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CITYSCAPES — Jeremy Mann. STUDIO QUBE - CONCEPT 01. Alejandro Olmedo. Hypnotizing Translucent Waves From 19th Century Russian Paintings. The late 19th-century Armenian-Russian painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky painted some magnificent paintings of seascapes that catch the gorgeous, bright spirit of the turbulent waters.

Hypnotizing Translucent Waves From 19th Century Russian Paintings

The artist earned attention for his excellent ability to recreate the emotional state of oceans with over half of his 6,000+ paintings from his lifetime being dedicated to the subject. This is not unusual, considering that he was a resident of Crimea. During his life, he became famous in Russia and abroad, being the first non-French artist to receive the Legion of Honor.

More info Via Айвазовский Иван Константинович. Айвазовский Иван Константинович (1817-1900) родился в Феодосии 17 (29) июля 1817 в семье армянского предпринимателя.

Айвазовский Иван Константинович

Учился в петербургской Академии художеств у М.Н.Воробьева (1833-1839). В качестве "пенсионера" Академии работал в Крыму (1838-1840), Италии (1840-1844), посетил также Францию, Англию и ряд других стран. Любил путешествовать и позднее - по России, Европе, Средиземноморью, - но с 1845 работал преимущественно в родном городе.

Untitled. GALLERIES - Matte Painting. Updates Last uploads Most viewed Top rated album list.

GALLERIES - Matte Painting

Art Portfolio – Concept Artist Rob Brown. Giantfrog - The Studio of James Clyne - Concept Design, Art Direction, Production Design - Oblivion universal 2011 vfx art director star trek into darkness paramount/ bad robot 2012 enders game summit ent. 2013 concept artist akira warner brothers 2009 warner brothers 2008 falling skies dreamworks 2012 minority report fox/ dreamworks 2000 transformers dreamworks 2006 avatar fox 2006 tusker imagi 2009 production designer terra nova dreamworks 2010.

Giantfrog - The Studio of James Clyne - Concept Design, Art Direction, Production Design -

Your Site Name - PAINTINGS. RYANCHURCH.COM. D U S S O. Goodbrush. Raphael Lacoste , Art Director and Illustrator. Home - Sasha Beliaev & Lena Rivkina. Matte Painting. Portfolio — Stephan Martiniere. Portfolio — Stephan Martiniere. Illustrations by Pascal Campion. Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator who has worked in a wide variety of media and created cute illustrations in clean and minimalist styles.

Illustrations by Pascal Campion

He studied narrative illustration at Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg, in France. He works in a studio with high ceilings in San Francisco. View the website Illustrations by Ray Caesar 30 Expressive Drawings of Eyes Pencil Art by Tanya Musatenko Anime Work by PeaCh The magic that Sailor Moon brings Cute Illustrations by Ji Hyuk Kim 2 Comments xcellent images….amazing workregards anant kulkarni wow..awesome paintings.. love it Leave a Reply. Celebrate The 75th Birthday Of Hayao Miyazaki With These 75 Wallpapers. Beautiful Watercolor Paintings of Architecture by Thomas W. Schaller. "Don't paint the scene in front of you.

Beautiful Watercolor Paintings of Architecture by Thomas W. Schaller

Paint the light that defines it and gives it life. " Though he was raised on a farm in the Midwest, Thomas W. Schaller spent the majority of his life in Manhattan where he worked as a commercial architectural artist. Today, however, he works for himself, as a watercolor painter based in Los Angeles. Schaller made the jump to a different profession after one of his artist friends asked him what he wanted to do with his life. That day, Schaller's life changed. "That said, I did build up a wealth of technical skills upon which I can draw - perspective, scale, composition, etc, - that have become almost a kind of 'muscle memory' for me as a painter. Schaller doesn't just paint buildings, rarely are they seen as isolated subjects. As for his creative process, Schaller prefers to complete each work all at one time, rarely does he allow anything to be completely dry before he moves on to the next part.

Armand Serrano. Gelipe: Archive. Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery. Portfolio · art by theo prins.

Matte painting

Digital Matte Painting and CG Environment. Boards & Comics. Miki Montlló. Sketchy-G's Photostream. Home. Pascal Campion. Dave Rapoza. The Artwork of Sterling Clinton Hundley. Tyler Jacobson. Aleah Chapin. David Kassan Visual Artist. William Wray. Paintings. Sean Cheetham. Shawn Barber. Christophe Segura. Is a digital illustrator based out of Montpellier, France.

Christophe Segura

More works here. digitalfrancemontpellier Carolin Hello, I'm a 26-years old drama queen based in Frankfurt, Germany. I love space travel, smooth beats, simplicity and Star Wars. You may also like Be first to comment Feeling lucky? Random Post Recent Posts get featured submit your work Categories. Amy Hamilton. Is a Canadian graphic design student at St.

Amy Hamilton

Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario and will graduate in June, 2014. She thrives on creative challenges and always push herself to create the best work possible. Her experience as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator has given her the opportunity to strengthen and demonstrate her passion, creativity, and ability to get work done. She loves to create conceptual/narrative illustrations, develops brand identities, and solves design problems. She also hopes to make a positive impact by spreading awareness through visual design. More about Amy Hamilton and her illustrations here. animalsbirdscanadafoxontariowatercolor Carolin Hello, I'm a 26-years old drama queen based in Frankfurt, Germany. You may also like Be first to comment Feeling lucky? Figure Drawing References: Archive. Quickposes: pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice.

Figure & Gesture Drawing Practice ToolFigure.