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Agar Agar

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Agar Agar & Neat Things! Agar Agar is an algae product valued for its ability to act a bit like gelatin-maybe more than a bit!

Agar Agar & Neat Things!

In fact, one can make the most wobbly of neat gelatin like treats or even somewhat hard gelatin like chews depending on the amount of agar agar used. These chews, as I call them, can be made into different shapes and colors and thrown to the bottom of glasses of iced soy milk for fun's sake... As you might have already imagined, agar agar is valued by vegans and vegetarians alike. And I have to say that I've even noticed meat eating folks show a lot of enthusiasm towards this product! A lot of people just don't like the idea of gelatin, hooves, and such (smile). Positives aside, there are two major downfalls to agar agar. The second downfall relates to recipe reliability, as recipes for agar agar are difficult to write. Basic Agar Agar Jello 2 1/2 Cups of Organic Juice (Your Favorite)* 1 Tsp. 1-2 Tbsp.

Berries or Cut Fruit Enjoy! P.s. Homemade Energy Chews. Hello hello!

Homemade Energy Chews

The end of spring racing seems to have brought about the (temporary) end of blogging. I’d like to say I’ve been too busy running to blog, but the truth is that I’m a seasonal runner, and summer is my lull time. How to Make Healthy Jello. Oh, Jello…. the sugar (or chemical) laden mystery food of hospitals and cafeterias. I went to public school and got my fair share of this stuff back then, so I had never made this for my kids… until now. The “Jello” Gelatin you can buy in stores is packed with sugar or chemical sugar substitutes, along with Gelatin from conventional animals fed a poor diet. I certainly wasn’t going to make that for my kids! Then I found out about how healthy gelatin from grass fed animals can be a good protein source and can improve skin and hair quality and help the digestive system . How to make puddings with agar powder - by Lidya Sin. Lidya Sin's image for: "How to Make Puddings with Agar Powder"

How to make puddings with agar powder - by Lidya Sin

Healthy vegan blog » Agar-Agar = Vegan “Jello” As a vegan, I miss jello salads, but who wants to eat animal bone gelatin?

healthy vegan blog » Agar-Agar = Vegan “Jello”

Ick. Then I saw Susan’s recipe for Red, White, and Blue Fruit Terrine on FatFree Vegan Kitchen. It was so beautiful that I had to try it. Dried Agar-agar (Jelly) Candy. The sky’s so blue….

Dried Agar-agar (Jelly) Candy

Rare. Not a cloud in sight, the whole afternoon. It’s so so sunny these days.. that I could wash do 4 rounds of laundry and they all dried up by the end of the day. Usually if it’s sunny at noon, by late afternoon, it’ll rain. Dried Agar-Agar Candy II. I made this candy this year again.

Dried Agar-Agar Candy II

But I improvised on the recipe. The first batch that I did, I used 25gm agar strips with 1L water, and the second time around I used 25gm agar strips with only750ml water. The result was........ one less day of sunning. Great news, isn't it? With 10 days left to CNY, and with this current super sunny weather, you can make it in time. If you lined the pan with paper, it takes 4-5 days under direct sunlight, but if you didn't line the pan, it'll take 7 days. Dried Agar-Agar Candy IIFills 3-4 jars of those medium sized red cap cookie containers 100gm agar-agar strips 3L water (12 cups) 800gm rock sugar 600gm sugar 2 tsp of rose flavouring+few drop of pink colouring 2 tsp lemon flavour+few drops of yellow colouring 2 tsp strawberry flavouring+few drops of red colouring 2 tsp pandan emulco Do not think of reducing the sugar. 1. . * Bugs love the lemon flavoured one, just don't know why. How to make VEGAN Gummy Worms! Hello crafters and creative peoples!

How to make VEGAN Gummy Worms!

It's early in the morning on a beautiful Saturday in lovely Seattle Wa. and here I am having a craving for something sweet. Use these gummy candy recipes to make your own gummy worms and bears. All Fruit Gummy Bears. You know as a grandmother I must provide my grandchildren with treats.

All Fruit Gummy Bears

I think it’s in the contract somewhere. Providing no sugar vegan treats must have been in the fine print cause I’m not sure how that slipped past me. But, I love my grandchildren and I’ll go to any length to find ways to put smiles on their faces with sweet and fun treats. Have you heard the Gummy Bear song or watched the video? It’s a lunch time You Tube favorite of my grandkids. While my All Fruit Gummy Bears may not be exactly like the real thing, more a cross between Jello Jigglers and Gummy Bears, they were a big hit with the kids and that’s good enough for me.

Kristy Ingredients: Preparation: Nutritional Info: Amount and nutritional information for the gummy bears will vary depending on the mold and juice you use. Notes: Store uneaten (ha-ha) gummy bears in the refrigerator for up to a week.