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DevOps Developer – We provide DevOps consulting services. Delvia is a full service DevOps shop for outsourced, project based or staff augmentation. Contact us now!

What you need to know about making the switch to PHP 7.1. When a programming language like PHP undergoes changes, it can often complicate any applications that you built with it, given that they were built based on assumptions about the language and functions that may change in the new version.

What you need to know about making the switch to PHP 7.1

Fortunately, in recent versions, PHP has excelled at ensuring upgrades are painless. Therefore, if you currently use a version of PHP that is 5.4 or higher, upgrading should not cause any major issues. However, if you still use PHP 5.3 or less, you might have some work to do to prepare for the upgrade, but there are still some very good reasons to make updating a high priority. Check out our article to find out why you shouldn’t put this off any longer. What are your technology resolutions for the new year? With the holiday season now upon us, and 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the new year.

What are your technology resolutions for the new year?

As business slows down for the end of December, it’s a good time to take stock of your IT environment and figure out exactly what changes you need to make in order to grow your business and keep it safe in the new year. How about a reliable data backup solution? Data loss can occur for any number of reasons, from cybercrime to hardware failure to human error. Whether it’s a ransomware attack that encrypts the entirety of your data, or an honest mistake by one employee that costs you a few day’s work, data loss is always frustrating and extremely likely to occur. Ask yourself: Linux consulting services.

If you’re either looking into or are already running a Linux system, then Delvia can help be your guide through the challenges and benefits of this open source server management system.

Linux consulting services

Our Linux consulting services help our clients manage a complete range of Linux systems and servers. With our guidance on Linux system administration, we help you build everything from standalone Soho hubs, web servers, and LAN servers; to load-balanced clusters and servers consolidated through virtualization. We help you establish the foundations and basics of running a Linux server, such as: IT Disaster Recovery Services. It’s one of the most important parts of your IT network defensibility and data restoration assurance.

IT Disaster Recovery Services

And, we have the disaster recovery planning services that assure the survival of your business operations in the face of any catastrophe. If you need an iron-clad IT disaster recovery plan, our Delvia team will meet and collaborate with you and your team to strategize the best data backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity courses of action. And, if your company is going without IT disaster recovery services, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your livelihood. Your IT network is the backbone and nerve center of your operations, and if struck by a cyberattack, natural disaster (such as a fire, flood, tornado, etc.) or other type of data center breach, you need to have backups such as virtual servers, hybrid and hosted cloud services or other data recovery assurance in place in order to ensure your company can even survive the ensuing downtime.

Agile Software Development Company. Delvia is committed to the smart technology management of companies of all sizes and industries – and we reflect it in our work each day.

Agile Software Development Company

We’re an agile software development company that continues to redefine the term “agile software” within an innovative software development environment. Here are six key ways we’re doing that, and by which our clients benefit: Our expertise with a broad range of traditional software platforms helps keep your business fully functional, and even more profitable. We aim our undivided attention at all the ways we can optimize your IT platforms and processes, through needed maintenance and upgrades.

DevOps Consulting.