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School Blogging. For the Love of Teaching. Teaching Resources. The Teacher Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Historical Fiction, Here We Come! Well, my fourth graders and I are NEARLY finished with our feature articles unit...and, boy, have we had a blast! They have learned so much about different text structures, how to take a topic and "spin" it to make it more appealing--not to mention all the new tech skills they learned like inserting photos with citations, and so on. on the list? Historical fiction! I LOVE historical fiction! I think it is a fantastic way to tie our content to our literature and to really help students see how history really IS a story! Every year I start my unit with a few of my favorite pictures books, but my mentor text for the unit is always Sarah, Plain and Tall. This whole week I have been working to realign my unit "stuff" with the Common Core, and it was a big relief to finish that tonight!

Here is my request/challenge/bribe...I am asking for suggestions as to other historical fiction books you have read with students and loved! For the Love of Teaching. TWO WRITING TEACHERS | A meeting place for a world of reflective writers. Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans.