longer differentiate the facts about insurance you learned from financial advisors and those myths that you heard other people say about insurance. And to honestly see the value of investing your money on home, car and business insurance, debunking the myths should be the first step to it. Myth 1: Insurance Companies don’t Live up to Their Payment Plan One of the worst fears of anyone who has put money in an insurance company is not to be able to get it when they need it the most. Myth 2: It’s okay not to Spill the Beans. Our Head Office. Leading Insurance Companies in Edmonton. Thank you for doing business with Direct-Line Insurance.

Leading Insurance Companies in Edmonton

We know you have many choices and we’re happy you have chosen us to take care of your insurance needs. As a broker, we’re committed to ensuring we shop our multiple markets for your home, auto, and commercial insurance needs to provide you with the best coverage at the best price! The biggest compliment we can receive is a referral to our office from one of our clients – in fact we know our best clients give us our best new clients! To recognize this we’ve developed a Client Referral Program –you can earn $25 for each homeowners, auto, commercial, or farm insurance referral!

Mullen Insurance in Edmonton. Get Farm Insurance Services in Edmonton. Opt Commercial Insurance for Business Protection. Leading Group Home and Auto Insurance Company. Direct-Line has a wealth of experience in providing Group Home and Auto Insurance plans to Employer and Employee groups, Professional Associations, Alumni Associations, and Unions.

Leading Group Home and Auto Insurance Company

We work directly with each organization to tailor a program that meets the needs of the individual members. While these programs are voluntary in nature and offered to individual members, Direct-Line coordinates with each group to ensure members receive timely and useful information on how to access the program. Additionally, there are no costs to the organization as well as no administration function.

Direct-Line works with individual members, at their option, to tailor an individual home or auto insurance policy that will provide them with the coverage and service they need – all at competitive group rates. Leading Commercial Insurance Company in Edmonton. Why Should You Have Flood Insurance ? Has flooding become increasingly common in the area where you live?

Why Should You Have Flood Insurance ?

Apart from the heartache of seeing your hard-earned property get damaged right before your eyes, it is the also that cost of clean-up that can be very heavy on the heart and the pocket as well. If you live in an area where flooding has become common, it is best to get additional flood insurance as an add-on to your home insurance. Luckily for you, there are several insurance companies offering flood insurance coverage. Finding one has become easier than it was before. What Is The Need for Building Insurance?

Did you know that your home is considered a building?

What Is The Need for Building Insurance?

If you are the owner of you’re a house, insurance companies consider the home structure as a building. Importance of Business Insurance for the Self Employed. When you worked for a company, the aspect of buying insurance for the company is rarely your concern.

Importance of Business Insurance for the Self Employed

The company management will calculate the risks, consider all issues and take care of the insurance concerns. However, when you become self-employed, everything changes. In a snap, the insurance coverage, as well as the risks of losing everything, lies in your hands. You will have to put together the set of requirements for submission and putting all these documents together can be considerably tiresome. Important Facts About Car Insurance in Edmonton. You have just passed your driving test, and your parents are making you choose a car.

Important Facts About Car Insurance in Edmonton

When you have completed both, it is time to deal with the car insurance. If you think you can drive away without buying car insurance, you are breaking the law. When caught, your car will be impounded, you’ll be issued a penalty fine, and you will have to pay a considerable amount to get your vehicle released. What’s worse is that when you get into an accident without car insurance, you will be liable to cover the expenses of everyone’s injury and damages to property, even if you are not at fault. The mere fact that you have been driving around Edmonton without car insurance is already thought of as an irresponsible thing to do. So while it may seem all too overwhelming to pick just one car insurance policy among the many that seem to outweigh the others before it, you just have to deal with it.

Car insurance sold for young drivers are usually the most expensive. Effective Business Insurance Tips for Start-ups. The road to finding the right insurance policies to cover your business is long and winding, but it will be worth it.

Effective Business Insurance Tips for Start-ups

The process can be described as a somewhat complicated one, but when you find the right insurance coverage for your business, it can last you a lifetime. From the health coverage of the employees to the professional liability coverage, every aspect of the business just needs to be considered to ensure full coverage of it. To gain a bit of insight into the world of business insurance, here are five insurance tips for owners of start-up businesses. Tip 1: Find a Good Business Owner’s Insurance or BOP It is the first step to getting good coverage for your business. Tip 2: Home Businesses need to be Covered Too. Things to Know About Car Insurance Coverage. There are some insurance coverage programs available for every type of car owner.

Things to Know About Car Insurance Coverage

Sometimes, the sheer number of policies can be quite confusing. When speaking with an insurance advisor, it may seem as if an insurance coverage is better than the other. But how do you know that the one you’ve chosen is indeed the one that fits your needs? This is perhaps the most important question to ask. Some might say that you cannot tell if the policy you bought is the one you need until you get into an accident. Tips to Find Reliable Car Insurance Company in Edmonton. Whenever you look at your car, you are reminded of the value that it brought to your life.

Tips to Find Reliable Car Insurance Company in Edmonton

You can travel across town or even go on out of town trips conveniently and with ease knowing that you are driving your car. More than the places it has taken you to, it is the comfort that the car provides that makes you love it even more. Are you Ready to have Home Insurance? Are you financially prepared to buy a new home? It is everyone’s dream to own a house. For some, their drive to buy their own house is the years they have spent leaving besides a noisy neighbor in their apartment building. For others, they consider buying their own home as they think it is a sign of maturity and growth as an individual. Others have dreamed of buying their own house because they consider it a sign of progress. Is it Reliable to Buy Insurance Online? The digital age has indeed made things easy for people.

Whether it is food, grocery or insurance, you can buy them all through the internet and have them delivered to your doorstep. However, with such comfort should come with a caution. Although the internet has allowed us to make purchases of the things we need today and tomorrow, we should not overlook the basics that need to be covered. For example, buying a car or home insurance online is now possible, but it doesn’t mean that you purchase policies for either or both without truly understanding what you are buying. Although it may seem as if buying online is the most convenient way to go about things, it is especially important to consult with an insurance advisor before any purchase is made final. Most insurance programs sold online comes with informative pages that allows you to read through and gain a little bit more knowledge about what you are buying.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Insurance Brokers? Finding the right Sherwood Park insurance brokers to trust with your future can be quite a challenge. Credibility is the number one factor to consider when picking one. Do you trust the insurance advisor you have spoken to? When it comes to choosing the insurance advisor for your personal and business insurance needs, it is essential that you find someone who understands your needs and tailor fits the insurance coverage based on the risks that your condition comes with. If you are already looking at hiring a local insurance broker, then you are on the right track. Here are three reasons why you should trust them. Insurance Brokers: Three Reasons To Choose Local.

Things To Know About Insurance Coverage. Every month, you make sure that you send out payments for your home insurance. Although some friends of your told you that paying for home insurance is like putting away money into something you don’t need, you still religiously paid for it. Buying home insurance is a smart move. While everybody else thinks that it is not essential, the value that it comes with is realized only when you need it, but you don’t have it. What is the Right Time to Buy Home insurance? What do you do when your neighbor calls you to say that a tree fell on your roof? When it seems as if nothing could make the day any worse, you get the call and you panic on what to do. Feelings of anxiety and frustration will overcome you when you realize that you missed out on the chance to buy home insurance. Some say that buying home insurance is a waste of money until you know that you need it now more than ever.

More than the damages to your property, you are worried that the accident might have caused injuries to other people and their properties as well. This fact can make you liable, which could mean more significant expenses for you. Tips For Car Insurance Buyer in Edmonton. How much did you spend for your car insurance last year? Although the rate of the car coverage increases every year, there are times when the things that you do are the reason why the cost of your insurance is rising. What Do You Need for Small Business Insurance?

Most people dread calling their car or home insurance provider know that the renewal of their policy would mean higher costs. When you are just starting out in business, calling insurance companies for a quote can be quite a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Navigating through the complicated realm of business insurance can be quite scary, especially for beginners, but with the help of insurance advisors, you will learn more about the policies offered and the coverage required for your type of business. What Type of Business Insurance Do you need for Your Venture? Information About Car Insurance in Edmonton. How Much Car Insurance Do You Need? Factors Which Affect Home Insurance in Edmonton. Whether you are buying home insurance coverage for the first time or are looking at purchasing another program from a different company, dealing with all the paperwork can be quite confusing.

The clauses that are contained in each policy mentioned should be carefully thought of. Apart from confusion, knowing very little about the home insurance coverage you intend to could mean higher cost from your end too. Your monthly premium for your homeowner’s insurance could mean thousands of dollars cut off your family budget. Top Farm Insurance Broker in Edmonton. Reliable Auto Insurance Broker in Edmonton. Saving Tips on Home Insurance. There is no denying that the cost of home insurance today is ballooning by the minute. It is like there is nowhere else to go but up. However, no matter how seemingly expensive home insurance may be, it is the only thing that will help you in times of need. Home Insurance Facts. Every millennial spends money on things they consider as important now. However, what most of them ought to learn about life is pretty simple – you need to make a sound investment in this lifetime.

Tips for Buying Business Insurance. When you started out your business, all you had in mind was to work hard to make it a successful one. Part of making it a success is ensuring that you protect it from possible losses that may be incurred by unwanted accidents in the production or services aspects. Buying business insurance is all about providing a blanket of protection for all the assets of the business, including your employees, your clientele and your investment in general.

Insurance for Start-Up Business in Sherwood Park. Losing your job isn’t all that bad. In fact, it may be the perfect opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Rather than applying for that new job, why don’t you pursue the business you have always wanted to start? Insurance Tips for The Self-Employed - Home, Auto & Commercial Insurance. Five Insurance Tips To Starting A Successful Business.

Do Remote Employee Need Insurance? Home Insurance: How To Avoid Falling In Insurance Traps? Tips for First-time Home Buyer. Five Steps Every First-time Home Buyer Must-Do. Erudition on Claims of Home Insurance. Requirement of Insurance for Home-based Business. Startup Business: What Type Of Insurance Do I Need? Need of Business Insurance for Entrepreneur.

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What Insurance Coverage Do Growing Companies Need. Things To Know About Home Insurance CoverageThings To Know About Home Insurance Coverage. Auto Insurance Coverage For Hit And Run. Tips To Select Insurance Coverage Plan For Your Car. Does My Home Insurance Cover Hail Damage. Types of Home Insurance Coverage. How To Save Money On Your Home Insurance. Why It's Necessary To Have A Home Insurance. What Factors Affect Car Insurance Price. How Much Home Insurance Should You Buy. Ways To Switch Insurance Companies. Car Insurance Tips - Home, Auto & Commercial Insurance.

What Is A Car Insurance Premium? Types Of Insurance For Your Business. What Are The Requirements For Your Business Insurance? How To Apply For A Theft Claim? Home Insurance: How Do I File For A Theft Claim? How To Calculate For Your Car Insurance? How Insurance Policy Can Be Helpful? Get Home Insurance In Edmonton For The Protection Of Your Property. Should I Buy A House When I Have Student Debt. How Can You Deal With Debt Collectors.