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Features/Release Tracking. If there are things on these lists that shouldn't be here, please update the keyword on the bug (remove 'feature'), and it will magically disappear.

Features/Release Tracking

Almost Definitely in Firefox 29 Firefox Currently in BETA channelMoves to RELEASE week of April 29, 2014 Desktop (Win, Mac, Linux, Metro) Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete) Mobile (Android) See the Mobile Roadmap for 29 Platform Open; Resolved; Total (66.67% complete) All Target Milestone 29 bugs with 'feature' keyword. Most Popular Extensions. Top-Rated Extensions. Newest Extensions. Plus One Any (+1 Any) Mozilla Labs. Collusion. Mozilla Drumbeat. Mozilla unveils new Firefox interface for Firefox 9 and beyond. Mozilla’s user experience (UX) team has unveiled a new and very different look for Firefox. For now we only have some very pretty mockups to feast our eyes upon, but in a couple of weeks Firefox 8 will migrate from the Nightly channel to Aurora — and after that, the new interface will begin to emerge in Firefox 9, 10, and 11.

An exact time line isn’t yet known — Mozilla hasn’t actually started implementing the new interface yet — but we are told that the overhaul should be complete in the Nightly and Aurora channels before the end of they ear. At first blush the UI mockups undoubtedly resemble Chrome , but if you take a moment and actually at the new Firefox you will find a much richer, feature-rich interface than the spartan, one-button-fits-all Chrome — and in fact, it actually looks quite a lot like Internet Explorer 9 . For a start, notice the Home icon that seems to have a permanent, very visible location on the left of the tab bar. Mozilla Labs. Mozilla-labs. All Tags - Slow Performing Add-ons. Mozilla Development Specifics Updated, Firefox 5 and 6 Release Dates. It will never again take more than a year to move from one major version of Firefox to the next, at least not unless Mozilla decides to change the current development specifics again.

Mozilla Development Specifics Updated, Firefox 5 and 6 Release Dates

You may have already heard that you can expect new Firefox releases every three months from now on. The development specifics that detail the process have been updated yesterday, and make up for an interesting read. An early look at Firefox 5. First look at Firefox 5. Firefox 4 isn't even out of beta yet, but that doesn't stop the UI team from thinking about Firefox 5.

First look at Firefox 5

ConcievablyTech uncovered mock-ups posted by the Mozilla UI team that show the possible UI for Firefox 5. Here's what we have (click for larger images). Search field changes: Site-specific browsers: Are we Pretty Yet? Firefox/nightly. Search Engine Plugins. Install The Newest Firefox ppa with command "add-apt-repository" (9.10 & above) THIS TUTORIAL IS OUTDATEDInstall the latest: Beta or Nightly builds of Firefox (firefox 12.0~b2 or firefox-trunk 14.0a1).

Install The Newest Firefox ppa with command "add-apt-repository" (9.10 & above)

A new command makes it easy to add a PPA repository and its key, all at once.________________________________________ Upcoming Releases *** 2012.03.17 Add-on Compatibility FF12 - a case in point: Tab Utilities 1.1.3 Firefox 12 Currently in BETA channel Moves to RELEASED on April 24, 2012Firefox 13 Currently in AURORA channel Moves to BETA on April 24, 2012 Firefox 14 Currently in NIGHTLY channel Moves to AURORA on April 24, 2012 ________________________________________Add a Firefox 12.0 Beta PPA I think that the Beta's represent the best reward (in running the latest Firefox) for the least risk (very stable and polished). Just a note now that I see how the new rapid release for Firefox is actually working in practice... My PPA's will be updated to the latest Beta's as they come out.

At the end of the cycle they will be updated to the latest firefox. New Channels for Firefox Rapid Releases. Following the amazing release of Firefox 4, Mozilla Firefox is moving to a rapid release development cycle to deliver new features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users faster.

New Channels for Firefox Rapid Releases

Until now, there were three channels to test new features in Firefox: Nightly test builds – Includes features not tested by Mozilla QAFirefox Beta – Broadly test the stability of new features and improvements in the next version of FirefoxFirefox Final Release – Delivers the polished and stable features in Firefox to hundreds of millions of users We are making a change to deliver new releases of Firefox faster and give users more opportunities to participate in building Firefox. Today, we launch the Aurora channel as part of a broader initiative to create channels which deliver features to users at various levels of quality and polish. The Aurora channel is where users can test the latest features and innovations.

Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 to be released before the end of 2011. Firefox's official roadmap has been updated, and boy are there some interesting changes afoot.

Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 to be released before the end of 2011

Most notably, Firefox 7 will ship in 2011. The second biggy, and the main focus of Firefox development in 2011, is to make sure there is no more than 50ms between any user interaction and feedback from the browser. As far as feature sets go, this is what the roadmap looks like: Firefox 5 will absorb the Account Manager and F1 Simple Sharing add-ons to become built-in features.

It looks like Windows 7 64-bit will be officially supported with FF5, too. Firefox 6 will have a focus on the Web applications framework, JavaScript optimizations, and support for OS X 10.7.