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History - Geoffrey Chaucer. Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales Flashcards. Geoffrey Chaucer (1342-1400) - "The Canterbury Tales" (in middle english and modern english) Bloodletting And Knights: Medieval Investment Terms. The cry of "Ho varlet, thou hast offended mine honor" has become increasingly rare.

Bloodletting And Knights: Medieval Investment Terms

Sword fights in the streets, jousting for a lady's hand, and not bathing for weeks have also gone out of style (at least officially), but we can still revel in the romance of the medieval world. Today we'll be looking at some of investing terms that hearken back to a time of kings, knights and princesses. Let's get medieval! Crown JewelsThe crown jewels of the British monarchy have been around for over 800 years. Changeling. The history of bloodletting. With a history spanning at least 3000 years, bloodletting has only recently—in the late 19th century—been discredited as a treatment for most ailments.

The history of bloodletting

The practice of bloodletting began around 3000 years ago with the Egyptians, then continued with the Greeks and Romans, the Arabs and Asians, then spread through Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It reached its peak in Europe in the 19th century but subsequently declined and today in Western medicine is used only for a few select conditions. Changeling.