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Aion Online: The Official Fantasy MMORPG Website. AionArmory - Aion Database. Aion Spiritmaster Class Guide - Levels 10-19. Part 10 of Aion Specialized Class Guides The Spiritmaster class in Aion deals three types of magical damage in the form of direct nukes, damage-over-time (DoT) spells, and summoned elemental spirits.

Aion Spiritmaster Class Guide - Levels 10-19

Slightly less vulnerable than the Sorcerer, a Spiritmaster's minion is able to bear the brunt of enemy attacks while being quickly dispatched. Zumbaro's Ultimate Guide to the Spiritmaster. Chanter - Aion Forums. Aion Online. The Chanter can be explained in two words: commandment and conviction.

Aion Online

It rigorously trains the body and mind to become skillful in healing, attacking, and enhancement magic. In addition to its magical abilities, it also possesses exceptional skills involving the use of the staff. The chanter uses mantra magic to inspire the morale of allies, and since it can strengthen abilities, it is the gathering center during battle. Lady Yustiel, the Guardian of Life, is the master of the Elysean Chanters, while Lord Marchutan, the Controller of Destiny, is served by Asmodian Chanters. Chanter.