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How pop art influenced fashion. Creative industries typically need each other to survive - art feeds on music, music feeds on art, fashion feeds on both and advertising eats everything it can get its mouth around.

how pop art influenced fashion

The bond between fashion and art is currently as strong as ever as evidenced everywhere from Prada's Spring/Summer 2014 commission of six graffiti artists, Bottega Veneta's work with Ryan McGinley and the modern-art-museum-worth of Louis Vuitton collaborations with artists like Yayoi Kusama to Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince. This commercially fruitful partnership goes back to the first half of the 20th Century, when Salvador Dali placed a giant-sized lobster on a white Elsa Schiapparelli dinner dress. Speaking to Wayne Tunnicliffe, the charismatic curator of Sydney's Pop to Popism exhibition, he explains that the relationship has been intensifying ever since. Pop artists didn't only use fashion in their work they also used fashion designers. Yves Saint Laurent by Andy Warhol, 1974. How Machine Vision Is About to Change the Fashion World.

In the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, the notorious fashion editor Miranda Priestly sizes up people at a glance by analyzing their clothes, who designed them, and what year they date from.

How Machine Vision Is About to Change the Fashion World

Priestly’s character is famously inspired by Anna Wintour, the long standing editor-in-chief of Vogue, herself a style icon. –> But if a human can recognize and date fashion styles with little more than a glance, why not a machine? Today, KuanTing Chen at National Taiwan University in Taipei and a few pals show that exactly this is possible—that machine vision can classify fashions and changes that occur from one season to the next. Chen and co begin by training their machine vision algorithm to identify an individual’s body pose in an image and then to divide the body into nine regions—the upper and lower arms and legs, and the torso. Comparing fashion styles then boils down to the relatively simple mathematical process of comparing these 72-dimension vectors.

Minnie Mouse: how the Disney cartoon influenced fashion. What NOT to Wear to London Fashion Week. Five models stand with handbags dripping with “blood” to highlight why exotic skins have no place on the catwalk.

What NOT to Wear to London Fashion Week

The graphic protest on Bond Street, taking place the day before London Fashion Week gets into full swing, was a plea for fashion to be beautiful, not bloody. Tens of thousands of crocodiles, alligators, snakes, eels, kangaroos and other animals are killed for their skins every year. Often, they’re kept on crowded factory farms for their entire lives before being bludgeoned to death or skinned alive.

A recent PETA exposé of farms that supply crocodile and alligator skins to Hermès-owned tanneries documented that alligators on one farm had their necks sawn open. Some of them were still alive and moving minutes afterwards. Amber Rose 'Slut Walk' Campaign Brands a Racy Clothing Line : Off-Key. Off-Key - News Hip Hop model, Amber Rose, has gone above and beyond with the new campaign #SlutWalk.

Amber Rose 'Slut Walk' Campaign Brands a Racy Clothing Line : Off-Key

The movement has sparked a worldwide campaign encouraging women to take a stand against sexual injustice, victim blaming and being identified as a target for sexual violence based off of what you wear. Ironically, the movement has since targeted what one should be wearing by branding a racy clothing line with logos that display the phrases, "Slut? Only When I Want To Be," "Slut" and other slogans. Like Us on Facebook Despite the risky title, the Slut Walk Campaign emerges from a crowd of college women who were told by Toronto police if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, then they shouldn't dress like sluts, according to the site. Rose has gone out of her way to promote the campaign and even arrived at the 2015 MTV VMAs dressed in a bodysuit with the words " 'slut,' 'stripper,' 'gold digger' [and] ["b*tch"] printed all over it," as reported by WGNO. The Sexes Battle on Wall Street for DKNY.

Zendaya Breaks Down The Difference Between Cultural Appropriation and Appreciation. Plus-size fashion week: The cure for skinny models? ‘Bionic model’ will strut down New York Fashion Week runway with prosthetic arm. During fashion house FTL Moda’s New York Fashion Week show at Grand Central Station’s Vanderbilt Hall on Sunday, model Rebekah Marine will strut down the runway with one of the most unique accessories — a bionic arm.

‘Bionic model’ will strut down New York Fashion Week runway with prosthetic arm

Philadelphia-based Marine, who was born without a right forearm, was fitted with an i-limb quantum earlier this year. The i-limb is one of the most advanced prostheses available, and with it, Marine has quickly become one of the most visible faces in a fashion world becoming increasingly more inclusive to models with disabilities. This will be Marine’s second time walking down a New York Fashion Week runway.

The first was this past February, when she caused a stir at FTL Moda’s finale show that featured models with disabilities who hailed from all over the world. For that show, Marine had very little preparation. Related: DARPA taps tech to build sophisticated artificial limbs for wounded veterans “I want people to realize uniqueness is beautiful,” Marine told